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Im no corly no

  • No Doctors - No Doctors
    "got blood on my walls rock and roll in my balls hole in my socks got a mouth full of rocks came in the room said take off your clothes so I punched that doctor right in the nose gave him a kick straight"
  • Say im your no 1 - Chipz
    "Even if its only one daysay im your no onei've been watching you boyevery move that you makenow i know in my heart that you got what it takesthe way you making me feelyou fill my body with heatnow i know"
  • No Im Not Dat Nigga - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Chorus) x2 No I'm not that nigga that be hugged up with you, but I'm tha one walkin away With your mouth on my nuts (Juicy J) Let's take a trip to east high And talk about a bitch Who claims she's"
  • No, No, No - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Heltah Skeltah, Starang Wonduh) [{samples} (Ruck)] {yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah} (Bitches on my fuckin dick yo I'm a jump up in the whip yo) {uh, no, no,no} (Tony Touch what we takin this through?) {yeah,"
  • No - Monrose
    "See its like that, sick of brothers flashing the cash, Monrose and the ladies that be pimping theirs ass, but that kinda ishit goes on and on it dont stop see cause you... No Gotta treat me like a real"
  • No - Mehmet Atli
    "Durra veng inayi yeno, kamo bermeno? Hesr im ma gol biyo derman nmendo Dimen amo zozanadi tam nmendo Koy veeno, dar veeno, welat veeno ewo, serdo, roj ji ino bombe vareno Gul vaji no i halo, eman eman"
  • No - Crushead
    "to retreat into your shell: that's just the usual reaction when the way things go don't lead to your own satisfaction giving it up is that your way of life? and inner strife and pain is all you feel inside is"
  • No No - Raghav
    "No need to say a word that girl its so clear O I can read through those tears That man just stole u from me so what u got to say is my biggest fear Last thing i needed to hear that u no longer love me"
  • No...Say No - N2U
    "Look, I need to talk to you to tell you what I'm bout to do. And I need your help to stop me 'cause I gotta girl at home that loves me. Boy, I got myself in a tight situation, bout 5'5" long hair"
  • Im Yours - Triple Image
    "I went away for a while I could hear your voice And see the way you smile Oh you know what i like Cuz you make me feel rite When im w/ you everything around me Is like a dream come true And i've been waiting"
  • Im Sorry - B.O.N
    "Im sorry about the man on the street with no place to sleep, beggin for small change and something to eat And Im sorry about the people who walk by with shame in their eyes, and still they're too greedy"
  • Im Comin - Eminem
    "yo look at this world, every body crazy, peeps shootin up schools killin manz on the doorsteps who get the rush that they need to get by with out bunin all the weed but they aint nuffin but fuckin fools. yo"
  • Im Sorry - Chuckie Akenz
    "Yeah, It's Hard Times You Know, For The Both Of Us, And I Don't Really Know, I Guess We Just Gotta Move On Right, I Mean I Loved You, You Know But Love Ain't Forever It Was Almost 18 Months And We Spent"
  • Im Caf - Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung
    "GSTE: - Also, das ist ein Skandal! Ein Skandal ist des! - Mein Kufsteinliedl, total zerstrt! - Dieses wunderschne Lied dermaen zu verschandeln. Ein Sauerei, eine Sauerei. - Mir schmeckt mein Bier nimmer"
  • Im Yours - Jason Mraz
    "Well you done, done me and you bet I felt it I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted I fell right through the cracks and now I'm tryin' to get back Before the cool done run out I'll be givin'"
  • Im Emotional - Carl Thomas
    "(Carl Thomas) I always dreamed that verything would be ok with me and you, But I was wrong, When I looked into your eyes I didn't see all the things I used to see, Whats going on? (Faith Evans) You"
  • Im Sorry - Aventura
    "verse 1) I Know i played You I Know i messed up that was retard esla verdad Falle mi cielo Pero te quiero perdona me please take me back Every man in this planet at least has to screw up once (screwed"
  • Im Alone - Deep Purple
    "(blackmore/gillan/glover/lord/paice) On the lonely road i'm travelling on The road that leads nowhere As the ground and the sky wondering why I'm alone so alone I kept rolling on from tears for years Sun"
  • Im Looking - The Game
    "(The Game) I'm from Compton where them guns bust, watch Poppa George pop Cats tellin jokes at them car games Seen big face hundreds, handle the rock like Nate Archibald What? This nigga only sixteen And"
  • Im Alive - Cut 'N' Move
    "*I'm alive, I'm alive, alive, baby I'm alive Yes I'm alive, I'm alive, alive, baby I'm alive I love you baby, the feeling's all around me I want you baby, all night long When we're together, the dream"

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