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Im so lonely brokrn angel

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Im so lonely brokrn angel

  • Im So Lonely - Cast
    "Chorus: Get up, get up, get up, get up (x4) Here comes my guiding star - to take me home We travelled lands afar - we blindly roam Bridge: We spread our wings - in search of truth and all it brings We've"
  • Angel - Nine Inch Nails
    "I've tried to take this all just one step at a time,I'd love to reason but I'll end this waver signed.'Cause it's so lonely I feel like I have diedI thought angels never learned to say goodbyeAngelI've"
  • So lonely - Mariah Carey
    "This ya boy twista That girl Mariah This that fiyah Twista: You know I like the way you kick it girl You know I like it when ya in my world Come here lil mommaLet me freak yo body Then roll wit me in the"
  • Lonely - Bon Jovi
    "Theres a whole lotta lonely waiting out there theres a whole lotta people that'll lead you nowhere so be safe my lover let me offer my prayer theres a whole lotta lonely waiting out there theres a whole"
  • Lonely - Ne-Yo
    "(Intro) Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ummmhummmmm Dadadoooooooooo Dadadoooooooooo Da-da-doooooooooo uh huh (Verse 1) 42nd Street 4am Im rolling Slowly, No Destination in mind Driver's Looking at me strange cause i got"
  • Lonely - Nana
    "Refrain: Im lonely, lonely, lonely Im lonely ,lonely in my life Im lonely, lonely, lonely God, help me, help me to survive Verse: Remember the first time we met, day one Kids in the garden, playingame,"
  • Lonely - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Stars are falling from your eyes So I can grab 'em You look like an angel in the skies Oh you're so blinding In every morning of my past I'm pleased but lonely And I feel passion in my breast But I'm just"
  • Lonely - Amanda Benedit & Kristen Pruitt
    "Amanda Benedit & Kristen Pruitt Miscellaneous Lonely Sweet tears of sorrow I'll be gone by tomorrow you took my love and you broke my heart then you stole my pride and you tore it apart im done playing"
  • Lonely - Maria
    "I've been alone, since the day that you left me 'cause i never told, just what you mean to me I guess im afraid, of those kind of feelings Didn't mean to push you away, i realize i made a big mistake 'cause"
  • Lonely - Shannon Noll
    "Sittin in a hotel miles from nowhere Thought that this would be my happiness I look at the phone and pick it up For the millionth time I put It down again I know I let you go And Ive got no right"
  • Lonely Night (Angel Face) - Captain & Tennille
    "Lonely Night, I cry myself to sleep Tell me, what am I gonna do 'Cause it's always been you to dry my tears It's always been you to wash away my fears It's always been you each night and day Now what"
  • Lonely Night (angel Face) - Captain
    "Lonely Night (Angel Face) Captain & Tenille Words and Music: Neil Sedaka Lonely Night, I cry myself to sleep Tell me, what am I gonna do 'Cause it's always been you to dry my tears It's always"
  • Lonely Hearts - Drowning Fish
    "If I said I love you I dont think it would be untrue Im so glad I met you Youve made my life feel so brand new Quiet walks The long talks These are the moments I cherish Lonely hearts Fueled"
  • Angel - Eminem
    "Like an angel, fly over your house Like an angel, pass out wishes Like an angel, I will move the arrow Like an angel, I live alone.. Im not livin what was promised I am close but cant enjoy.. Oh, Im not"
  • Angel - Quindon Tarver
    "Oh My Angel Sweet, Sweet Angel Come to Me Swiftly This Night So Still For Dawn Does Come Swiftly Im So Far From Home Just Tell Me, Angel Im Never Alone My Hands Are Unsteady I Been Gone Too Long"
  • Angel - PIG
    "Where, where is my angel, my angel Marlene? Why, why did we pain you my angel Marlene? Between the devil and the deep blue sea Lies a heart that's twisted in agony Between the carnal pleasure and The"
  • Angel - ABS
    "Send mean angel let her be someone who loves me just for me just the way i am y'all i dont want to be lonely i'm feeling For someone and lately ive been thinking if your the one i'm seeing in my dreams Take"
  • Angel - Tina Cousins
    "Angel (x4) Its not enough to say im beautiful Its not enough to say i care I was empty for so long But then I heard your song My jaded heart was filled with innocence forgotten with How was I to know that"
  • Angel - Destiny's Child
    "~*THIS IS FOR BRIT*~ This is for my fans uh huh uh huh This is for my destiny uh huh uh huh This is for my fans uh huh uh uh This is for my future uh huh uh huh This is for my best friend uh huh uh huh This"
  • Angel - Jimmy Nail
    "I had to wait so long I had to take my time before love knocked upon my door I had to be a man I had to take a stand 'cause I couldn't take no more I was cold I was lonely 'til you gave me the sign soon"

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