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Imaginary froend

  • Imaginary - Pacifier / Shihad
    "You're the light in the soul, a lifeline through it all. You connect me when I'm gone, out on my own, I'm never alone, when i'm out of control. Cause you will always remind me that, that all of this is"
  • Imaginary - Evanescence
    "i linger in the doorway of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name let me stay where the wind will whisper to me where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story in my field of paper flowers and"
  • Imaginary Playmates - Angela Winbush
    "Imaginary playmates Imaginary playmates Imaginary playmates Imaginary playmates Are extensions of your mind All you'll ever need or thought you want In your dreams you'll find, mmm...mmm...ho... Imaginary"
  • Imaginary Lover - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    "Imaginary lovers Never turn you down When all the others turn you away They're around It's my private pleasure Midnight fantasy Someone to share my Wildest dreams with me Imaginary lover You're mine anytime Imaginary"
  • Imaginary Superstar - Skye Sweetnam
    "Imaginary superstar... When I'm alone And in my room And there's nothing else to do I turn on my stereo I listen to the radio It gets me in a better mood Changes my whole attitude I turn it up real"
  • Imaginary Friends - Zeromancer
    "You feel it can stay this way And you still feel it all got lost that day But you gave it away now you can't touch it You gave it away now you can't have it Your imaginary friends appear To make you"
  • Imaginary Friend - Mono Puff
    "The beauty of A felt-tip pen The comfort found In imaginary friends I've been all around this crummy world And no one will defend The comfort found In imaginary friends I booked my trip On a time machine Going"
  • Imaginary Girl - Hunters & Collectors
    "From a distant horizon she wanders my way With so much to give and so little to say She's a creature of silence, she's my imaginary girl. Well she spoke with her eyes they were filled with despair Generations"
  • Imaginary Diva - Westlife
    "Late last night I had a dream And it was then I seen her She didn't need no diamond rings Fancy cars, Versace things to please her She's my perfect girl And I call her my imaginary diva Every girl"
  • Imaginary Friends - Ron Sexsmith
    "Imaginary friends They will always let you down And when all the good times end You won't be seeing them around For they run where the action is And they'll cross you off their list Do you comprehend"
  • Imaginary superstar - Lloyd Banks
    "When I'm aloneAnd in my roomAnd there's nothing else to doI turn on my stereoI listen to the radioIt gets me in a better moodChanges my whole attitudeI turn it up real loudImagine a screaming crowdIt feels"
  • Imaginary Friend -
    "I am not the type but I will let you I will let you in tonight I’m a little shy but we could turn down we could turn down all the nights mmm if can picture it it’s real you don’t need your eyes to feel just"
  • Imaginary Friend - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "It scares me to speak my mind It might sound self-absorbed I don't say half of what I think I wonder what I'm thinkin' for I'm smellin' dead flowers And listenin' to the walls again I'm drinkin' from"
  • Imaginary Gun - Eskobar
    "So watch out Here comes a real man He can crusch you in his hand And he will to prove to you That he's a real man No doubt in his mind I hope some day he will find But for now inside my mind I will pull"
  • Imaginary Sea - My Bloody Romance
    "I tell myself I'm a queen As I float down the river of self purity And I ponder the minnows underneath me And the monsters bitting at my feet The waterfall imminent so it seems The water, bright blue and"
  • Imaginary Friend - Bracket
    "Won't you please tell me I'm looking for my imaginary friend But I can't remember where I last saw him I don't want to loose him why don't you understand And I need to hear whichever ??? You say I'm acting"
  • Imaginary Friend - Cantatonia
    "Both born of lust and deceit We are lovers who will never meet Wants fade but just in the same room When you knew not of me nor I of you Something inside dies And we don't stand up to scrutiny We stand"
  • Imaginary Enemy - Zonaria
    "Im feeling something twisting under my skin Breaking me down, taking control, leaving nothing The devil in me Which no one wants to see So rescue me or kill me I dont care where i will be Its not to late"
  • Imaginary love - Rufus Wainwright
    "Every kind of love, or at least my kind of love Must be an imaginary love to start with Guess that can explain the rain, waiting walking game Schubert bust my brain to start with Hoped to look at you in"
  • Imaginary Music - Barren Cross
    "Imagine you are standing on a stage In another time, in another age. They begin to cheer at the sound of your guitar Out of control, rock'n'roll, you are a star Midnight, warrior, like a dream, wake up! Fifty"

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