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Imagine dragons bed liar

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Imagine dragons bed liar

  • Imagine Dragons in Under 4 Min — BEST MEDLEY EVER! - Peter Hollens
    "Whoa, oh, oh Whoa, oh, I'm, Radioactive, Radioactive I'm waking up to ash and dust I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust I'm breathing in the chemicals First things first I'ma say all the words inside my"
  • Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover) - Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix
    "I'm waking up, to ash and dust I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust I'm breathing in, the chemicals I'm breaking in, I'm shaping up Then checking out on the prison bus This is it, the apocalypse, whoa I'm"
  • Fear (feat. Imagine Dragons) - X Ambassadors
    "There's a whisper, a rumor Voices in the air outside Got their eyes on the future Yeah, the kids are coming up on the ride. God, I'm running in fear, fear, fear /2x Lights out, I'm afraid of everything"
  • Bad Liar - Imagine Dragons
    "Oh hush my dear, it’s been a difficult year And terrors don’t prey on innocent victims Trust me darlin’, trust me darlin’ It’s been a loveless year I’m a man of three fears Integrity, faith and crocodile"
  • Bleeding Out (Imagine Dragons cover) - SVRCINA
    "I'm bleeding out If the last thing that I do Is bring you down I'll bleed out for you So I bare my skin And I count my sins And I close my eyes And I take it in I'm bleeding out I'm bleeding out"
  • Liar - Damned
    "Theres not a word of truth in anything that I say I don't really want to listen till they go away I haven't finished and I never try If you ask me reasons I just lie I'm a liar, liar, I never tell the"
  • Liar - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Everyone is searching for the Meaning of our life. Reading 'bout the hell and heaven Believing all those lies. Look upon yourself Imagine you are two Power lies within this is true. Can't you see its clear"
  • Liar, Liar - Xscape
    "Never gonna put you out, never gonna let you down. Never gonna break your heart, never gonna mess around. Never gonna tell you lies, never gonna make you cry. All those things you said, now would"
  • 400 Dragons - Adrian John Loveridge
    "(chorus) 400 dragons it's gonna be rough six million soldiers of fortune I'd fight them all for a night in your love... 400 dragons if that aint enough send ten million Venus invaders I'd shoot them all"
  • original me (feat. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons) - YUNGBLUD
    "I am so sick of me wake up and hate to breathe and I pride myself in that so dramatic I’ll admit I’m so typical my life ain’t difficult but I am so caught up in it just a lowlife , I’ll admit I am self-crucial,"
  • Sucker for Pain (feat. Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors) - Lil Wayne
    "I talk you Take my hand through the flames I talk you I’m a slave to your games I’m just a sucker for pain I wanna chain you up I wanna tie you up I’m just a sucker for pain"
  • Imagine That - R. Kelly
    "Close your eyes Now relax your mind Now I want you to picture yourself far far away (All your thoughts aside cause we're about to take a ride) And I don't want you to have a care in the world right now It's"
  • Imagine that - R.Kelly
    "INTRO Close your eyes now relax your mind Now I want you to picture yourself far, far away from here I dont want you to have a care in the world right now Its just you and me and this moment Quietlisten"
  • Imagine This - Kiprich
    "Imagine this, Selassie tell di dread dem seh him a nuh GOD Imagine this, you see him a issue out soap and rag Imagine this, you see him wid a Moschino catalogue Imagine this, you ask him if him nyam"
  • Imagine That - Brassmunk
    "(Verse 1) Just imagine you feel like That you want to walk on air and it's your real life We the ones! Still blasting niggaz but don't own guns Inhale the breath of the world to expand my lungs! We sounding"
  • A Liar - Agnieszka Wiechnik
    "like a coffee in the bad day without you the whole world us great I will follow us still making me say you’re gone but I’m not afraid I can sleep in empty bed I will do this all I have done since you"
  • Dragons - Jimmy Nail
    "the first time I saw you I realised at once you were an angel in torment how could I desert you I vowed in that moment nothing in this world or any other would ever threaten or hurt you dragons rage outside"
  • Dragons - Prefab Sprout
    "The first time I saw you I realized at once you were an angel in torment How could I desert you? I vowed in that moment Nothing in this world or any other Would ever threaten or hurt you Dragons may"
  • Dragons - Edwin McCain
    "Well im watching the dragons as they make another claimhe used to be a friend of mine, i called him by his namewell theres nothing you can say to nirvana when its packed up ina syringewe'll call up your"
  • Darkness - Imagine Dragons
    "I can never leave you when you’re lying in the bed face to the wall I slept on the floor What did you mean by that What did you mean by that Take it as a self invitation Take it as your own means of salvation If"

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