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Imaginetion in my creation

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Imaginetion in my creation

  • Creation - Stereo MC's
    "Ooh yeah... yeah yeah (x3) Talking about creation I'm talking about relations I'm talking about creation We need a combination Gimme no slack and I bring it right back Cos the punch I pack is gonna come"
  • Creation - Doomshine
    "noble savage winged with power far away from kingdom come battle through the darkest hours I create my lunar sun I rule eternal, see me shine seven days I`ll fly vast and immortal, sway over time"
  • Creation - Christian Bautista
    "I've been waiting for so long to see you I never knew how good it cpuld feel to held you I never imagine the one person Could ever mean so muh but then it happen Just like I prayed for a blessng from above Chorus: There"
  • Creation - MxPx
    "You don't understand my views, or what it is I see Nothing you say is news cause you wouldn't listen to me You take my words out of context, your message of wrong is right What are you gonna tell us next,"
  • Creation - Peter Tosh
    "(King of Kings, hallelujah) (Lord of Lords, hallelujah) (King of Kings, hallelujah) (Lord of Lords, hallelujah) In the beginning was the Word And the Word was with Jah And the Word was Jah In the beginning"
  • Creation - The Incredible String Band
    "The messengers with sharpened heels Flew backwards into whose galloping arms And the impassioned Phoenix Drawls a sad goodnight to fiction's tomb Then come to me secretly And with your silken feather And"
  • Soul Creation - Cinder
    "I can't bite the hand that's gonna feed me You'd like to see me try This appetite of mine And lie And lie I lost sight of things you wanna show me Your fingers scratched my eyes This time I'm going blind And"
  • The Creation - Neal Morse
    "Long before these brave new modern times The first madman received the breath of life He and woman walked this wonderland Talking daily with the great I AM It had begun.... We were of one mind Fellowship"
  • Of Creation - Waking Judea
    "Your smile makes me hit rewind. When it starts to snow on my surveillance, and i do back several years. Almost to the start. Wearing raincoats in the sun, being the soldiers that we once were. Seated on"
  • Nickatina Creation - Andre Nickatina
    "Gentlemen. Welcome. i look foward to a tounnrament of truly epic proportion. We are unique gentlemen, through long years or rigourous training, sacrafice , denail pain. Yea this is uh a nickatina creation."
  • Creation Scourge - Krisiun
    "Infernal ritual from a black plague Desecreates my existence for it's curse Out of flesh and unconscious like a worm The eyes of horror behold my sacrifice Raised up from a serpent's stream At the realm"
  • All Creation - Chasen
    "When I'm standing in the breeze I can feel you surrounding me When I'm caught up in the sky It's like you're looking in my eyes I feel so, so alive I feel so, so alive Seasons change from day to day Just"
  • Creation Song - Fernando Ortega
    "He wraps Himself in light As with a garment, He spreads out the heavens And walks on the wings of the wind. He sends forth the springs from the valleys The flow between moutains. The birds of the air"
  • Insane Creation - Jamal
    "Intro: A yo man chill let's take this moment of silence out for my man C A Dogg. Claude Austin. Rowdy 9 5. Hook: 1 2 to the breaker 1 9 9 5 Jamal represent to keep it live Testin' 1 2 3 I flows rhymes"
  • Creation - Vineyard
    "I can breathe sweet spring flowersI can see deep blue skiesLord I feel refreshing breezesLike Your thoughts inside my mindI like to run through the green grassWatch the waves crash the shoreGaze as mountains"
  • Creation - Spin Doctors
    "What happens as these rare strange beautiful, beautiful objects stray the ached Earth? Perhaps they whisper more readily from the shoulder of motherhood. But they are far far harder to mark from the singing"
  • Creation Of Wrath - Scythe
    "Anger I experienced my whole life Faced with hate now one more time Suffering from the influence of other ones I don't wanna live like that Hope it dies at last but has already passed away Creation of"
  • Crown Of Creation - Deadlock
    "Pass on these tidings my dearest friends Today the blades of our knifes will turn red Listen now everybody! You the crown of creation we don't really care if you brake your neck! You have perfected"
  • King Of Creation - Vineyard
    "Hallelujah, Your love is forever Hallelujah, Your love is forever Thank you for Your mercy and Your goodness Thank you for Your mercy and Your goodness I'll be dancin', dancin' in the kingdom I'll be"
  • Roots Of Creation - Sublime
    "One two three four! Pull up here honey, if ya got a pussy Shake your ass like your ready to sing Something muy high Something muy low When me ready limo then they follow me home like a Roots of creation I"

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