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Imaige dragon

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Imaige dragon

  • Dragon - Grave Digger
    "A savage dragon in the dark cavern mouth A rancid below pours from it If you are spatterd with his venomous poison Beware and protect from his swishing tail Kill kill the dragon Kill kill - the beast"
  • Dragon - Paolo Conte
    "You are, you are you are a long, long train we go away we go away You are, you are you are a rail road wind we go away we go away ouha - ouha - ouha - ouha ... Tu vuoi farmi un ritratto in forma di piano... e"
  • Dragon - La Crus
    "You are You are You are You are a long train You are You are You are You are a long train You are You are You are You are a long train Se vuoi farmi un ritratto in forma di piano E tu me lo vuoi fare"
  • Dragon - Tori Amos
    "Don't tell me A woman did this to you Candy lies Candy lies Candy lies You touched my hand I felt a force You called it dark but now I'm not so sure Just stay awhile Stay awhile Stay awhile Why don't"
  • Dragon - Aikaryu
    "nokori HP wa 1 manshinsoui no kono karada sore demo kitaeageta LV99 soko ni ka no sasu you na SURAIMU no kougeki sonna mon de shinu wake nai demo Oh my got DEATH! chimimouryou ugomeku DANJON yuukan ni"
  • Dragon - Pete Townshend
    "As I walk out on the street, the lamps are shining bright, and the rain begins to fall; gonna be another wet night. And I stand with my back to the wall, waiting for your call, then I'll know you love"
  • Dragon - Ghinzu
    "I remember the envelope and the trace of itself destruction Secret orders in human blood letters gone in smoke I was given a porno kamikaze ninja mission Locate, dislocate, ladies and gentlemen the Ghinzu"
  • Dragon - Killer Mike
    "*heart beats* *woman sings in background as the Intro begins* (Intro) Ryan pump blast shattered glass in the classroom Penny tried to hide in a bathroom, Homicide scream from the hand held dragon Mental"
  • Dragon - The Beta Band
    "Jumpin up & down & foolin around Is it ever any wonder that you get knocked down Comin down fast gonna pass you on the right I loved you before but now I turn in the night Why you never seem to try"
  • Dragon - Zwei
    "Kizu ato kabatte zutto aruiteita Akirameru koto ni yasuragi oboe Asai yume raimei to me sameta Watashi wa ima doko ni to mukau no? Mechakucha na tobi kata datte ii sa Sou ii no sa all right uh... all right Ore"
  • Dragon Libre - Molodoi
    "Dragon de feu Pour ce nouvel an Tu rendras heureux Des millions de gens Dragon de feu T'es si flambloyant Les enfants joyeux Te suivent en courant La ville se dcore Couleurs rouge et or Chassant les dmons De"
  • American dragon - Jonas Brothers
    "He's coolhe's hotlike that frozen sunhe's youngand fastHe's the chosen onepeople warn out bragginhe's the american dragonhe's gonna stop his enemieswith his dragon powerDragon teethdragon tailburnin' dragon"
  • Dragon King - Iron Savior
    "Listen to the story Of the dragon and the knight The quest for the ancient The last one of his kind Hidden in the mountains Across the seven seas In oblivion Bold and defiant The brave knight did embark On"
  • Dragon Slayer - Pegazus
    "Wielding a sword forged in fire and brimstone Wearing an armor and shield of steel Possessed the heart of a giant A mortal man stands alone and stands fall With no magic or powers to aid him Only with"
  • Dragon Man - Gorefest
    "Your night is eternal Dawn is never to be seen Hide in isolation Chase the dragon in your dream A willing slave to darkness A pleasure sacrifice Kneel and beg the master To look the dragon into the eyes Hollow"
  • Magic Dragon - Gloryhammer
    "Riding my steel into faraway lands searching for dragon to claim back the throne into the forests of deepest Strathclyde where time no centuries has been foretold A mighty warrior questing to valleys"
  • Dragon Lady - Crimson Glory
    "The full moon is burning In the crimson sky A wicked witches laughter Echoes in the night The wolves of doom howl A warning to the wind Red eyes of fire Haunting your dreams again Watch out her poison"
  • Magic Dragon - Sodom
    "Camp duc lap calm before the storm They fight with drowsiness Rubbed their eyes must stay awake Stared into the darkness Disastrous noise from far behind Imminent attack splits their minds Forces proceed"
  • Dragon Backpack - 3OH!3
    "She can heal you with the tip of her tongue. And Shes been eating children like the wolves eat their young. She can heal you with the tip of her tongue. And Shes been eating children like the wolves eat"
  • Dragon lady - Blue
    "Out of the smoke at the dawn of manOut of the ocean across the sandReaching forth with her ancient handDragon ladyOut of the flames of a mans desireA hair-raising voice from an evil choirReigning down"

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