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Imany you will never

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Imany you will never

  • You Will Never Know - Imany
    "It breaks my heart 'couse I know you're the one for me Don't you feel sad, there never was a story, obviously it'll never be, oh and You would never know I would never show What I feel, what I need from"
  • You Will Never - Britney Spears
    "YOU WILL NEVER You are weak in me I can feel it but do you think I care If you cry I will laugh at you I'm sick of stroking your hair Could you take it can you make it don't wanna fake it So don't"
  • You Will Never - Lambretta
    "You are weak in me I can feel it but do you think I care If you cry I will laugh at you I'm sick of stroking your hair Could you take it can you make it don't wanna fake it So don't you say that love"
  • Please and Change - Imany
    "I could say please, please, please … You'll never change, change, change… I could say please, please, please… You'll be the same, same, same… I'm a fire sign You're a water sign I know you and I Will"
  • Loving You More (BT's Garden Of Ima Dub) - BT
    "I'm loving you more. Than I ever have before. Soon the stormy clouds will pass over me. And the fear I hold inside will be no longer. Still it seems that love has taken so long. And the waiting is like"
  • You Will Never Find - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. In Essence) Yeah - keep it moving, get it bouncing Funk Flex - you know how the fuck I get down Shout to The Tunnel nigga You know I mean - you know how I do each and every Sunday Shout to Franchise"
  • You never will be - Graham Coxon
    "You never will be mineYou never will be mineYou never will be mineYou never will beWhen i get left aloneThe streets offer me a homeSo many times i've triedTo reach for the truth insideEach time you close"
  • You will never go - Chemical Garage
    "1.She looks at you just in your dreams. You want to have your love like in the film. She lives next door, but for now its too far. Everyday she looks like a movie star. Shell never know, what she means"
  • You Will Never Know - Hardcore Superstar
    "Little baby don't you give me no lip I'm hard as hell I'm a sexual fix pretty one I'm second to none I'm a love god girl I'm a social mistake Do you have enough wisdom to know what to do Are your senses"
  • Boku Ni Kasanatte Kuru Ima - UVERworld
    "Uso no ie nai kimi ga iru Furueru koe juwaki goshi ni Heya no sumi de mimi wo fusagu Oki wasureta Will and Hope Ill remember it slowly Kiduka nai furi no mama de Sorenari ni sugoshiteta hibi ni Owari wo"
  • I Never Will - Karen Clark Sheard
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. You are so wonderful, Your face so beautiful, and nothing that I desire compares to You. You've been so faithful, I am so grateful, and nothing that I desire You will"
  • Never Will I - Edyta Górniak
    "Looking back through my shadowness I was wrapped inside my darkest fears You came like a miracle to me One gentle touch, a moment's glance My stumbling heart learned to dance And all at once I was"
  • Never Will Marry - Tarkio
    "One morning I rambled down by the sea shore, and the wind it did whistle, and the waves they did roar. I heard some fair maiden give a terrible cry, and it sounded so lonely, and it swept up so high. Said"
  • Will Never Marry - Morrissey
    "I'm writing this to say In a gentle way Thank You - but no I will live my life as I Will undoubtedly die - alone I'm writing this to say In a gentle way Thank You ... I will live my life as I ..."
  • I will never - Dream Evil
    "A fever is burning inside of meDeeper, I'm drifting into a sleepI'm falling over the edge of the worldI'm screaming in vain 'cause my voice can't be heartIs this the end of being, the end of all time?It"
  • I Will Never Leave You - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman Tonight while you were at the show, I saw a U.F.O. I was surprised to see it land. But when they asked me to go, I said, "No, I can't", I said, I will never leave you. I will never stray. I"
  • They Never Will Leave You - Marianne Faithfull
    "They never will leave you The pain and the sorrow Of love that one day maybe You will learn Can only be shared by you And how much I yearn The days that we once knew Will never return. They never will"
  • All You Will Never Know - Avril Lavigne
    "You're indecisive when it comes to making any plans you're on the fence you give me reasons I never seem to understand, they don't make sense maybe ain't enough for my heart we'll see, ain't off to a great"
  • I Will Never Leave You - Guardian
    "It's late at night And you're all alone Tears in your eyes Nowhere to go Ya hear me calling And you want to know Well I'm here to tell you I'll never leave you I'll never leave you My hand is out I say"
  • You Will Never Walk Alone - Point Of Grace
    "Along life's road There will be sunshine and rain Roses and thorns, laughter and pain And 'cross the miles You will face mountains so steep Deserts so long and valleys so deep Sometimes the Journey's gentle Sometimes"

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