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Imany you will never now

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Imany you will never now

  • You Will Never Know - Imany
    "It breaks my heart 'couse I know you're the one for me Don't you feel sad, there never was a story, obviously it'll never be, oh and You would never know I would never show What I feel, what I need from"
  • You Will Never - Britney Spears
    "YOU WILL NEVER You are weak in me I can feel it but do you think I care If you cry I will laugh at you I'm sick of stroking your hair Could you take it can you make it don't wanna fake it So don't"
  • You Will Never - Lambretta
    "You are weak in me I can feel it but do you think I care If you cry I will laugh at you I'm sick of stroking your hair Could you take it can you make it don't wanna fake it So don't you say that love"
  • Ima Monster - Blood on the dance floor
    "LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO! O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Can't Stop The Tickles They Call Me Dr. Giggles its off off offf off the chizzle fo shizzle dizzle im banging with the b-o-t-o dizzle with wiffles cuz i dribble like"
  • You will never go - Chemical Garage
    "1.She looks at you just in your dreams. You want to have your love like in the film. She lives next door, but for now its too far. Everyday she looks like a movie star. Shell never know, what she means"
  • I Never Will - Karen Clark Sheard
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. You are so wonderful, Your face so beautiful, and nothing that I desire compares to You. You've been so faithful, I am so grateful, and nothing that I desire You will"
  • Now Or Never - Godsmack
    "Can't remember my name,Can't remember at all Finding you from past times,I think... How did we ever fall? Never knowing the answers,Calling myself names Now is not the question for us Will it ever be again Why"
  • Now or never - Tom Novy
    "Are you nervous, do you care, theres a lot of people out there, all you need is something new, how together ,you know what to do theres a party going on tonight, godda get some cause it feels so right,"
  • Now Or Never - Halsey
    "I don’t wanna fight right now Know you always lie Now I know I need you around with me But nobody will be around me Been doing the ups The ups and the downs with me Got a whole lot of love But you don;r"
  • Now or never - Mark Medlock
    "Uhhhhhhhh yeah yeah yeah ohhhhh yeah Please tell me one more time that I'm not dreamin' I paint clouds with sunshine oh thats my feeling could it be forever? its a night I will remember together we are"
  • Now Or Never - Darius
    "It took a while Took a smile When it hit me that you make your own fate And I can't wish my life away And watching you What you do And the way that you look at me Baby can't you see I'm scared I'm out"
  • Now Or Never - Kazuyuki Matsumoto
    "You lose control again And I'm kneeling down to save your day Your ego used to hurt Now I know the way to dodge myself My mind is far away Beyond this choking wall Maybe I'm not the man that I used to"
  • Now Or Never - Rad Kick
    "Now Or Never Sitting on the roof top In this lousy hot night Throwing pebbles down the ground And hope I will be right But I ain't sure About anything Leave me be where I am Or give me golden wings Save"
  • Now Or Never - Spheric Universe Experience
    "Constant obsession of fatal illusion Day after day I will fight my redemption Sad cotemplation of the whole creation Nothing to say 'cept the words of deception "Leave me or trust me" She's going"
  • Now Or Never - Mumm-Ra
    "If i failed to deliver if the world left you bitter if waitin and prayin hasnt led to you payin of course i will care if the world stripped you bare but your killing your liver with toxins that help you"
  • Now Or Never - Yoko Ono
    "Are we gonna keep pushing our children to drugs? Are we gonna keep driving them insane? Are we gonna keep laying empty words and fists? Are we gonna be remembered as the century that failed? People of"
  • Now Or Never - Die Happy
    "I. I burn passionately for your love I tremble when I lay in your arms But it's hard to believe that you'll stay I will not hold you back You will always be free I know that I don't wait for a chance anymore I"
  • Now Or Never - NamNamBulu
    "As we have wandered thousand years through centuries of blood and pain I don't believe that god can feel our mere existence Technology is who we serve as we kill by remote control we do not see and do"
  • Now Or Never - Natural
    "I recall Back when we were 8 years old We'd close our eyes Dream about the places we'd go You and me Built castles in the sand We were the king and gueen And we had the perfect plan I woke up last night Couldn't"
  • Now Or Never - High School Musical Cast
    "16...16...16 minutes left better get it done 16...16...16 more minutes get ready GAME ON! 16...16...16 minutes left running out of time 16...16...16 more minutes seconds on the line 16...16...16 minutes"

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