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Imperial Earth

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Imperial Earth

  • Imperial Earth - Dark Moor
    "Imperial Earth, galaxy masters, our peace is worth welfare for the asters. Pray! The Earth: Hete, the representation of the Imperial government of The Earth. Aliens: We listen humbly, sir. The Earth:"
  • Imperial Zeppelin - Peter Hammill
    "Pack your bags, we're leaving earth, where hate is seething, nothing's worth believing. There's no time, make up your mind! Imperial Zeppelin... Quick, the engines are turning, cabin lights are"
  • Imperial Doom - Monstrosity
    "A burning grave of undying pain Habitual process of conquering doom This path of tortures is travelled slow Victims of chronic afflictions are ruined Living and dying is one in the same Their flesh is"
  • Imperial Rome - Aska
    "They were rulers in name of the greatest empire ever known on earth Centurions and soldiers, patricians and killers of noble birth They held sway over lands; the Sahara to northern Britannia Barbaric Germania"
  • Behold The Imperial Rise - Obsidian Gate
    "In an age when the earth was born deep in the black maw of eternity's void I commanded them - abysmal creatures, my minions, to prepare our rise. Neither beasts nor human beings wandered the earth when"
  • Imperial - Rah Digga
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes) Chorus: Rah Digga Flipmode the Imperial You know you love it when you hear us on the radio Go cop the joint and play the shit up in your stereo or in the streets up in your Jeeps"
  • Imperial - Primal Scream
    "Being blind or build a shrine ... takes away without your town With chains you're bound The best died last the looking glass Exterminating and you might well find It's just a matter of time Around and"
  • Imperial Bodybags - Manic Street Preachers
    "Imperial bodybags, coming home in dribs and drabs Life is numbers, with doggy tags Filled with holes and coming back So come on up the sky? can't make out this line very well Never had a chance to wave"
  • Imperial Bedroom - Elvis Costello
    "Everyone agreed that she looked delightful Except for her sister, who was hateful and spiteful Blushing bright red from her head to her feet But rushing into her bridal suite The imperial bedroom, the"
  • Blessed Imperial - Admiral Twin
    "When it's late at night Safe in bed, eyes open wide The world's a giant place and you just wonder on and on because it's free. Like Christmas Eve every night you've wishful dreams Outside your window-pane"
  • The imperial - Foxy Brown
    "Yes indeedThis isThe imperial, serial rap murdererYall bitches aint hoodThe hood never heard of yaWhat kind of live bitch shit on the crewAnd leave them niggas dead and broke in the boroughBitch claim"
  • Imperial Devastation - Horna
    "Feeble fools, unaware of the terror soon to come. After what is still awaiting, no light will ever be here. Only the stones remember the battles that have been clashed on these moors and fields, as thousand"
  • The imperial - Rah Digga
    "CHORUS: Flipmode the imperial You know you love it when you hear us on the radio Go cop the joint and play the shit up in your stereo Or in streets up in your jeeps or in the disco And if you want the"
  • Imperial Walls - Peter Hammill
    "Strange to behold is the stone of this wall broken by fate. The strongholds are bursten, the work of giants decaying; the roofs are fallen, the towers are tottering, mouldering palaces roofless, weather-marked"
  • The Imperial Clans - Arghoslent
    "Disposed to exercise Absolute authority The dark windows of time Reveal my charming desires Impelling need to dominate Establishing my dynasty Dynamic addiction Impels men to rule Enforcing masterdom On"
  • Another Imperial Day - New Model Army
    "You could be there on a dark october night waiting for the moment to be swimming 'cross the freezing river holding a plastic bag of belongings just out of the water climbing up the banks on the other"
  • Full Imperial Collapse - Darkest Hour
    "Call it our nature or call it what you will automatic, trapped in the undercurrent presumed an unstoppable force through the ages spilled onto pages shine on you non-believers you can call it colossal"
  • Snow Covers Imperial Alps - Centurion
    "While the woods call my name frozen winds blows through my hair Eagles of Rome fly up high Are you ready to feel the power of this land Snow covers imperial Alps Where the wind kiss the clouds up high Up"
  • Anthem of Valour - Imperial Age
    "Hear the warriors' song That rings above the sky Feel the ground shake beneath you Hearken the battle cry! See the field lit with fires - Ten thousand men are here tonight Listen: Death's wings are flapping"
  • The Legacy of Atlantis - Imperial Age
    "See the earth at the peak of it’s glory Days that are long gone The greatest empire of the ancient times Behold the light so bright it blinds your eyes! Atlantis! Ancestor of mankind Those who have united The"

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