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Impious Dystopia

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Impious Dystopia

  • Impious Dystopia - Ancient Bards
    "The end crawls on the last two souls, in a barren world, all that's left is destruction. Prospect slit by a dreadful split. When the fates are done, the two sides of the whole will finally cross swords. He"
  • Dystopia - Megadeth
    ""Dystopia" to tytułowy kawałek z nowej płyty Megadeth, która ujrzy światło dzienne w 2016 roku."
  • Dystopia - Kreator
    "Welcome to the coldest age of darkness Millenium deprivation, deception and deceit Feared in presence, loathed within their absence Feed the dogs of war To keep a fragile peace All hail dystopia Your"
  • Dystopia - Freak Kitchen
    "How many died? How many were injured? Is this the grossest the you ever heard? Maybe someone is gonna fry on death row? We need to know, we need to know Who can we hang for irresponsibility? Where is"
  • Dystopia - Midnight Juggernauts
    "Waiting for the moon to rise again Across the darkened sky Stars they will shine again They're shining above you Satellite dreams come raining down Keep falling to the earth Run as they hit the ground And"
  • Dystopia - In Arkadia
    "Built our future out of mould Entertain our selfish souls Blinding lights our brains are foul Entering this vile slough Portrayed hotshot of the hour Yearning bastards hammering clouts Idols sold, money"
  • Dystopia - Armsbendback
    "I never knew how far I'd go for you Mixed thoughts and fears my curiosity builds From time to time I sit and think about you Blood on my mind I never felt so weird You said that I could never change well"
  • Dystopia - Lake Of Tears
    "Do you know just how long it takes to get burned Just how long it takes you know you will learn, to get burned Do you know what it takes just to burn for a while And then to put on a smile, cause it burns"
  • Dystopia - Yacht
    "The Earth, the Earth is on fire! We don't have no daughter, Let the motherfucker burn! We are hungry, we are all tired. Our tongues they are all on fire. The walls that we build are higher, higher, higher,"
  • Impious Offerings - Deeds Of Flesh
    "Hired to do the job For the breeders of evil Killing the selected few For their select religion They're doomed They're doomed They chop the head off with a blade Chop it completely away Some of the"
  • Dystopia Show - Diablerie
    "Total beginning The excellent explosion No room for the spirits that yearn back to life. From bible to Necronomicon we degenerate We just take our lives We degenerate by our own hands. (Chorus:) Dystopia Shackled"
  • Impious Devious Leper Lord - Mayhem
    "I saw an eye in the sky Our lady speaks of times to come The secrets of the world revealed Upon the shores of the end Everything comes to life in me My eyes have opened to the world In this intimacy"
  • Anger Brought By Disease - Dystopia
    "if i die from a disease when i die im taking you with me maybe tomorrow or when im fifty misanthropic hate you like i hate me show no pitty for me you show no pitty for me you hate me anyway now i must"
  • Backstabber - Dystopia
    "lying bastards decieving fuckers you are a curse violation kicked in the head when i hurt the worse my body boils with both anger and confusion thorazine is such a bitch to endure i wanna rip your fucking"
  • Diary Of A Battered Child - Dystopia
    "smack! my head hits the wall dont know why this is happening to me a role model for me in this world "do as i say and not as i do" another slap across my face just to show me that you care how can i fucking"
  • Father's Gun - Dystopia
    "got a gun its a real one should be fun my fathers gun a new feeling load bullets one by one cold steel in my hand click click. try me i visit it every day time passes but i cant stay away im lonely i have"
  • Green Destroyed - Dystopia
    "with all the flaws of technology we are forced to destroy to keep with our "needs" but our needs are superficial cause the best things in life are the things that are free solar energy is perfect it's"
  • Hands That Mold - Dystopia
    "hands that kill mold illusions of peace their fucked up psuedo security destroy to give birth to technology to quickn the killin of yo and me and him and her blind. us humans think we are so smart creating"
  • Ignorance of Pride - Dystopia
    "you killed again today she was 12 years old you killed her mother too when she bent down to help her and you killed again today he overdosed on drug he was a friend of mine i know that you dont care except"
  • Jarhead Fertilizer - Dystopia
    "eduacation stable career join the army become a murderer kill for god and country return to be a hero to tell you the truth i hope you dont come back courage it takes a big man to push a button fight with"

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