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In Another Land

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In Another Land

  • In another land - The Rolling Stones
    "In another land where the breeze and the Trees and flowers were blue I stood and held your hand. And the grass grew high and the feathers floated by I stood and held your hand. And nobody else's hand will"
  • In Another Land - Rolling Stones
    "(Wyman) In another land where the breeze and the Trees and flowers were blue I stood and held your hand. And the grass grew high and the feathers floated by I stood and held your hand. And nobody else's"
  • Land - Tyr
    "Homeland we're leaving, we are retreiving Our right to stand alone, we cannot stay here Fear not what must be, we must cross the sea On our own Standing alone Always we got by on our own Under stormy skies"
  • Land - Patti Smith
    "The boy was in the hallway drinking a glass of tea From the other end of the hallway a rhythm was generating Another boy was sliding up the hallway He merged perfectly with the hallway, He merged perfectly,"
  • Bells Of Another Land - Deine Lakaien
    "tender night night of spring waving veils of blue at the window nada listens quiet silence of night caught you are where is no light youth is slipping away let me be your unknown knight to save because"
  • The Past Is Another Land - Heather Headley
    "You know nothing about me, and care even less. How could you understand our emptiness? You plundered our wisdom, our knowledge, our wealth. In bleeding us dry, you long for our spirit. But that you will"
  • The Past Is Another Land - Aida
    "AIDA No... You know nothing about me and care even less How could you understand our emptiness You've plundered our wisdom, our knowledge, our wealth In bleeding us dry You long for our spirit But that"
  • The shores of our land - Dragon Land
    "Silence - after the battle all is stillSlaughter - yet another mission is fulfilledNow we begin our journey to our homeCrossing the oceans with sails set abroadDragonships they carry usFrom coast to coastWhere"
  • Strangest Land - Tom McRae
    "Another dead dog highway The road to paradise Is littered with your saviours The lines are growing faint Another paper saint has put us all in danger So take my hand I'm a stranger in the strangest"
  • Secret Land - Sandra
    "i remember leaves were fallin' down in St. Germain it was a cold November you went away an' i got a dream nobody knows who i am maybe you would understand anybody knows what i am down in a secret land nobody"
  • This Land - Zounds
    "This land is your land and this land is my land From the dirty water of the river Thames To the rusting cranes of the tee another tyne The land that's choking with wires and plugs Strangles with fences"
  • Rockets land - Rockets
    "There's no time to wonder, I'm coming down to thunder,We are the Rockets wrecking galaxies apartThis time people is for conquering your town,With the law of the Rockets I will put your planet downWould"
  • Promised Land - Queensryche
    "Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting...for Promised Land. Standing neck deep in life, my ring of brass lay rusting on the floor.Is this all? Because it's not what"
  • Faithful Land - Gaelic Storm
    "Fields of green Stonewalls run between Gray skies above A falling leaf The rock that sits beneath These are all the things I love. and when I'm far away somehow they live inside of me It's just a feeling"
  • Heartless Land - Molly Hatchet
    "I see it on TV watch it everyday Men with no conscience don't care who they slay Children killing children for insult or greed Don't want what they have don't know what they need Shot for a dollar or the"
  • Land Mine - Fifteen
    "Land Mine - Blew my legs off Now I sit by - The subway station Land mine - Blew my legs off I ask for change - You turn your head and walk away I was a kid once - I got forced into it I couldn't afford"
  • Promised land - Avantasia
    "Hey redeemerNow what's become on metaken in by promiseawakening in griefCollecting us like puppetsyou instrumentalizeA frigid trepidationin a million puppet eyesGod gave his word just to let us downWhere"
  • Cursed Land - Steel Attack
    "All is quiet in the neighbourhood no one really understand I told them death had come to town to bring us down one by one Here we are under the evil spell That will bring us all to hell There be no trace"
  • Curry Land - Donovan
    "Lady you are my peace of mind Were I to seek your par none I could find You delicately went to curry land And left a lonely man Ah me yogi blue He thought to himself as he sat before His stocks and shares"
  • New Land - Emma Pollock
    "Hold up your glasses A shout for the masses Here we go And so begins the show And not for the first time You step on the fault line Just like that We watch the fireworks start Oh, sleep if you can You"

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