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In Summer From Frozen

  • Frozen - Skid Row
    "As I stare into the fire All my thoughts go up in flames Here I stare into the fire I'll be waiting on the rain The box I keep myself in, closes out my air So I build a fire, so I can sit and stare "
  • Frozen - Celldweller
    "Inside this fantasy It seems so real to me Synthetic ecstasy, when her legs are open True Life behind a wall Where men and angels fall A fading memory, when my mind is frozen I can see a frozen point"
  • Frozen - Nightrage
    "Maybe you don't know. What is joy or sorrow. You feel so abandoned suppress your feelings. That's the legacy of destiny. I don't know if you'll find out the truth. The peace in your heart. The realm of"
  • Frozen - Collide
    "grasping on the galaxy warmed here by the sun floating to infinity collapse and come undone perfectly dimension here immensity collapse blasted in but far behind wont be torn in half what the hell's the"
  • Frozen - Planet Smashers
    "I was out late last night down by the railway station Something caught my eye a man ripped in half holding his salvation It was plain to see that if it wasn't for me Nobody would've cared or known that"
  • Frozen - Slick Rick
    "(feat. Raekwon the Chef) "How can I forget you" Rick the Ruler, Raekwon, hehe the Chef, check one two Touch more, taste a glass of oil Flash yours Rae Money we saw, left em dead on the door, dick Rots"
  • Frozen - Delain
    "Misty windows hide your empty eyes Every moment, every whisper Seperates you from me I've been screaming, won't you let me in? Let me see a trace of the places Hidden under your skin Chorus: Answer"
  • Frozen Fred - Nits
    "This is a story you haven't heard You may not believe it's true What happened to this cat called Frozen Fred Could happen to me and to you Fred had a passion for frozen food And TV dinners too He hated"
  • Summer - India.Arie
    "Oooh oooh oooh oooh heeeyyy oooh oooh oooh Goodbye summer hate to see you go I wasnt ready for autumn wind to blow So lonely We had a fine time holding hands in June Warm in a sunshine watching love"
  • Summer - India Arie
    "Oooh oooh oooh oooh heeeyyy oooh oooh oooh (Verse 1:) Goodbye summer hate to see you go I wasn't ready for autumn wind to blow So lonely We had a fine time holding hands in June Warm in a sunshine watching"
  • Frozen Warnings - Nico
    "Friar hermit stumbles over The cloudy borderline Frozen warnings close to mine Close to the frozen borderline Frozen warnings close to mine Close to the frozen borderline Into numberless reflections Rises"
  • Frozen In Time - Funker Vogt
    "I favour obscurity Whenever it serves my purpose I favour all kinds of things To reach my own goals But suddenly everything has changed As I found my true confession It was almost like a stroke Beyond"
  • Frozen In Fear - Jag Panzer
    "(Written by Briody & Conklin) Another nightmare, she prays her soul to keep Cold hand that touches her as she pretends to sleep Take this away Let it end Blood turns to ice when he's near No one believes"
  • Frozen In Time - Kataklysm
    "(Chapter 1 - Will Of Suicide) Here at Stonehenge I stand in front of my nightmare. Preparing to travel in a dream. = Far into a subconscious mindscape. The meditation begins today. = As the full moon passes"
  • Frozen Heaven - Highlord
    "( Music:Alessandro Muscio/Stefano Droetto - Words:Alessandro Muscio ) Searching myself in the maze of my dreams From the westwinds I can see my Soul in an icy dream. Alone, deceived and lost You were"
  • Frozen Faces - Propaganda
    "one box for optimism forget the world, take this break and dance the drums are stained with blood don't look at this disaster if you want my advice, take this break and dance sweet secret sense of sin sweet"
  • Frozen Mile - Sinamore
    "Something else to say No excuses what it's like Life is so strange every night to sleep wide awake Yearning for a change I close my eyes One stair at the time Loneliness my only friend Taking a walk far"
  • Frozen Empire - Necrophobic
    "(Music: Ramstedt, Sterner) (Lyrics: Sterner) Mournful, silent is the night In white, the nature lies asleep Whining winds are blowing cold as ice Frozen is the valley of shadows Damned to perish Darkened"
  • Frozen heart - Blutengel
    "Stand alone in the world Spread her arms against the nightLose her faith in her heartAnd in her mindCried out loud against the stormHer eyes look like she was still bornFlashes deviate her heavenLike her"
  • Frozen Rose - Anna Tsuchiya
    "I don't wanna hear the bad news when I was a little girl In front of the mirror I couldn't understand a thing There were tears falling down my cheeks no matter How much, I washed my face, I couldn't wash"

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