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In may live you

  • Maya - Garret
    "Who can see what is hidden behind the fence Who will tear off the blinds and bring some sense Into this world that became a threat to men Where even prejudice can be blessed with amen? Save all that you"
  • May - Alpha
    "Looking at you talking to me You're sitting right across the table You may take my hand in your hands You may take me home tonight Drinking with you, sinking in you I'm swaying through the conversation You"
  • May - The Story So Far
    "Might as well pack up all your stuff and move into my head I wish I could dispose of all these thoughts and just be numb instead I wish you'd stop running from your problems and run to me instead Black"
  • May - Lifehouse
    "I'm standing I'm waiting I'm falling more in love with you every time I find myself here and what I feel for you it can't be contained and how I long for you to come I want to get carried away by you and"
  • May Angels Lead You In - Jimmy Eat World
    "There's no one in town I know You gave us some place to go. I never said thank you for that. I thought I might get one more chance. What would you think of me now, so lucky, so strong, so proud? I never"
  • May 16th - Lagwagon
    "No more waiting on them As you rise inside new rooms It's offical you've gone You can live for no one else Man the guilt must be huge As there's no gain in failure You succeed at being mine Yeah, old"
  • May 16 - Lagwagon
    "No more waiting on them as you rise inside new rooms It's official you've gone you can live for no one else Man the guilt must be huge As there's no gain in failure you succeed at being mine Yeah, old"
  • Forever May Not Be Long Enough - Live
    "forever may not be long enough for my love i have a will but i'm lost inside your time if you could, would you come with me to the other side? forever may not be long enough forever may not be long enough"
  • Million Days In May - Headstones
    "A million days in May So hard to concentrate So hard to hear the ocean They've got that confidence I swear it's monstrous I can smell 'em when they're swollen I just can't promise it I try to live with"
  • First Of May (1999 Live Version) - Sarah Brightman
    "When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall, we used to love while others used to play. Don't ask me why, but time has passed us by, someone else moved in from far away. Now we are tall, and Christmas"
  • Maya - Church
    "When, how did you noticeWhy, what can't you seeYeah, if that's all the difference it makesYeah, it makes it all different for meNow you're lost in this momentNow outside of timeNow, now you remember it"
  • Maya - The Church
    "Where, how did you notice Why, what can't you see Yeah, if that's all the difference it makes Yeah, it makes it all different for me Now you're lost in this moment Now outside of time Now, now you remember"
  • Maya - Vandroya
    "I close my eyes, kissed by the morning sun, it's first rays of light Wondering why I am walking in this earth There was dark night, the deepest pain, why I've been so blind? Winters of ice, illusions of"
  • Maya - Sugababes
    "Maya this song's for you I have your name print tattooed upon my skin There's so much to say to you And where do I begin? Cos all these prayers must be going somewhere Somewhere I can never trace But"
  • Live - Krystal Meyers
    "Another sinking sun And I am filled with worry With every morning comes Uncharted territory Am I too young and restless To live the way the fearless do? I think it's time I start to... Live Unafraid of"
  • Live - Kid Rock
    "Let me hear you say "Kid Rocks up on the stage" Hey slick, check it I'm the Rock you know, i'm gonna smoke it up So i can rock it through old school disco cuts I'm the crisco slick, checkin sisco's shit I'm"
  • May Your Wonders - Third Day
    "Father in Heaven Lord, may Your name be glorified Above all others Above all this world Above everything else in our lives For nothing else in all of this world matters But to live our lives for"
  • Water May Walk - Devendra Banhart
    "Water may walk Daughter may walk Mother may walk Father may walk Marth fell asleep in a perfect fire Water in hands Mother in hands Brother in hands Held in the hands Of one million bending bones I know"
  • Mother May I - Cee-Lo Green
    "Mother may I Oh, mother may I I wanna go outside tonight Tell me it’s alright Mother may I Mommy just listen Something in the wind keeps calling me And I’m old enough now to answer I want everything that’s"
  • May I Baby - Peter Frampton
    "May I baby May I walk you home May I baby Cause I don't want you to be all alone With each step my heart beats three times There's so much trouble in my mind May I baby Tell you what it's all about May"

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