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In side my bones

  • Bones - Eskobar
    "bones heal my bones stones bones fear in my bones stones waiting 'round for so long it hurts denying all for so long makes worse hearing all for so long it hurts n' my bones bones heal my bones stones bones fear"
  • Bones - City Sleeps
    "Bones (bones) (bones) Bones (bones) (bones) Bones (bones) (bones) Bones (bones) (bones) They talked about you Like you were a piece of cake One that tasted Just like a sugar snowflake (They would"
  • Bones - Young Guns
    "Down under the night sky I lay in wait Praying to whoever would listen to me. I'd fashioned my own cross, Been crushed by it's weight There's no stronger message Than dirt in your face. I've seen down"
  • Bones - EQUINOX
    "love is like a black hole everything is dark you just gotta let go and feel it and feel it and feel it we fell off the deep end just to get a rush you know that it’s right when you feel it you feel it you"
  • Bones - The Killers
    "(Come with me!) We took a back road, we're gonna look at the stars We took a back road in my car Down to the ocean, it's only water and sand And in the ocean, we'll hold hands But I don't really like"
  • Bones - Editors
    "How can you always be late for your arrival? You know I forgive you every single time Retreat, retreat I've fallen at the low tide Oh retreat, retreat And meet me by the quayside In the end all you can"
  • Bones - Charlotte Martin
    "Days are going faster than I ever could keep up Overwhelming, the bed I've tried to make so perfectly I surrender my hands beyond my head You read me There's a harvest buried in the bottom of the sky And"
  • Bones - 8mm
    "Bones sink into the sand Your photograph falls from my hand Wash away like so many plans My only love was only a man You believe in nothing Oh, you believe in nothing Blood in my mouth Salt on my lips Hair"
  • Bones - Scabs
    "Bruce lee pack punches like brown bag lunches He get busy on the bad guy now why you wanna flow fly Float like a butterfly sting you in the sphincter I got flavor like jolly rancher be taking you out like"
  • These Bones - Charlotte Martin
    "Come down The ground's not soft enough to catch you In your fall, it seems small when you have been that high And I don't believe I'll ever understand your good-bye And these bones will rise again all"
  • Manny's Bones - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) On the day Manuel went and died The men all laughed and the girls did cry Now it's time to lay his soul to rest Do him up in his Sunday best, oh my Manny's dead and didn't"
  • Lazy Bones - Robin Thicke
    "I'm taking time out for reflecting I'm going one on one with who I'd like to be I'm leaning towards the sun Watching flowers blossom all around me I tried wailin' to a wall Standin' like porcelain,"
  • Lazy Bones - Thicke
    "I'm taking time out for reflecting I'm going one on one with who I'd like to be I'm leaning towards the sun Watching flowers blossom all around me I tried wailin' to a wall Standin' like porcelain,"
  • In My Bones - Hours Eastly
    "In the middle of the night Like a match head Burning bright I can feel you I Know you're there In the middle of the night Feel the tension Turn me tight I can feel you I Know you're there And I know"
  • In My Bones - Wojciech Lechończak
    "Yes i made a lot of mistakes Guess i ve been in my won way But i gotta do what it takes now Got me feelin’ liek i missed my time Got me feelin like i am lost I’ll be facin’ all my demons now I got my"
  • Bread And Bones - Bread And Bones
    "Bread and bones but a little too cold Rusty knife got a little too old Rusty knife went against a gun I turned my heels and away I run Away I run but I should have stayed Should have talked not run away Ran"
  • Bones In My Body - Bill Nye
    "Got bones in my body Or else I'd be like jelly They help me stand up straight So I can perform ballet Yeah, I got bones in my body Working with my muscles too They let me do my ballet And how 'bout you? Like"
  • Back In My Bones - Axxis
    "I saw the light A great fire ball As if the sun fell down on me With every inch of my body I know I'm on the point of no return It wasn't my time to go forever I held my soul back in my own The"
  • Party In My Bones - Quimby
    "party in my bones I'm shuffling down on the street this cold night laid me bare I'm going down with the stream into the city's blare Passing by the hooker's row tempting lips, oh burning curse Hey"
  • On My Bones - Kendall Payne
    "What these years have brought me What these years have taught me Heartache and fame A chance to change A Hope to be stronger That beauty can smolder A stage and a curtain That nothing's for certain Oh"

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