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In the desert of g��sta

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In the desert of g��sta

  • Desert - The Church
    "I, I am the stranger this time around You, you are the changeless sounds of sand I could be here forever riding this death You, you are the distance, my clown I fall down in the sun I become everyone"
  • Desert - Verbena
    "im in love with the size of a desert never seen it but id love to kiss a cactus got my hands on a piece of the good earth both my hands up inside of a new world its exactly by the pound i do i do i would"
  • Desert - Moonlight
    "Desert In me , in you In all around Strike into deep Of your mind Feel it , feel it now 'Cose tommorow You'd touch this Under the progress Under the mind Under the love Under the human Under"
  • Desert - Alex Lloyd
    "Walking south along my mouth Through the heart that's hard to start I know it's nothing the woman cried So you're leaving you did not lie The broken light bulb that's glowing still The morning after the"
  • The Desert - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Mike Mainieri) I was in the desert Amazed by all that sand I as in a sea of white Swimming through the land Nobody shocked me Nobody locked me up Nobody took my time Nobody shook me up All"
  • The desert - Verbena
    "I'm in love with the size of the desertNever seen but i'd love to kiss a cactusGot my hands on a piece of the good earthBoth my hands up inside of a new worldIt's exactly by the poundI do i doI would never"
  • In The Desert - Architects
    "We'll fight this cause Even if it kills us The temperature is rising But our lungs will not collapse Here in the desert There's nothing to run from Nothing to hide from So lets rock the casbah Take it"
  • In The Desert - Snubnose
    "Oh God, You are my God earnestly I do seek you my soul thirsts for You my body longs for You on a dry and weary ground where no water can be found I reach out for You the refreshing source cause I believe"
  • Desert Shadows - Garden Of Shadows
    "Within two worlds Wind carries the sand Of a desert of emotions Unto tear stained cheeks Skin seared by the power Of oblivious stars He cries... shedding tears... though none are left They cry... golden"
  • Cold Desert - Kings Of Leon
    "I'm on the corner, waiting for a light to come on That's when I know that you're alone It's cold in the desert, water never sees the ground Special unspoken without sound You told me you loved me,"
  • Desert - Trespassers William
    "My feet are trembling alone With the serpentine skins on the floor And while i sleep will you send me a thought While i lean could you build me a rock Or pretend you're my home Touch my lips or are"
  • In the desert of set - Therion
    "In the desert of Set the seeds of pandemonium lie The darkened paradise under the sand await to rise The ancient passed Seeds in our minds That constantly has grown Now blossom up Begin to flower And soon"
  • Desert Pete - The Kingston Trio
    "I was travelin' West of Buckskin on my way to a cattle run, 'cross a little cactus desert under a hard bargaining sun. Thirsty down to my toenails, I stopped to rest me on a stump, but I tell you I just"
  • Desert Blues - The Allman Brothers Band
    "Can't get no this And I can't get no that Can't get no you know I don't even know where it's at Ain't got the smoke and uh, ain't no booze Got them low down dried out Desert blues, yes I do Uncle George"
  • Desert Blues - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Shades Of Two Worlds Desert Blues By dickey betts, warren haynes Copyright 1991 sony music entertainment, inc. Transcribed by ed luskey Can't get no this, And i can't get no"
  • Desert Diamond - Alcatrazz
    "Alcatrazz Disturbing The Peace Desert Diamond Lie in Egyptian sands, Ethiopian overlord Royal mountains stand Guardian of the Kings Sleep in your dusty sea Silent shining desert diamond, sleep eternally. Eyes"
  • Blue desert - Sailor
    "Betty Grable on the wall keeps my cabin warm From Casablanca down to Rio, she won't feel the storm I only joined the fleet for places and girls I hadn't seen I didn't think of all the lonely nights we'd"
  • Desert Moon - Styx
    ""Is this the train to Desert Moon?" was all she said But I knew I'd heard that stranger's voice before I turned to look into her eyes, but she moved away She was standing in the rain Trying hard to speak"
  • Desert Moon - Dennis DeYoung
    ""Is this the train to Desert Moon?" was all she said But I knew I'd heard that stranger's voice before I turned to look into her eyes, but she moved away She was standing in the rain Trying hard to speak"
  • Desert Rose - Sting
    "I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in pain I dream of love as time runs through my hand I dream of fire These dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire And in the flames Her"

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