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In the hotel room

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In the hotel room
  • Chalmers David Hotel Room
    "Chalmers David Miscellaneous Hotel Room Hotel Room by David Chalmers Sittin' in my hotel room High up in the sky Lookin' at a rusty moon I wondered 'bout a train that was goin' to town I wondered 'bout"
  • Richard Hawley Hotel Room
    "Ten thirty in this hotel room You and I locked in the gloom Lost out of love once again But I've got you here with me friend Cos you're here in my arms, here in my arms Here in my arms, here in arms Last"
  • Regina Spektor Hotel room
    "Come in.. Come in.. Come into my world I've got to show show show you come into my bed I've got to know know know you I have dreams of orca whales and owls but I wake up in fear you will never be"
  • Mest Hotel Room
    "I'm all alone in this hotel room The fear inside of me is uncontrolable I hear the cops, see the sun the sky is blue And all I can think about is being with you Guess I'm all alone again So, do ya think"
  • Jimmy Buffett This Hotel Room
    "This hotel room got a lot of stuff A laundry bag and a shoe shine cloth Thirty-two hangers and a touch-tone phone Well a light that comes on when I'm not home I ain't home, I ain't home You better leave"
  • Ally McBeal Soundtracks Hotel Room View
    "Ally McBeal Soundtracks Miscellaneous Hotel Room View Song: Vonda Shepard Above all things there must be love And following your deepest soul You look like you need some fun I'm dying to sail into"
  • Vonda Shepard Hotel Room View
    "Above all things there must be love And following your deepest soul You look like you need some fun I'm dying to sail into the sun Dreamers ask what've I become I can see that shoreline star Pulling me"
  • The Kinks Sitting In My Hotel Room
    "If my friends could see me now, driving round just like a film star, In a chauffeur driven jam jar, they would laugh. They would all be saying that it's not really me, They would all be asking who I'm"
  • Cassidy Hotel
    "(feat. R Kelly) Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to the sounds of swiss beats. We got cassidy in here. Kels! We in our throwbacks. This is for the ladies, we got room keys. Girl you wanna"
  • Jagged Edge Hotel
    "C Cassidy Lyrics Cassidy Feat. R.Kelly- Hotel print | rate | add to mylyrics | email to a friend | correct Cassidy Feat. R.Kelly- Hotel by Cassidy Album : Submitted by : Daniella Roman ~*A.k.A"

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