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In ya face

  • In Ya Face - Ebony Eyez
    "owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww now it's the part where we break it down (uhuh) gon break it down (uhuh uhuh uhuh) gon break it down (uhuh) gon' break it down (uhuh) gon break it down (uhuh) just break it"
  • Smile In Ya Face - Black Rob
    "They smile in ya face, but they ain't lovin you Turn your back, they tryin to break your J-A-W Who a nigga on the run, eatin P.O.W.s Strapped with arrows, and the chrome b-o-w? It's no act yo, no This"
  • In Ya Face (Remix) - Ebony Eyez
    "Ebony Eyez - It's Time for the remix, Ebony Eyez, My Girl Trina, Now this is what a trackboys beat sounds like baby... Ebony Eyez - Now this the part where we break it down Trina - gon and break it down Ebony"
  • Smack Ya Face - Defari
    "(Intro) Yeah, you heard of the world famous Alkaholik crew, right? Yeah, you heard of Defari, right? (Chorus) (You got the fire huh?) Step up and I'll dump You real not fake then smack ya face You feelin'"
  • Face - Aerosmith
  • Try ya ya ya - RZA
    "(feat. Monk, Thea van Seijen) Digital... why... You can't do me nothing, you won't succeedYou moving fast, reduce your speedWeak producers, imitate my beatWhen they face me, make 'em kiss my feetYou can't"
  • Face To Face - Raven-Symon
    "Boy don't be a mystery Cause I'll like to see How it'll be Getting to know you Curiously Watching you knowing you Watching me Looks like it's good To get close to you Don't no how It gets to me when I"
  • Face To Face - Yes
    "Anderson/Squire/Howe/White/Sherwood/Khoroshev Here we are trying to mend all the broken hearts In a world where the pain is the fear Ain't no doubt there's a method to madness here Set your clock to the"
  • Maggot Face - Blaze Ya Dead Homie
    "Here come the maggot, feedin' on my flesh! x8 Darkness, (black!) buried underground 3 slugs in my chest, never been found I'm decomposin', my lungs collapse My flesh is food for the maggots on my back! Got"
  • In Your Face - Die Antwoord
    "Jealousy makes you nasty In your face In your face Jealousy makes you nasty In your face In your face Yolandi Visser Gooi Bam, you don't know who i am I'm a phenomenon that you can never understand You"
  • In My Face - Xzibit
    "(Intro) Oooooh...do re mi (Xzibit) Fa so la ti do yeah I'm doin' vocals Intimate Turn the music up, yeah c'mon! {beat starts...} Yeah! c'mon in, yeah"
  • In Ya Ass - Juvenile
    "Look I'm tryin to live right now Make a better place for my kids right now Or get out my face is how it is right now All I wanna have is my own shit right now.. So much go through my head all day The game"
  • Baby Face - Thin Lizzy
    "Put up, Baby Face I love your lipstick, Baby Face, it makes me all shades of red Give me wild while you do to me one, make me hot when I should be sleeping in my bed I love your big eyes, Baby Face, they"
  • Face Off - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Sauce Money) Sauce mothafuckin, jigga, jigga feel this... This goes out to my Brooklyn crew put ya guns up in the air if ya feel me (If ya feel me) Fuck 'em all day fuck 'em all night"
  • Face Down - Prince
    "(Dead like Elvis) Check, check, 1 2, check U know what he's sayin'? Face down! Somebody once told him that he wouldn't take Prince through the ringer Let him go down as a washed up singer Ain't that"
  • War Face - Killarmy
    ""Why did you join my beloved core?" "Sir, to kill sir!" "So you're a killer?" "Sir yes sir!" "Let me see your war face." "Sir?" "You got a war face? Aaaahhh! That's war face now let me see your war face." "Aaaaahhhh!!" "Bullshit,"
  • Fake Face - Zwei
    "Kagami wo... bukkowase. Soko ni in no daa~ree? Wakara nain desho? Kao aratte... saa Kimi shika shira nai Honto no kimi wa Kagamin naka kaki kesareru TEKITOO ni aisarete TEKITOO ni tanoshikute Kokoro nante"
  • Face Off - Scarface
    "(feat. DJ KaySlay) Yeah, this Tony Starks Scarface, yeah, we about to switch faces (It's goin' down) Yeah Kay Slay (Right here, right here tonight dawg) (Face Mob in New York City) (Huh, holla atcho"
  • Face Off - DJ Kayslay
    "(feat. Ghostface Killah, Scarface) Yeah, this Tony Starks Scarface, yeah, we about to switch faces (It's goin' down) Yeah Kay Slay (Right here, right here tonight dawg) (Face Mob in New York City) (Huh,"
  • Face Down - Onyx
    "Yo FUCK THAT word up man! (Word to mother yo) Who you runnin wit? (AFFICIAL NAST!) Fuck that, who you runnin wit? (AFFICIAL NAST!) Yo I'm goin straight for your head to leave you headless Eyes of"

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