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In your eyes I'm dying in your eyes

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In your eyes I'm dying in your eyes

  • In your eyes - Danny Saucedo
    "All by the glimpse of an eye Two of a kind we are one Girl you light up my fire In the breath of your love, You're my only desire All the love that I need Is in your eyes In your eyes I feel loved In"
  • In your eyes - Animal X
    "Imi este dor...atat de dor Sa-ti fur sarutul Imi este dor...atat de dor Ca as da totul Zi de zi sper sa primesc un semn Si sa imi spui "hai sa fugim" Nu exista munte prea inalt Sau vreo stea de neatins That's"
  • In Your Eyes - Shaya
    "I can see in your eyes. That you're telling me lies. Did you think that your eyes would hide your lies? Can you see in my eyes. That I'm done with your lies. And I'm leaving your eyes. And that's no lie. I"
  • In your eyes - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous In your eyes Hey, mister Moonshine shines too Wanna figure out what I'm gonna do First I'm gonna watch the stars, they are all around me Tell me where you are Hey, this is what"
  • In Your Eyes - Riot
    "You know my heart ain't feeling right You walk these streets again tonight I must be strong - but it's heard when you're away Cause i know where you're going and the games that you play Now these streets"
  • In Your Eyes - Niamh Kavanagh
    "Showing no emotion, my feelings locked inside I made myself an island, trying to take my heart and hide I built a wall around me, afraid of letting go But suddenly an open door I never saw before In"
  • In Your Eyes - Kate Alexa
    "here we are with time standing still can we make it last now we'r on the edge and that's how it feels both of us are falling fest chorous it's in your eyes all the reasons why I could'nt walk away if I"
  • In Your Eyes - Aaron Neville
    "(Aaron Neville/Pamela Hayes) I can see it in your eyes, you're telling me a lie when you said you loved me and there's something in your smile, said you'd be gone in awhile, so how can you love me"
  • In Your Eyes - Amberlife
    "There's a fire that burns in my heart And it feels like I'm melting apart Cause when we touch ... I feel so alive! Come on Babe, hold me now, and you'll see I can be what you want me to be Cause it's true"
  • In Your Eyes - Status Quo
    "(Rossi / Frost) Doesn't she look so well With her long black hair and (???) she can tell Doesn't she know so well She can cast a spell with that look of heaven In her eyes, in her eyes In your eyes, your"
  • In Your Eyes - Babys, The
    "Babys, The Union Jacks In Your Eyes Where can it be Is it you It had to be someone In my life through these days There's got to be a better way Seen my love lose her grip She can't take it Get high Get"
  • In Your Eyes - Anastacia
    "Tripped along many stones Enough to say I found my own way I don't know where to go Couldn't see where it leads Making castles in the sand Afraid no one else would hold my hand I'm stained from the world Sad,"
  • In Your Eyes - The Weeknd
    "I just pretend that I'm in the dark I don't regret 'cause my heart can't take a loss I'd rather be so oblivious I'd rather be with you When it's said, when it's done, yeah I don't ever wanna know I"
  • In Your Eyes - Aga Kiepuszewska
    "I jump deep down into my heart I sing simple melodies I heard ones and the journey finally's started just that moment we've both shared in your eyes, in your smile, in your voice sounds the sky, in the"
  • In Your Eyes - The Babys
    "Where can it be Is it you It had to be someone In my life through these days There's got to be a better way Seen my love lose her grip She can't take it Get high Get low Well one day I'm gonna break it"
  • In Your Eyes - Neville Aaron
    "Aaron Neville/ Pamela Hayes I can see it in your eyes You're telling me a lie When you say you love me And there's something in your smile Said you'd be gone in a while I can hear in your talk Your about"
  • In Your Eyes - Inna
    "I want your body Won't live without it So turn up the party I'm feeling naughty Stay close to me, I'll be all that you need Don't deny what you want baby I want your body All I desire, you relight the"
  • In Your Eyes - Kylie Minogue
    "What on earth am I meant to do In this crowded place there is only you Was gonna to leave now I have to stay You have taken my breath away Is the world still spinning around I don't feel like coming down It's"
  • Your Eyes - Damned
    "It's your eyes That confuse me It's your eyes Oh that use me I miss your philly eyes I miss your smooth white lies Pass me a cigarette Maybe I can forget Your eyes That confuse me It's your eyes Oh that"
  • Your Eyes - Frameshift
    "Down where it's deep your thoughts are complete All you need is a light This will lead us unsparingly Toward theories that cut like a knife And the sun as it sets Does not go unnoticed It makes me wonder How"

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