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Incognito Hold On To Me

  • Incognito - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Gold Vol. 2 Incognito Incognito Feeling good about myself! (lit.: good in my skin) Incognito Bien dans ma peau! Incognito Je recommence ma vie zero Incognito Feeling good about myself! Incognito I'm"
  • Incognito - Judybats
    "In the back of the front Of the middle line Of lovers and friends Meet me incognito Clothed in pretense Groomed by deception I'll be there I've watched you vanish In a cloud of illusion In your crowd of"
  • Incognito - Brooke Hogan
    "Paper, Denim Hot Hips Ridin' Ridin' Hot Whips Whatchu Want I got it. ah ah ah He was smooth like a wave cat. Coolin' in his Ray Bands. Incognito in the back of the club. I almost passed him then he came"
  • Incognito - Moonlight Awakening
    "hello am i speaking to someone who isn't real? it's fallen all apart and the truth must be revealed with all that's done you know you've hurt me too with all I do there's nothing here for you. you'd"
  • Incognito - Less Is More
    "Kolejny w rejestrze znak przyszedł dziś na świat, "Wysoki, zielony, nie ma", tylko numer na drzwiach... numer na drzwiach. Pierwsze pytanie to krzyk, a potem szereg cyfr, Jak w zapalniczce gaz, cierpliwość"
  • Hold On To Me - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick) You try to take things easy, but your mind out of control begins to wander Will there ever come a time, this searching and this waiting will be over See our love can come and go But there's"
  • Mr. Incognito - A Tribe Called Quest
    "(12x) Mr. Incognito, Incognito Yeah yeah yeah Mr. Incognito is back again Now all I want is peace and papes, and a physical frame Jottin down my list of positives in life I want a ride, crib, mud, wife"
  • Terra Incognito - Escanaba Firing Line
    "I got a new deception its for you and me. It will make us happy though we could never be. It was made through movement but you wont notice a thing. Just take this new drug no more suffering. Roll over Roll"
  • Incognito - Incognito
    "(Incognito) The man behind the mask (Incognito) At the masquerade's board? (Incognito) Can you see through his disguise? (Incognito) Is he a friend of yours (Incognito) The man behind the mask (Incognito) A"
  • Monsieur Incognito - Pierpoljak
    "Monsieur Incognito,Qu'est-ce que vous faites ici ce soirA vous promener dans le noirDevant ma station de mtro ?Monsieur Incognito,N'est-ce pas vous ce qu'il paratQui donnez l'amour, les baisersComme a"
  • Incognito - Enigma
    "Like a shadow on the wall If you come or if you go Who you are, nobody knows Can't get behind...incognito You are capturing my soul If I want, or if I don't Not protected by the law But still... incognito Like"
  • Incognito - Emo
    "(Emo) Wszędzie twarze zamazane, każdy wokół incognito Ja jestem także w takim stanie, czasem wrażeń dość mam i to Że znów po nocy zgon, nie mogłem spać wybrałem bal I te oczy zaspane nad ranem, krzywy"
    "to jest dla mych braci spod celi dla bandytów złodziej dla dilerów paserów starej gwardii osiedli to dla mojej ekipy tam gdzie jeden dla wszystkich dla tych co dzielą troski upadki i zyski to dla ludzi"
  • Hold On To Me - Daryl Hall
    "I wanna know what you dream, oh baby Am I one with your fantasy I wanna show you my deepest feelings Aint that how loves supposed to be Give me love Hold on to me Give me hope Hold on to me Give me dreams Hold"
  • Hold on to me - Hall & Oates
    "I wanna know what you dream, oh babyAm I one with your fantasyI wanna show you my deepest feelingsAint that how loves supposed to beGive me love Hold on to meGive me love Hold on to meGive me dreams Hold"
  • Hold On To Me - Cowboy Junkies
    "If you offered me a shade of blue Would I return it saying that it was too Dark or light? Or would I see it for the precious thing That it might one day be? Hold on to me If you offered me a point of"
  • Hold On To Me - Bo Bice
    "Who am I to say you're wrong For feeling what you feel There's something in the way you talk Like you've forgotten what is real You don't have to prove you're strong To face it on your own Cause it'll"
  • Hold On To Me - Armin Van Buuren
    "I see the faces, people and places Burn up the night, and fade to grey Walking on water, dancing on wire, Hang on the edge and don't look down I'm on the outside, wide open spaces Searching for time,"
  • Hold On To Me - Nina Gordon
    "we're the same and you don't even know it we're afraid and we try not to show it and you're tired and i am too so there's only one thing you can do you've got to hold me and tell me what you need and"
  • Hold On To Me - Placebo
    "Who let the cat out of the bag? Who told the world that I was older? Who laughed at all I had? Who said the race was over? I am a small and gentle man Who carries the world upon his shoulders Kindly lend"

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