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Incubus Dig

  • Incubus - Incubus
    "When our powerful structure creates sound The walls of the hall start coming down You're thrashing and slamming like there's no end The mob starts to get out of hand Distorted sound goes through your ears The"
  • Dig - Incubus
    "We all have a weakness But some of ours are easier to identify. Look me in the eye And ask for forgiveness; We'll make a pact to never speak that word again Yes you are my friend. We all have something"
  • Incubus - Daemonarch
    "Incubus I wanna see your thousand wings Open, closing, behind you Open them all at once for me Be prepared for what you see I will die before I will live untouched Listen to my thousand tongues Amplifiy"
  • Incubus - Amberian Dawn
    "Preacher: "It's not a dream, and it is not your imagination." I'm lying in my bedroom restless at nights and feeling someone's lying next to my side. I hear a heavy breathing someone's next to me and"
  • Incubus - Recoil
    "Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle Every minute I stay in this room I get weaker Each time I looked around the walls moved in a little tighter I've never seen a man so broken up ripped"
  • Incubus - Seven Witches
    "Voices of the ages Tempting minions of the night The dark fortress rises above Casting shadows to overcome Haunted by the shadows Of the lost souls who cry tonight Begging for forgiveness To be set free"
  • Incubus - Alcatrazz
    "Masters of the world hidden from our eyes In the sun we grew sharing the same light Elegant warrior my gun and your spear Killers that keep our lives apart Pictures from the air stole away your souls Aerobatic"
  • Incubus - Fish
    "When footlights dim in reverence to prescient passion Forwarned my audience leaves the stage, floating ahead Perfumed shift, within the stammering silence The face that launched a thousand frames Betrayed"
  • Incubus - Marillion
    "(Dick/Kelly/Rothery/Trewavas) When footlights dim in reverence to prescient passion forewarned My audience leaves the stage, floating ahead perfumed shift Within the stammering silence, the face that"
  • Incubus - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "I feel you drawing nearAnd I will show no fearNo pleasure be denied meA hunger grows inside meI need your fiery kissesThrill me with your icy touchWhat mortal lover wouldEver hope to give a woman this"
  • Incubus - Dying Empire
    "Official Music Video"
  • The Incubus - Piledriver
    "There's fire on the mountain, there's fire 'cross the land The Incubus has risen, from your soul he will command The burning seed inside him he will impart to you a virus in your body, corruption in your"
  • Hilikus ( Enjoy Incubus Version) - Incubus
    "About a hundred years ago now, thought I was left for dead. Soliloquy, she was my... A picture, a wake, my metaphoric friend. So then I fell in love with an irony named life, it taught me this from"
  • Dig - Pete Townshend
    "OLD FARMERS We old ones, have seen two wars We old ones, have seen two wars FATHER When you're sick and afraid And there's danger around Take a pick and a spade And cut into the ground Away from the light Away"
  • Dig - Splashdown
    "I drew a sound from the belly of the well. I've loosened my grip on the rope that pulls the water pail. I threw a quarter down. I'm gonna dive down after it. I hope that Truth of Soul was right to say"
  • Dig - Mudvayne
    "Dig bury me underneath Everything that I am rearranging Dig bury me underneath Everything that I was slowly changing I would love to beat the face, Of any mother fucker that's thinkin' they can change"
  • Dig - Rustic Overtones
    "I live and I love and I give to the day I burn, I'll wait my turn for this I will sit in the classroom until I learn. You've got to learn to dig and be dug in return Will this water quench my thirst or"
  • Dig - Linda Strawberry
    "my mouth is hung lips beestung from tears i could die oh, i could die i could die but i backbend to push you in further than you've ever been i've never believed such words as i believe when you string"
  • Dig - Steel Train
    "I dig a girl who's on her own Smiles at the lonely folk Cause she's got nothing figured out I laugh Cause I don't wanna cry no more I laugh because I hit the floor Wiping stains from the bullets of a"
  • Dig - NOFX
    "rationalize values it's so easy to succeed keeping your eyes on the prize excess camped outside laissez fair people understand me there don't talk to me we'll get along just fine blowin' out your"

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