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Indra Rios Moore - Carry my heart

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Indra Rios Moore - Carry my heart

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Indra Rios Moore - Carry my heart
  • Bob Dylan Nettie Moore
    "(Bob Dylan) Lost John's sittin' on a railroad track Something's out of whack Blues this mornin' fallin' down like hail Gonna leave a greasy trail Gonna travel the world is what I'm gonna do Then come"
  • Luis Rios AKA El Rey Luis Rios
    "F**ken Mexican Haters If you hate Mexicans then f**k yall niggaz This that boy Luis Rios AKA Lil' Ruiz Putos dont f**k with us Representin that Dirty SouthWest Houston This dat boy Luis Rios Porque"
  • Gabriel Rios Carlito - Gabriel Rios
    "Got holes in my pocket and in my grandma s house I got a stash with rockets Got a picture of my mom and dad in a locket that I hang round my neck when I hang Yesterday I wrote a play It is called plain"
  • Taylor Dayne Carry Your Heart
    "(Shelly Peiken) I hear you calling from the street Outside my window You keep returning Just to tell me that you're gone No need to keep repeating Old words lose their meaning If you can't stay"
  • Melanie O'Reilly Annie Moore
    "America lay close by But first came Ellis Island I hold the letter in my hand And walk my way to Limbo I'm just a number in this new land I'm just a number in this new land CHORUS And my name is Annie"
  • Fishbone Forever Moore
    "Well, here I am, like a sardine in a can In a foreign land, with the guys in the band Uh huh, uh huh On the bus, in the back lounge You're the only girl that I wanna, wanna be around Uh hu, uh huh --CHORUS-- I"
  • Hugh Cornwell Henry Moore
    "Funny how time can take you by surprise It creeps up in the night to give you butterflies I'm happy spending time with you it's the thing to do I love it but I'm sure I'd love a Henry Moore I know a work"
  • From First To Last Waltz Moore
    "I can't eat anything without shoving my hands down my throat And I refuse to leave the world without smearing our makeup With my hair blinding my eyes Oh, blinding my eyes I can't remember the last time"
  • Kelly Family Carry My Soul
    "Nena Nena Nena Tereze Nena Nena Nena Tereze Yeah he, ho my name is Jimmy beep beereep beeb beeb Whatever you want to call me You know like the birds fly in the air That's how I want to be Free, free,"
  • The Kelly Family Carry My Soul
    "Nena, Nena, Nena Tereze Nena, Nena, Nena Tereze Yeah, hey, ho, my name is Jimmy beep, beereeb, beeb, beeb Whatever you want to call me You know like the birds in the air, thats how I wanna be free, free,"
  • Motor Ace Carry On
    "Looking for a single thread Of melody to help me get by Where we're passing the time Is it real? Does it give too much away? It's pouring out my heart Till you come back A reason to stay Do you know Is"
  • Papa Roach Carry Me
    "Ive been looking for something sacred Running away from the light Got a burn all the bridges in my head that will lead my away from my life I question my own existence question the meaning of life Why"
  • Donna Summer Carry On
    "La, la, la, la, la, la.... Carry on carry on my love just don't look back again follow the dream that's in you say so long say so long my love just get it right this time you know it's all up to you you've"
  • Chris De Burgh Carry Me
    "There is an answer, some day we will know, And you will ask her, why she had to go, We live and die, we laugh and we cry, And you must take away the pain, Before you can begin to live again; So let it"
  • Kygo, Rita Ora Carry On
    "you, to carry on for you for you walking alone and the shores are longing I miss your footprints next to mine sure as the waves on the sand are washing your rhythm keeps my heart in time you, you found"
  • Bran Van 3000 Carry On
    "I've been working so, I've been working so, I've been working so hard. Why you bring me down? Why you bring me down? I've been working so hard. You'll be smooth, I'll be smoother, Smoother than silk. Let"
  • Fun. Carry On
    "Well I woke up to the sound of silence the cars were cutting like knives in a fistfight and I found you with a bottle of wine your head in the curtains and heart like the Fourth of July You swore and"
  • Mark Lanegan Carry home
    "Come down to the willow garden with me Come go with me Come go and see Although I've howled across fields and my eyes turned grey Are yours still the same Are you still the same Carry home I have returned"
  • Common Rider Carry On
    "Big city miles stretching out into the terminal horizon Don't you know we had to get away? It was two kids with a beat up Nova, and a dream and a two a.m. song It was two kids with a beat up Nova singing"
  • Ashanti Carry On
    "There was something in your eyes that I saw tonight I never thought that I would see it Now theres holes in my walls and theres glass on the floor And you said you didnt mean it You went from zero to none"

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