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Information Society To Be Free

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Information Society To Be Free

  • Information - Profane Omen
    "Information, let the freedom flow! Transformation, let this demon go! Let the light shine on all of our restraints, the ones that always keep us in place. We start this debate on who's the master and the"
  • Information - PIG
    "I saw the local cable companyThey came and dug up the roadThey cut the roots and killed the treeTo give me information overloadThey laid an optical vein with a heart of glassSo the rich infuse but the"
  • Information Is Free - Nasum
    "Information is free - you can't deny that Information is free - you can't keep it back You'll always be someone, there's no place to hide Nowhere's a haven - you're a page in the book Information is"
  • Society - Eddie Vedder
    "It's a mystery to me We have a greed with which we have agreed And you think you have to want more than you need Until you have it all, you won't be Free Society You're a crazy breed I hope you're not"
  • Society - Ian Moore
    "I'm really trying to get some piece of mind But the world just keeps on spinning And I am starting to unwind Teacher teaching children to go out and get their own But they forget about the heart They forget"
  • To Be Free - Information Society
    "Staring at an empty screen I can sometimes Feel like dying Doing what I have to do I can almost Hear you crying This is how it feels Funny how it's all so real This is how it feels To be free To be free Figures"
  • Information - Killah Priest
    "Information, no doubt, you know, Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop Killah Priest the black Sphinx Information, Information Where you gonna run? Where you gonna hide? When the truth comes down upon"
  • General Information - The Dingees
    "Everybody knows the general information But that don't mean a thing in any situation Gotta look at it turned around, inside out and upsidedown Sleepwalking though a waterfall, thinking backward till you"
  • Society - Screwl Stew
    "Seems i don't know where i'm going Seems it's always like i'm berror convinced It was me Keeps on coming out again And you know it might me long Before the feelings come to run With an exorcist in hand Seems"
  • Soul Society - Kamelot
    "If my soul could revive From my carnal remains What does it matter to me If it all fades to black If I'm born once again Then no one really is free How could I be condemned For the things that I've done If"
  • Racist Society - Screeching Weasel
    "did you know that you live in a racist society did you know you're the privileged class and everybody else is essentially taking it up the ass did you know that you could be free did you know that's not"
  • America - Society - Trick Daddy
    "(Trick Daddy) 'Posed to be... Land of the free I don't see how Count me in Uh America Oh America Ha-ha-ha America (America) Sweet land of liberty y'all I'm doing this one for the struggle And every bad"
  • Inside Information - Foreigner
    "One man to the left One man to the right One man in the middle One man dressed in white One man in the east One man from the west One man in the middle One man under house arrest (Step back) Get hooked"
  • Useless Information - The Move
    "Sister Jane has a little book Full of autographs of useless people Seems a waste in the time she took And it gets me mad which makes us equal Ooh, hundreds of people left out in the cold Wearing the shoes"
  • Confidential Information - The Rembrandts
    "She tried to keep a secret-Swore she'd never tell Double-crossed her heart and hoped to die You see she had this awful habit, of talking in her sleep And when she dreamed at night, she couldn't tell a"
  • Information Overdose - Everon
    "There you sit with glassy eyes Staring at that oversized Computer-screen in front of you The whole day and night long Entangled in that world wide web Did the head below your baseball-cap Ever wonder"
  • Information Wars - Jackson Browne
    "Give us twenty minutes and we'll give you the world We bring good things to life The news you need from people you can count on Doing what we do best The heartbeat of America Your true voice You're in"
  • Faulty Information - Ra
    "Whatever I can do for you I can be more than me for you and when I try to reach for you easily went to far Only me what you get is what you see stop trying to pretend that im trying to make truth from"
  • Information Undertow - Dada
    "I turned on my TV Put in a CD Opened up the morning news I tuned in the radio To hear the latest video A seven second sample of blues I'm everywhere I wanna be Nowhere especially Somewhere in between I'm"
  • Information High - Gabriela Robin
    "You know how to get eternal life in the center of the lightning-speed waltz. Feel your soul cut by a rusty knife as you head for the self-destructive edge. Our satori are just floating in the core, [1] where"

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