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Infy - Love Song

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Infy - Love Song

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Infy - Love Song
  • Infy Love Song
    "The finest of tunes is but a dreadful screech against the music of our love If my love for you could be sung should angels weep to the sound of its melody The finest work of art is but filth and decay against"
  • Faith Evans Love Song
    "This is a love song This is a love love song This is love love song And I'm singing it for you You baby That's what it is A love la la love song That's what it is Nothing but a simple little love song And"
  • Blue Cafe Love Song
    "Every day I feel I need somebody Every night I wanna feel your body Every day I cannot wait Every night I sing this way Sweet song Love song Sweet song Wanna give you this song Sweet song Love song Sweet"
  • Ben Lee Love Song
    "Can't get away from a fun song A pop song, I'm gonna write my swan song Can't get it happening to write a love song Always bring in rock 'n' roll Always bring in dumb stuff It's not about your jokes"
  • Simple Minds Love song
    "In coats of many colour Reptile man drop Stay below it Stay below it Stay below it Stay below it Temperature drop America's a boyfriend Untouched by flesh of hand Heartbeat under Heartbeat under Heartbeat"
  • Kenny Rogers Love Song
    "Why do people cry when They hear the word goodbye In a love song Tears are sure to fall When you know they gave it all In a love song Somehow two lovers get a Chance at a beautiful romance And you wish"
  • Claude Kelly Love Song
    "Yeahhh ohhh Yeahhhhhh Baby ohhh woah woah Listen, Culd it be love if u only met her once I never got her name B4 she left the club It must be destiny, the way u completly Gon take over my mine Now wen"
  • Doro Pesch Love Song
    "Okay Dreams of Xanadu Like a rainbow in the sky I wil lead you to heaven Close your eyes just let me try You will listen to my voice You will listen to my whisper Sweet emotions fill my love song And"
  • Right Said Fred Love Song
    "This is a Love song for you This is a love song for you I want to be by your side Cause i dig your sweet vibe This is a love song for you A white dove song for you I wanna fly by your side Across the"
  • Stellar Kart Love Song
    "You are Lord, Lord of my life. Every day I lift you up high. I praise to you Lord. My God and my King. You reign in me for eternity. This is a love song to you. A song of praise to you lord. I kneel before"
  • Luna Sea Love Song
    "I miss you I love you I miss you I love you Love Song Together I miss you I love you Love Song Together Love Song Together la la la love together "
  • Jagga Love Song
    "Turn the lights down You can turn the lights down low I could tell you sit by my side Fuck at the time You can see my feelings grow I could be the one you want The one you need Regardless of the way I"
  • Rj Helton Love Song
    "I could reach but I'd never touched the bottom It's like a road A road that has no end I could climb But I'd never see how high you really are You are everything You're all I'll never need And I I"
  • Mark'Oh Love song
    "My sweetest love come take my hand We travel both to wonderland. You are the only one I will ever love. Love song! I want you! I want, I want you!(8) My sweetest love come take my hand, We travel both"
  • Pippin Love Song
    "Sitting on the floor and talking till dawn Candles and confidences Trading old beliefs and humming old songs And lowering old defenses Singing a Love song-- La la la la la la la la la la Love"
  • Stephen Speaks Love Song
    "I don't wanna write a love song I don't wanna say just what I'm feeling I wanna tell you that I'm reeling with the thought of you Well I don't wanna say that I'm in love Even though my heart is pounding"
  • Hanson Love Song
    "The wind it blows through the trees Claiming those innocent leaves And the thunder rolls these crashing seas Like a tender kiss holds this heart in me In this life long love song You can love right you"
  • Damned Love Song
    "Ladies and do. Hey man, what's happening? I'll be the ticket if you're my collector I've charge the fare if you're my inspector I'll be the luggage if you'll be the porter I'll be the"
  • BrainStorm Love Song
    "Love song This is not a love song That's a song that fades away Spring is loves playground And I love this song every day The sun rises over my mountain I bath in it's light it's heat But below the sparks"
  • Sara Bareilles Love Song
    "Head under water And you tell me To breathe easy for awhile The breathing gets harder Even I know that Made room for me It's too soon to see If I'm happy in your hands I'm unusually hard to hold on to Blank"

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