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Injected Dawn

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Injected Dawn

  • Injected - Injected
    "Found me dead on the side of the road barely breathing But my soul was seething alone from all my guilt and shame Found you dead inside of your room barely breathing But your soul was seething alone It's"
  • Dawn - Injected
    "she threw me away, yesterday her deadbolt locks i feel no shame she always wondered if i'd bend of if i'd break you wanna disappear from here? til daylight comes we'll have no fear. you pick the place,"
  • Love Injected - Aminata
    "You bring the light To my darkest side, babe The day, the night Split to cure the sight, oh You care You animate You got me bare Bring up the heart rate Your love Revives my soul And I know You'll"
  • Injected Paradise - Pain
    "How does it feel to get kicked when you're down and out? I said how does it feel to get pushed off the edge and just fall Fall to the ground? The more that you do, the less you get Why can't you see you're"
  • Fuel Injected - Swollen Members
    "(Chorus x2) Swollen members gonna make y'all stop Take a minute and remember who takes the top All the critics and the cynics your time is up Just admit it and rewind it when this rhyme is up It's hot"
  • Fuel injected - remix - Swollen Members
    "It's time for the remix.... remix Swollen Members gonna make y'all stop Take a minute and remember who takes the top To the critics and cynics, your time is up Just admit it, everybody knows this rhyme"
  • Injected With A Poison - Praga Khan
    "Woohoo! Oh yeah! "Injected with a poison!" There's a rainbow inside the mind There's a rainbow inside the mind There's a rainbow inside the mind There's a rainbow inside the mind "Injected with a poison! We"
  • Dawn - RAMP
    "A new age's rising for mankind A brand new vision for human life A global village a common goal A freedom banner a conscious world It's a starting a new time It's rising a new time Dawn Dawn Dawn Dawn Highway'"
  • Dawn - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
    "Dawn, go away I'm no good for you Oh, Dawn, stay with him he'll be good to you Hang on, Hang on to him Think, what a big man he'll be Think, all the places you'll see Now think what the future would be with"
  • Dawn - Nordafrost
    "The black curtains have been drawn aside Pale light is creating shades of grey A blurred line separates grey and umber The air remains immobile All life's source is already announced Crimson glow emphasizes"
  • Dawn - Warmen
    "You think your life is gone. There is no reason to be. Thinking all the time that same thing: "What am I doing here?" Stop thinking like that! Get yourself together Or I shall kick that shit out of you! It's"
  • Dawn - Poets Of The Fall
    "When darkness is no less than everything you've built become undone There's no fight and no flight, disaster leaves your passion overrun It's time to let go, it's time to carry on with the show don't"
  • Dawn - Autumn Tears
    "Eyes closing, breathing life into your veins and then the morning rips you away torn my the scythe of dawn, she wields it with no shame eyes closing, you whisper words that bled the veil of dusk is tightly"
  • Dawn - Mental Crypt
    "As autumn grasp my sense, reflection fills my mind Faded in the past, forgotten memories grind Hidden feeling died, never to be shown Discovering the lies, consciousness have grown Acceptance will defeat,"
  • Dawn - Candlemass
    "Suddenly I awoke. I must have fallen asleep under the oak, where I used to sit and dream as a child The dawn was soon to come, and the air was crisp and cold Yet I felt warm I remembered my strange dreams"
  • Dawn - ALTERS
    "I feel the scent od dawn Your skin drives me insane I begged you not to come Now I'm begging you to stay I know they'll come for us My mind starts to fade I begged you not to come But you were not afraid I"
  • Dawn - Slapp Happy
    "Dawn he's in a postcard of the dawn, Where the knives of light have left the dark night tattered & torn The firmamental cars on the highway of the stars are doing ninety (for your love) - He's in a corner"
  • Dawn - New Model Army
    "I get so angry and helpless There's no way back from this spiral Something always has to give And nothing is given for nothing The drug is in my veins now Your life is your own for the taking My body"
  • Dawn - Fairport Convention
    "(Sandy Denny, Jerry Donahue) Morning shone among the shadows Sunlight bled upon the silence From the blackest night Must come the morning sky But yesterday was such a long time Yesterday may last forever From"
  • Dawn - Sandy Denny
    "Morning shone among the shadows, Sunlight bled upon the silence, From the blackest night Must come the morning sky. But yesterday was such a long time, Yesterday may last forever, From the barren land Yesterday"

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