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Inside Again

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Inside Again

  • Inside - Bang Gang
    "How can someone feel like we did out there Have you lost the dream that was in our hands Is it ok now (x2) Find me Inside every heartbeat Inside every worry Keep me in your heart again Find me Inside"
  • Inside - Noise Therapy
    "AAH, I Can't think, I can't speak, I can't walk, I've no control, I Can't feel, I can't hope, I can't cope, I've lost again, Don't know, don't try, don't care, It's not your style, Can't crawl, can't breathe,"
  • Inside - Trevor Morgan
    "Well hello God it's me again Falling down on my knees again I thought I'd finally gotten past myself But I'm right back where I was before And I dont want to be here anymore Cause the fire still burns And"
  • Inside - Jasmine Guy
    "A feeling inside i can't stopthe pain the stress the angeris all in my life i've lost the plotsomeday sometimei'll get enough strengthsometime i wannachance to earn your trust( wanna chance to earn your"
  • Inside - Monica
    "4xInsideChorus1:Last night when I saw you,with somebody new,you asked howI feel,and Ive,Ive told you I was fine,and as you held eachother close,I smiled and sad its good to see you but you didntknowRef.:Inside-Im"
  • Inside - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "I missed what she said Did I hear her wrong? I can't seem to have Anything last that long Or am I a jerk? With no sense of what Makes them warm up? My life boils down to what I am Living my life for what"
  • Inside - Jethro Tull
    "All the places I've been make it hard to begin to enjoy life again on the inside, but I mean to. Take a walk around the block and be glad that I've got me some time to be in from the outside, and inside"
  • Inside - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "Free my heart to feel again Free my mind to understand To run unfettered Pull the blinders from my eyes Let me see these endless skies And drown here where I stand In the beauty of the land And all my"
  • Inside - Las Vegas Parano
    "drops of water from upstairs come down on my head oh Lord don't let me drown I know I'm a siner please Lord don't let me drown all alone... so many voices in my head hundreds of sorrows eat my faith so"
  • Inside - Hell Is For Heroes
    "Clear the past, its come to nothing start again from the end peel the skin, taste the inside take it all take it all decorate your skin with the blood we shed your simply now don't push it away"
  • Again - Faber Drive
    "underneath my skin is it just anger, just frustration? underneath my skin is it decisions or these feelings? it always hurt my mind (it always hurt my mind) it always killed my pride inside. it always"
  • Step Inside - Gomez
    "Harry's on the run, he has got good reason Since he bought a gun, he'll never sleep again The widow sleeps alone, she never shuts her window Mandy knows what's fun, she just don't know what's right Come"
  • Sinner Inside - Pegboy
    "Sinner inside I feel your passion boiling up and down my spine Sinner inside I hear your voices try so hard to keep them down Sinner inside, Sinner inside Sinner inside, Sinner inside And over and over"
  • Inside Out - Phil Collins
    "Inside out, ooh you got me inside out Oh inside out, oh inside out Now everybody keeps on telling me how to be And everybody tells me do what they say Oh I'll help myself it's up to me and no-one else But"
  • Falling Inside - George
    "So, here I go again, I want to say no for the upteenth time the reins, they're slipping out of my reach I'm trying to enjoy this ride, if just a little while I know I'm such a lucky girl, but too much"
  • Fight Inside - Red
    "Enemy Familiar friend My beginning and my end Knowing truth Whispering lies And it hurts again... What I fear What I try The words I say and what I hide All the pain I want it to end But I want"
  • Again - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "picture an infinite serpent swallowing his own tail we're much the same i like the taste of my own nails and it's not far away far down, inside yourself can we afford the waste raining again i just say"
  • Again - Jimmie's Chicken Shack
    "picture an infinite serpent swallowing his own tail we're much the same i like the taste of my own nails and it's not far away far down, inside yourself can we afford the waste raining again i just say"
  • Rotten Inside - Earshot
    "Once was a time I'd give the world to you But it was never enough Swore by your hand But you never told the truth Thats when I saw myself in you... I'm rotten inside I'm weak & I'm frightened Of the"
  • Stuck Inside - Sebastian Bach
    "I feel you taking on Everything I said That I want And then you said its over 'Cause I'm stuck inside 'Cause I'm stuck inside I'll take all you got And everything you said That I can't And then you"

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