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Interpol - My Desire

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Interpol - My Desire

  • My Desire - Interpol
    "("My Desire" to piosenka grupy Interpol zapowiadająca nowy album zespołu "El Pintor". Premiera we wrześniu 2014 r.)"
  • Interpol - Chivas, Gverilla
    "Tak, tak , wredny skurwiel, patrz Bo tak naprawdę nie lubię się śmieć Czas się ciągnie jak hasz Z eurotagów, dolarów i małp Nie dorosnę obok alko, dragów, fałszu Wole być chłopcem I mam prośbę: nigdy się"
  • Interpol - PRO8L3M
    "wsiądź na chwile I leć nim pieprzyć bilet i jeśli ja pragnę życia i śmierci ty płaczesz oceany łez zatrzyjmy zapachy ślady żyjmy nie chcąc sie naprawić a widząc te światła obławy niech pomaga nam deszcz uciekam"
  • Desire - Holly Valance
    "Late night Party time All around me The room is jumping This feeling I can't contain it Got me reeling Our bodies pumping Your eyes move Like on my body And the headlights The heat is rising Nothing that"
  • Desire - U2
    "(Yeah) Lover, I'm on the street Gonna go where the bright lights And the big city meet With a red guitar...on fire Desire She's a candle burning in my room Yeah I'm like the needle, needle and spoon Over"
  • Desire - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "I want to be clean, I want to be whole I want revenge, I want control I want to give up, I want to give in Destroy all I have been I want to be cruel, I want to be cold I want to a chance to sell my soul I"
  • Desire - Lisa Chappell
    "I don't want to think, I just want to feel escape in your arms, splash around in your skin 'cause you woke me up from a sleep so deep that now I can't live not without you Let me run through the night"
  • Desire - Jeremy Camp
    "You want to be real, you want to be empty inside You want to be someone laying down your pride You want to be someone someday Then lay it all down before the king You want to be whole, you want to have"
  • Desire - En Vogue
    "Oom baby, oom baby, oom baby, oom baby Oom baby, oom baby, oom baby, oom baby Hey you baby A feeling I can't control Is haunting me when you're not home A feeling roams deep inside There really is"
  • Desire - Ryan Adams
    "Two hearts fading, like a flower. And all this waiting, for the power. For some answer, to this fire. Sinking slowly. The waters higher. Desire With no secrets. No obsession. This time I'm speeding"
  • Desire - Everything Everything
    "I want this planet And I want it now To beat like an anvil til the poisonous out I am a pencil-pusher with pencil-pusher blues What the hell do I have left to lose And I can’t stop now Can you do the"
  • Desire - Abingdon Boys School
    "Are you feelin' good? Are you waitin' for something you want? If you feel so blue No need to stay just free yourself Tonight! Can you hear the groove? Can you shout it out until the end? If you show me"
  • Desire - Gene Loves Jezebel
    "Oh sugar I've been missing you And I've been wondering, where it is you're hiding I've been a ball of fire in your arms desire And I've been wondering, where it is you're hiding What you get is what you"
  • Desire - Joan Jett
    "You're gone from mean street Each time our eyes meet I want to touch you Sudden attraction Such strange reaction Hold me to you Then you push me away I want to make you, make you Make you want to stay"
  • Desire - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "(Joan Jett/Diane Warren/Kenny Laguna) You're gone from mean street Each time our eyes meet I want to touch you Sudden attraction Such strange reaction Hold me to you Then you push me away I want"
  • Desire - Pharoahe Monch
    "(feat. Showtyme) (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh) Said its my desire, yes it, yeah yes it, yes it is, oh yeah, yeaaaah Comprehend the guidelines My chest out chinchilla all relaxed on the sidelines I'm so"
  • Desire - Yello
    "The sun Blowing the moon away Lights me up for One more day The streets are naked In the morning sun The night lifts behind me I run and run Morning heat Puts a thin film of sweat on my face A little"
  • Desire - Gay Dad
    "Feels like I'm falling away She's too dark for me I listen to her constantly Free from the need My little life of luxury Desire is a funny thing Taking my place in the world I try to find a piece of mind Wasn't"
  • Desire - Darkseed
    "See, I fall for you Feel the hurts You do My world seems To fall apart I stand alone You burn in me You beat in me Desire You are my Pulsing heart You beat Tears in darkened Stillness Thunder Rain in me"
  • Desire - Morris
    "Baby outta my way Don't you blow away I really wanna say ... oh-oh-oh I want you by my side Then we can start the night I wanna feel alright Let's just dance tonight Baby outta my way Don't you blow away I"

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