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Intro WAWA NON STOP Sacha Collisson ... In Ya Face Vox

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Intro WAWA NON STOP Sacha Collisson ... In Ya Face Vox

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Intro WAWA NON STOP Sacha Collisson ... In Ya Face Vox
  • Chamillionaire Intro
    "(yeah) a lightnin bolt strikes in the air (yeah), finally it's here, since y'all are tha judge, tha day of judgment finally is near, in ya eye i see a tear, and it's remindin me of fear, rap's been dead"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Intro
    "Who the nigga with the gauge in ya face? It's Leatherface in the place, about to hit ya in ya bankroll! All the niggaz that was poppin before started to rock it We got this, now try to stop it if ya ain't"
  • Ginuwine Intro
    "back 2 the basics yeah(repeating Fading in to the track) (Ginuwine) no one can ever take my place, im coming back to make this claim, i talk it cos i tote big things, and never will i fall off i work"
  • Maceo Intro
    "When a maggot hoe get in ya face talkin dat shit What ya 'gon do pimpin?!?!?! Is u 'gon ball up like a bitch Or is u 'gon stand up like a man? U know what I want u to do? Tell dat hoe SIT DOWN!!!! HOE"
  • Black Rob Smile In Ya Face
    "They smile in ya face, but they ain't lovin you Turn your back, they tryin to break your J-A-W Who a nigga on the run, eatin P.O.W.s Strapped with arrows, and the chrome b-o-w? It's no act yo, no This"
  • Ebony Eyez In Ya Face (Remix)
    "Ebony Eyez - It's Time for the remix, Ebony Eyez, My Girl Trina, Now this is what a trackboys beat sounds like baby... Ebony Eyez - Now this the part where we break it down Trina - gon and break it down Ebony"
  • Defari Smack Ya Face
    "(Intro) Yeah, you heard of the world famous Alkaholik crew, right? Yeah, you heard of Defari, right? (Chorus) (You got the fire huh?) Step up and I'll dump You real not fake then smack ya face You feelin'"
  • Sarah McLachlan Vox
    "In the desert of my dreams I saw you there And I'm walking towards the water steaming body cold and bare But your words cut loose the fire and you left my soul to bleed And the pain that's in your truth's"
  • Apoptygma Berzerk Non stop voilence
    "Come close, step insideBring me news from the dying worldContagious and carelessYou're spreading your disease among usWarm sweat, no regretAll you see is the TV setWhile people around youAre dying like"
  • Sepultura Vox Populi
    "No Soul Over Body No Body Without Soul No Brain, No Information No Vision, No Protection No Church In Politics No Profit In Religion No Suffering Without Cost All I Believe Is Freedom No Minds Without"
  • The Stranglers Non Stop
    "Dedicated emancipated Claims she waited her life for her man Loves to pray every day Says she's not frustrated in any way Dressed in a black cotton sack Pledges herself and she never looks back She's a"
  • Army Of Anyone Non Stop
    "We pledge allegiance to a a land that's empty and allegiance to a guy that's unrelenting they really let us down we don't even know how it's complicated where the lies are thick start to eb and we're sick"
  • Energy Intro
    "Lashing out the action, returning the reaction Weak are ripped and torn away Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower Battery is here to stay Smashing through the boundaries Lunacy has found me Cannot"
  • Inoki Intro
    "...Scratches... newkingz tape volume 1 dj shablo al mix fabiano detto inoki c'abbiamo tutti sopra newkinz tape volume 1 Inoki: vienimi a cercare il mio gruppo i newkingz sulla tua faccia fa l'effetto"
  • Alkaline Trio Intro
    "Intro: Raekwon Yeah yeah, that's us Hit me hit me hit me, I ain't got nothin to do with none of that Besides, whatever Louis Rich Diamonds (yeah) 12 O'Clock, Gambinos Those crazy boneyard boys is back"
  • Ebony Eyez In Ya Face
    "owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww now it's the part where we break it down (uhuh) gon break it down (uhuh uhuh uhuh) gon break it down (uhuh) gon' break it down (uhuh) gon break it down (uhuh) just break it"
  • Ashanti Intro
    "Previously on Ashanti Always there when you call, always on time, gave you my, Baby be mine, Always there when you call... What's love? It's about us, It's about trust, Babe, What's luv.. Just like"
  • Soulja Slim Intro
    "What the fuck I was told 1998, 2001 On and on you know how I do it It don't stop it don't stop Look Look Look Shit's real I'ma tell you this off tops All my niggas from the Six Code got Glocks We killers"
  • Jay-Z Intro
    "It's the Dynasty niggaz... as promised... The world's most infamous... Roc-A-Fella Records... This is Roc La Familia... It's Young Hova... Beanie Sigel... Memphis Bleek... Amil-lion... It's the Dynasty"
  • Method Man Intro
    "Make marijuana legal, make marijuana legal Make marijuana legal, make marijuana legal (well speak your mind then) Ok, I will, no one has the right to tell me what I can do with my own body What I can eat,"

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