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Is not easy

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Is not easy

  • Not Easy - All
    "It's been three months since I heard your voice I try to make myself believe that I made the right choice It's been three months since I thought about you I'm fooling myself, I can't live without you I'll"
  • Easy - Morningwood
    "You want it all You want it cheap You want some peace So you can sleep You want somebody to care You want somebody to know You wanna live the lie the lie that's in your head. (It's so easy) You"
  • Easy - Terrorvision
    "Living out three separate lives, with nothing else to do besides, it's easy, They'd wrote Bradford off the map, then all that old commercial crap, it's easy. Hassle bound? Not me, I'm happy and it's easy"
  • Easy - Takida
    "Tell me the reason, tell me you're sorry, and tell me you're lost Head to the water, head to the fire, head to the rocks You're haunting me, it feels alive when you're on In the city, in your castle, in"
  • Easy - Emiliana Torrini
    "It's not an accident You mean to touch me And that's exactly why I'm here A trick of confidence Twenty years inside You're exactly what I need But I bide Don't have time to play So put your toys away"
  • Easy - Hercules and Love Affair
    "We all share the light It is so freely ours I say my friend Sun come down easy Sun come down easy I am not a fisherman But I do know the sea I say my friend Waves come down easy Waves come down easy The"
  • Easy - Pale Waves
    "Close your eyes Act surprised It took its time I know it’s not your birthday Ih my God I don’t believe How ca nit be/ That you’re alive at the same time as me Why? Why? Would i ever know life without"
  • Easy - Al Jarreau
    "Yesterday,you left Brazil and went Away to see the world Looking for a distant beach A different shore-a faster whirl Thinking that your hearts desire Hungered for some Paris or Berlin Caught between the"
  • Easy - Antony And The Johnsons
    "( Hercules & love affair LP ) We all share the light It is so freely ours I pray my friend Sun comes down easy Sun comes down easy I am not a fisherman But I do know the sea I say to him Waves come down"
  • Easy - Michael Kiske
    "It's so easy - to hurt It's so easy - to hateIt's not easy - to take the pain Don't deny, don't you cry, There's a lift somewhere Deep within (yes) It's giving that shows we care If life gets too tough And"
  • Easy - John Newman
    "Just another song, just another tale Of a broken heart Don't wanna see you hurt There's something you should learn From the start My friend you ought to know I'm afraid it's time to know Whoever"
  • Easy - Demi Lovato, Noah Cyrus
    "I leave the gift shop I am keepin’ all my souvenires Keychain in a coughdrop Postcards say: Wish that you were here And i tell you not to worry To make sure that you believe in me But the hardest part"
  • Easy - LIZ PHAIR
    "I think you're trying to scare me So that I will stop thinking of you I think you're trying to scare me So that I will stop trying to be you. It's not that easy. It's not that easy. I laughed when I heard"
  • Easy - Holden Avenue
    "I know that living is not easy easy Surrounded by nowadays world The faces all over are grinning grinning showing how much they care Market is endlessly selling selling So far better days And people all"
  • Easy - Aesop Rock
    "I take it Easy Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles Pry 'em out and pin 'em to the polar of the see-saw Sofa cobra shimmy out crater Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension Versus AM clock radio"
  • Easy - Crushead
    "im looking out of the window what a beautiful day the sun is gone and the wind blows the colored leaves away this is my favourite season this is a wonderful day and I'm starting to chill out times relative"
  • Loving you is not easy - Natasha Thomas
    "CHORUS Uh la la la la la Uh la la la la la Uuuh la la la loving you is not easy Easy Uh la la la la la Uh la la la la la Uuuh la la la loving you is not easy Easy I've been waiting for you so long Don't"
  • It's Not Easy - Reel Big Fish
    "He has the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile It sounds kind of strange He's both a fish and a mammal And I hope he'll never change 'Cause it's not easy To find someone who cares It's not easy to"
  • Easy Or Not - To My Surprise
    "i know im the one with all the problems and youre the only girl to help me solve them what do i got you know what its not easy or not youre all ive got you're the only girl out there who says its easy"
  • It's Not Easy - Omen
    "They stand as one in the night In broken bottle glass The tension's mounting higher As they prepare to rise Drawing near to the doors Screams are filling the air Anticipation's taking hold Enter if you"

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