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Is that lost on you

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Is that lost on you

  • Lost On You - LP
    "When you get older, plainer, saner Will you remember all the danger we came from? Burning like embers, falling, tender Only before the days of no surrender years ago And well you know Smoke them if"
  • Lost - Donkeyboy
    "If we were lovers would it be too much? I wonder what heaven could come at that cost With so many hours from the dead untouched Wishing I could be you Ohh I could be you I'm free but I'm stuck in hard"
  • Lost - Avril Lavigne
    "Mistaken for an prep Mistaken almost everyday And I'm lost without you,, Like an,everyday story, I'm just lost but not found I'm lying there on the ground, Almost feeling sorry for myself, Who do I go"
  • Lost - Jake Bugg
    "It all starts with me And all of my needs I’ll be waht you want Do you want me to be heaven Your high and i am low And this is much she’s broke I hold out for more While i am here On the road to heaven,"
  • Lost - Aaron Tippin
    "A couple of bucks worth of change in the ashtray A half a tank of Texaco You're sitting with your feet on the dash fiddling with the radio Take a seft at the edge of town, out where the roads ain't paved And"
  • Lost - NoMeansNo
    "Faced with several choices All of them wrong Snap out of it, I tell myself Stop singing that same old song The All Clear sounds but the streets are deserted We sit in shelters with out eyes averted"
  • Lost - Lasgo
    "I can see it clearer now the love we had is gone we don't have a common ground a reason to hold on all the faith i had in you the stories that you told after all that we've been thru you left me in the"
  • Lost - Avenged Sevenfold
    "Centuries pass and still the same War in our blood Some things never change Fighting for land and personal gain Better your life, justify our pain The end is knocking The end is knocking We've all"
  • Lost - Circle II Circle
    "You followed me through changes Thinking things could work out fine I was in need of rescue On that cold forsaken night I was the only one in the way Sinking into a deep divide Seeing through to the outside Was"
    "Look up its up to you, Remember all the reasons to give grace, And mercy for all the time youre here. I know, I know it's true early on we're made to choose, We all make diversions for the way we"
  • Lost - Sarah McLachlan
    "By the shadows of the night I go I move away from the crowded room That sea of shallow faces masked in warm regret They don't know how to feel, they don't know what is lost Lost in the darkness of a land Where"
  • Lost - Dry Kill Logic
    "I have nothing-everything's taken from me Force what's inside out on those that try to hide No give all take -this will bend but never break I see I hate all the love you try and fake These are the"
  • Lost - Gorilla Zoe
    "(Verse 1:) Walking around looking for a way But no one tells me which way to go I'm caught up in a world A labyrinth a maze Where yes men could easily be known I ask them no questions They give me no answers Following"
  • Lost - Van Der Graaf Generator
    "''a.) The Dance in Sand and Sea'' So here we are, or rather, here am I, quite alone; I'm seeing things that were shared before, long ago; my memory stretches and I am dazed. You know I know how good the"
  • Lost - Authority Zero
    "Eighteen years gone by, decide, you tried To open up your mind, but it's the pressure This pressure, that's building up deep inside Don't you say, "They'll never listen to me!" You speak of trying and"
  • Lost - Verse
    "Everything is insane Young man walked into the end of everything Took a few out with him He was never molded Quite like the rest of those lucky ones It was understood early on That life was unforgiving "It"
  • Lost - Just Jack
    "Picture this 2.30 on the hottest night in June He awakes for no reason and checks his watch by the moon And his mouth feels as dry as his eyes as he struggles to rise And stops to contemplate his wife's"
  • Lost - Amatris
    "Coldness when stormy winds are biting my skin Loneliness when the trees begin to whisper her name Whispering everywhere, somewhere, somewhere The moon hangs like a silver coin over me in eternal night"
  • Today I've Lost You - Take That
    "Driving home in my car, nearly midnight Rain on the road in my view Holding my heart, it's the first night without you On my clothes I still smell your perfume Should have called When I left you were"
  • Lost You... - Nine Days
    "You've found out what it is What's without a cause Thrown upon losses I find it hard to achieve what comes so easy Thrown upon roses The darkness we feels spawns human hearts Retreat from denial of my"

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