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Isabell Otrebus - Delirium

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Isabell Otrebus - Delirium

  • Delirium - Isabell Otrebus
    "say my name Hold me closer don’t let go in the night I still lightening through the storm when you told me to go I don’t know what to did but I need you to know that I am already started delirium but"
  • Delirium - Satyricon
    "A bitter blow - A darkened maze Can take you down A fearless man - A shattered spirit Will immerse in misery Come see it - Come feel it It is here Come see it - Come feel it It's alive Delirium - Out"
  • Delirium - Pink (P!nk)
    "So she thinks she's got a new boyfriend But the two of them have never met She's already got his name tattooed In a heart across her chest With his pictures plastered on her wall But he has never called And"
  • Delirium - Lock Up
    "Stuck in a stalemate The struggle to breathe and live We increase the dosage To cope with the pressure Free me from the pain Never again That's what we say Delirium Nauseous convulsions Deflecting our"
  • Delirium - Lena Philipsson
    "Jag kan hra dina steg fast jag vet Att du har gtt din vg och det knns som igr Fast jag vet att det var lnge sen Jag har inga vnner kvar fast jag vet Att den som spar han har Dom frsvann den dagen du gick Och"
  • Delirium - Pink (P!nk)
    "So she thinks she's got a new boyfriend but the two of them have never met she's already got his name tattoo'd in a heart across her chest well his picture's plastered on her wall but he has never called and"
  • Delirium - Mad Sin
    "Oh delirium, i'm seeing double 'cause day by day i'm sticking in more trouble All i ever do is getting drunk because of you Hey mister bartender pass another brew Oh delirium, my life is crazy And all"
  • Delirium - Mike Batt
    "Delirium(Number seventeen catches a dose of Love)I feel like I'm waiting for something to begin.Something inside me is waking,It won't give in...Now the sweat begins to sting.Now the bell begins to ring...I'm"
  • Delirium - Butterfingers
    "Judo Judy gotta go cause she never wasn't old to realize Small tiny petty little ox-fly could upset the rain I woke up again As I an the smile on my face the feeling is great And I would do anything but"
  • Delirium - Boudewijn De Groot
    "Omdat ik van je hou, m'n schat, ben ik zonder jou, m'n schat, een stuk verlopen harlekijn die niets meer doet dan dronken zijn. En nu je met een ander gaat, loop ik te zwalken langs de straat. Omdat ik"
  • Delirium - DJ Tiesto
    "I have wist, sin i couthe meen,That children hath by candle lightHer shadewe on the wal iseen,And ronne therafter all the night.Bisy aboute they han benTo catchen it with all here might.And whom they catchen"
  • Isabelle - Gregory And The Hawk
    "Now it's just you two in a world of poems and paintings I guess this means I'm through it also means I'm breaking but Isabelle what can I do if I'm caught in him, this man you love? and Isabelle"
  • Isabelle - Gregory
    "Now it's just you two in a world of poems and paintings I guess this means I'm through it also means I'm breaking but Isabelle what can I do if I'm caught in him, this man you love? and Isabelle what can"
  • Delirium Boy - Puffball
    "I am desperate for a kiss to the brain. Smoothen the core, let the trip detain. Shake rattle and roll when it goes away. Uncanny feelings that I can't let stay. Delirium shakes, shakes me to the bone. Tantrum"
  • Delirium Veil - Twilightning
    "Voice of the wise is trying to summon you From the world where all the problems you can think of are solved Blindfold, no one can see what's going on People rave though there are not even any drugs involved The"
  • Delirium Tremens - Eppu Normaali
    "Lakana koittaa mut kuristaa Siit litran hike vois puristaa Makaan silmt sellln ja pelkn kuollakseni Muttei kuolema vain tule luokseni Luulin ett mullon joku vierellni Mutten n ketn kun knnyn ympri Silmnurkastani"
  • Moonshine Delirium - Arcturus
    "Third night in flight My body says no but my mind says go Moonshine delirium what is that lurking behind the curtain There at an instant then gone with a flash Defeating all resistance something there"
  • Death Delirium - Bloodbath
    "night gleaming moon the hours passing fast into the bloodstained walls the victim's shadow is cast my ears are deaf to the weakened cries born my rapture in the final sighs a state of mind for the killing"
  • Psychotic Delirium - Haemorrhage
    "Ultraviolent psychopath -affective disorder Misanthropic - "I'm dead to the world" Forensic informs reveal necrophilic habits Raped, devoured and humiliated and then left to rot Scalpeled, and torn..."
  • Delirium Trigger - Coheed And Cambria
    "we're now up here alone terror on the intercom can someone save us systems malfunction blast it this damn machine over and out captain something lurks creeps on the counter top somewhere behind you parasitic"

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