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Isabell Otrebus Voicless

  • Isabelle - Gregory And The Hawk
    "Now it's just you two in a world of poems and paintings I guess this means I'm through it also means I'm breaking but Isabelle what can I do if I'm caught in him, this man you love? and Isabelle"
  • Isabelle - Gregory
    "Now it's just you two in a world of poems and paintings I guess this means I'm through it also means I'm breaking but Isabelle what can I do if I'm caught in him, this man you love? and Isabelle what can"
  • An Introduction For Isabell - Of Montreal
    "I'd like to introduce you now to Isabell Iam present owner of the Edward Iam wax museum daughter of the comedic duo Dorothy and Edward. Do you remember them? They accomplished mild success on the stages"
  • Voiceless - Isabell Otrebus
    "We can take a loaded gun And turn it into words We can take the deepest hate And turn it into love Follow our religion tonight Our Beating hearts will bleed but we’ll fight This is for the voiceless People"
  • Delirium - Isabell Otrebus
    "say my name Hold me closer don’t let go in the night I still lightening through the storm when you told me to go I don’t know what to did but I need you to know that I am already started delirium but"
  • Isabelle - Charles Aznavour
    "Depuis longtemps mon coeur Etait la retraite Et ne pensait jamais Devoir se rveiller Mais au son de ta voix J'ai relev la tte Et l'amour m'a repris Avant que d'y penser Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle"
  • Isabelle - Jacques Brel
    "Quand Isabelle dort plus rien ne bouge Quand Isabelle dort au berceau de sa joie Sais-tu qu'elle vole la coquine Les oasis du Sahara Les poissons dors de la Chine Et les jardins de l'Alhambra Quand Isabelle"
  • Isabelle - Mes Souliers Sont Rouges
    "Le fait de parler trop N'est pas un gros dfaut Et tout peut s'arranger Mme s'il y a du boulot Mais si tu t'arrtais un peu Nous pourrions jouer d'autres jeux Isabelle t'es belle Isabelle t'es cool Et"
  • Isabelle - Battle
    "Isabelle, you know me Isabelle Please don't te-e-e-ell on me Isabelle, you know me Isabelle Don't you te-e-e-ell on me! Well, you can't concentrate like a ... in love (?) Should the sky turn pale up up"
  • Isabelle - La?s
    "Isabelle mijn dochterke Waar hebde gij leren naaien? Te Gent al bij mijn moeje Hoe leid, hoe leid, hoe leider is 't mijn Isabelle mijn dochterke Wat hebde gij daar gegeten? Een vis met gele strepen "
  • Isabella - Karel Gott
    "Kad rno na dlku poslouchm za trat a kdy slym loklku, trhnu jen oprat, patou jemn bodnu kon a on sm u dobe v, e se tady objev Isabeella. Patou jemn bodnu kon a on sm u dobe v, e se tady objev Isabeella. Kad"
  • Isabelle - Nino Ferrer
    "Isabelle, qu'est-ce que tu as fait hier soir ? Je t'interdis de sortir aussi tard On entend a toute la journe On - a - toute la vie pour Survivre comme survit la foule Et s'abrutir pour se coucher avec"
  • Isabelle - Jean Leloup
    "Elle t'a dit qu'elle serait juste toi l'aprs-midi Au rond-point au carr la fontaine St-Louis Tu te rends, tu y vas l'heure comme l'habitude Mais elle ne s'y trouve pas, tu es seul fait comme un rat Ce"
  • Isabelle - Bif Naked
    "Me and Nina were just kinda of walking around, you know? It smelled like wet leaves, felt like autumn, my favourite time of year. Even though it was January. We went into this antique store. I was"
  • Isabelle - Gianni Morandi
    "Un giorno me ne andaiPer correre da leiCredevo che l'amore l'avrei trovato in lei.Povero me dimenticai la tristezzaChe vestiva gli occhi tuoi.Un giorno me ne andaiAdesso tornereiNegli occhi miei c' lei.Nel"
  • Isabella Red - At Dawn They Sleep
    "Spill your tears, they will turn red Not to be is to be red, that's it We got the prison and decor is love Endless love or pain Oh, must be pain Love is your throne, reality Crush it, crush and Isabella"
  • Jeanette, Isabella - Tori Amos
    "Bring your torches Bring your torches With every candle raised With every lantern (fly?) Light after light in every village Welcoming home every friend Bring your torches Bring your torches Bring"
  • Sleep Isabella - Abney Park
    "Sleep, child, sleep Sleep, child, sleep Daylight is waiting Consciously fraying Sleep, my child Sleep, sleep, my Isabella Safely in your carousel-a Sleep through the spinning, Just like your beginning"
  • Hey Isabella - Kle Shay
    "Hey Isabella, whats it like in Forks City I know the rain must a pain, but hey, at least you have company Yes you do, you know Edwards in love with you, and I am too Thats right Bella, Im fascinated by"
  • Saint Isabelle - The Nightwatchman
    "Innocence and suffering Loneliness and grace Painted love and beauty Laughter death and faith Where the rising fortune Meets the setting sun Im afraid my friend when what is left Just the same as none ["

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