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  • Isobel - Bjork
    "in a forrest pitch-dark glowed the tiniest spark it burst into flame like me like me my name isobel married to myself my love isobel living by herself in a heart full of dust lives a creature called"
  • Isobel - Dido
    "I thought it was funny when you missed the train When I rang you at home they said you left yesterday I thought it was strange when your car was found by the tree in Ennis where we used to hang around Dear"
  • Isobel - Alfie
    "Isobel by name, is a belle by nature, Frightened of your hands, But they're not out to get you. And when you grow to be old, Just do what you're told, And life won't be half as bad With strawberries"
  • Isobel (mix) - Bjork
    "In a forest pitch-darkGlowed the tiniest sparkIt burst into a flameLike me, like meMy name IsobelMarried to myselfMy love IsobelLiving by herselfIn a heart full of dustLives a creature called lustIt surprises"
  • Isobel (Deodato Mix) - Bjork
    "In a forest pitch-dark Glowed the tiniest spark It burst into a flame Like me, like me My name Isobel Married to myself My love Isobel Living by herself In a heart full of dust Lives a creature called"
  • The Circus Is Leaving Town - Isobel Campbell
    "The party is over now So draw the curtains down Your secret is safe to keep Unzip your velvet gown And let your hair hang loose Kick off your satin shoes Throw back the eiderdown Farewell to the friday's"
  • Ballad Of The Broken Seas - Isobel Campbell
    "I bring you a tale of the broken seas And I'm drowning in whiskey and beer My doctor reports if I don't stop soon I'll drown in an ocean of tears I looked to you and saw my desire Went from the frying"
  • Honey Child What Can I Do? - Isobel Campbell
    "(feat. Mark Lanegan) Wishin', hopin', for that old familiar feeling that takes you miles above, yeah it's called love would you do it for me 'cause I'm feelin' lonely prayin', hopin', and I leave"
  • Johnny Come Home - Isobel Campbell
    "Johnny, I'm alone and I'm feeling blue now you're grazing on pastures new cut the cord and we let it go a nightingale flying, high and on its own when you coming home? words came, violently filling"
  • Revolver - Isobel Campbell
    "I know what you do I will soon catch you Now after all Don't it feel like nothing Like walking away Like a mouthful of rain At twelve o'clock A bell starts ringing A dog starts barking And you're still"
  • O Love Is Teasin' - Isobel Campbell
    "O love is teasing and love is pleasing And love's a pleasure when first it is new But as love grows older it still grows colder And fades away like the morning dew Come all you fair maids, now take"
  • Willow's Song - Isobel Campbell
    "Hey ho Who is there No one but me my dear Please come Say how do The things I'll give to you, A stroke as gentle as a feather Hey ho I am here Am I not young and fair, Please come Say how do The things"
  • Yearning - Isobel Campbell
    "My heart is yearning My heart is yearning Dreams are for knowing Seeds are for sewing Ebbing and flowing While my love is growing My heart is yearning My heart is yearning My heart is yearning"
  • Hori Horo - Isobel Campbell
    "Hori horo, my bonnie young man Hori horo, my rare one And won't you come with me my love? To me my own - my fair one Smiling the land, smiling the sea Sweet as a wind in the heather Would we lay yonder,"
  • Reynardine - Isobel Campbell
    "One evening as I rambled Among the springtime I overheard a young woman Converse with Reynardine Her hair was black and her eyes were blue Her lips as red as wine And he smiled to gaze upon her Did that"
  • Cachel Wood - Isobel Campbell
    "There is a birch in Cachel Wood The silverest I've seen With mystery as a maiden's bed With mystery as a dream I dream to find my own true love An everlasting fire Imperishing when leaves decay T'would"
  • Loving Hannah - Isobel Campbell
    "I went to church on Sunday My true love passed me by I knew her mind was changing By the roving of her eye By the roving of her eye By the roving of her eye I knew her mind was changing By the roving of"
  • Are You Going To Leave Me? - Isobel Campbell
    "Are you going to leave me, love Are you going to leave me Would you give up your own love true To go with a girl you never knew My true love stands in the bower door Combing down his yellow hair His"
  • Thursday's Child - Isobel Campbell
    "Twenty-five years living in a fantasy Twenty-five years, better choose reality Took a trip searching in your house of fun Couldn't go there with almost anyone Thursday's child Far to go Thursday's child Far"
  • There Is No Greater Gold - Isobel Campbell
    "Love used to be a stranger to me Love was so disappointing I was waiting for a sign I was looking for some company So I took a walk outside What a lucky day I saw the devil waiting for me He'd bullets"

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