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Issac Chambers- mental modulation

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Issac Chambers- mental modulation

  • Modulation - Ani DiFranco
    "In order to Say thank you to you I must do it intentionally But tonight with every breath I can feel my death Sure as I can feel my knees You were my modulation So that's what you will always be We took"
  • Mental Crossover - Candiria
    "perversion the chambers exercised I shall give you mourning climate escalated 360 degrees of madness words swell steep evil of the dignities eat the bread obese furnace in the bowls suffering the vengeance naked marveled"
  • Sealed Chambers Of Electricity - Borknagar
    "("The human brain is a tyrannical despot" - Louis-Ferdinan Cline (1894-1961).) From the lonely, grey bricks of inaccessible places to the massive stones of a shared foundation. From a Mental clarity of"
  • Chambers - Clandestine Blaze
    "Living Flesh On The Row Heading Towards Certain Death Chambers Full Of Zyklon-B Ready For Mass Extermination Sheep Without Will To Fight Illusion Of Salvation They Have Submit To The Destiny Holocaust"
  • Chambers - Lucero
    "Born under a south Kentucky sky Hed come west to Mexico to fight 1842 at Mier The gutters filled with blood and fear Barely made it back to Texas alive With Missouri Volunteers when the war began In 46"
  • Chambers - Ben Nichols
    "Born under a south Kentucky sky He'd come west to Mexico to fight 1842 at Mier The gutters filled with blood and fear Barely made it back to Texas alive With Missouri Volunteers when the war began In"
  • Mental - eels
    "It's like I'm dressed up in my mamma's clothing It's like I'm talking to a voice that doesn't exist It's like I got a wire crossed upstairs But all I want is just a little truth and that's it They say"
  • Mental - Dub War
    "Killing dis and killing dat Whicha gun or with a knife Strangulation out your light Me no man no trouble Me no man a strife Live it good and live it right Crazy people in the community Murder in the backyard Mental"
  • Mental - Raggasonic
    "Refrain Release me from this mental slavery Release me from those chains and chuckles Cause long time all people want to live free In love aud unity Release me from this pain and bondage Release me from"
  • Mental - Courtney Jaye
    "On this lonely stretch of solitude I'm thinking 'bout the things that I never do All the promises that I made to you Well they're just words They're only words It took so long for me to recognize All this"
  • Emily Chambers - Ocean Colour Scene
    "Emily Chambers would make it pay Everyone knew she'd turn out that way She turned her back and she'll be okay But she's not okay at all Every night with the radio on Emily fears that the day won't come The"
  • Party Chambers - The Style Council
    "Back in the party chambers Laughter, records loud I guess my guests are alright They won't miss me for awhile 'Cause I need to be alone Let me sink in sadness 'Cause I can't forget her She was on my mind"
  • Molly's Chambers - Kings Of Leon
    "Free -- that's all that she can bleed That's why'll she'll never stay White -- bare naked in the night An' lookin' for some play Just another girl that wants to rule the world At any time or place"
  • 4 Chambers - Madder Mortem
    "Chamber of the mourner Ashes of a morning mass Six feet of earth to lay On wooden home forever Chamber of the griever Hope of dawn cut away Bowing to defeat This time the path cut short Chamber of"
  • Chris chambers - Stereophonics
    "It sickens me to see the photograph in front of me Carnation couloured pink stand aside and take a drink Night club another scene 31st its halloween Slave to each new trend up town junkies push again The"
  • Smoke Chambers - Wiz Khalifa
    "Back when I was a kid I used to drive alone Always feeling like I was stuck out here on my own Now my pockets is full and I'm still riding slow What goes on in my head, don't nobody really know I'm in"
  • These Pines(Kasey Chambers) - Kasey Chambers
    "These pines are not the ones that I'm used to They won't carry me home when I cry Am I too far gone to recover Or can I return if I try Should I trade my soul for another Learn not to complain anymore Should"
  • Discussing Wallace Chambers - Guided By Voices
    "(R. Pollard) Discussing Wallace Chambers I hear you talking Distoring Wallace Chambers Obscene, not absurd Convincing Broderick Lewis Crawl before walking Original no-neck savage Fishing for birds. You"
  • Chambers Of Blood - Cannibal Corpse
    "Deathless sin Led to the place of atonement Repent through pain Slicing off proof of guilt Immortal lust Blood craving torturers revel Pain through penance You will plead for your scourge Burnt with"
  • Halls and Chambers - Falconer
    "Victims of the renaiscense might screamed in the dead of night. The horror, the horror. Ruler in Machivellian days stole all their days away to darkness to sadness. I still see painful eyes. I still hear"

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