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It's a weird job it's really weird job

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It's a weird job it's really weird job

  • Weird - Hilary Duff
    "I like the way you never sleep And the promises you never keep I like the way you say hello And make it sound like time to go I like the scar above your lip The way you let your feelings slip But they're"
  • Weird - Reef
    "In my arms and my legs and my hips and my shoulders And my neck to my feet in my brain lets Must I shout to be heard Heard by you and your kind In your offices all around listen up for a It's"
  • Weird - Sebadoh
    "I've been thinking all day, but I've got nothing good to say There's a war on my mind, let me leave it all behind Things we'll never share are hangin' heavy in the air With all the weird on the way, let"
  • Weird - Menomena
    "Say it again! Say it again! I know you love to Hear yourself speak words that you think. I can't follow And maybe that's the way you and I will always relate. You always had The quickest wit, The quickest"
  • Weird - Jasmine Guy
    "am i little freak have i got habbits i can't get out oh so yes it's so diffecult what's going on inside my mind i play games with people i try to get notice i try to be the best i think i'm so good this"
  • It's Weird - General Public
    "Musical thing keep you rocking So all you got to do is keep on coming down And tek in the vibes as I would tell you do it Yeah dis a de brand new style Dis is a bubbling style Chorus: it's me the original"
  • Weird! - YUNGBLUD
    "i can;t sleep at this time I got Jesus on my mmind and everybody seem sto like him I can’t think I can’t lie I feel anxious all the time and if I smiled I would be lying only those who are asleep don’t"
  • Job - Foxy Brown
    "(feat. Mya) Ughh, gimme some Ughh, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh Ughh, get sticky wit it Ughh, get your name back Not that, ughh Nigga wanna lay up on my couch, watchin' cable Hands all in his pants, feet"
  • Job - Swans
    "No We Have Never Been Here And We'll Never Be Gone I Saw Your Voice Rise Up And Cut Into The Heart Of The Sun I Kissed The Lips Of A Girl She Took Her First Breath When The World Was Young I Felt The Cold"
  • Weird Desire - Alice In Videoland
    "Let's get soft airguns and rob a fucking bank Run away to Vegas or get married in a tank Let's go completely mad, pretend we've gone insane Feel with our souls for once and disconnect our brains Weird"
  • Weird Side - Eyedea
    "(Eyedea) Why they always looking at me, like there's something on my face man No matter where I go, I'm always feeling out of place And I know I'm not your regular I got a different taste Probably 'cause"
  • Weird desire - Alice In Wideoland
    "Let's get soft airguns and rob a fucking bankRun away to Vegas or get married in a tankLet's go completely mad, pretend we've gone insaneFeel with our souls for once and disconnect our brainsWeird desire"
  • Something's Weird - Man Overboard
    "Somethings weird, I’ve been running on empty. Sick since you left me. It eats me alive like a million diseases. I’m torn into pieces. And what could mean the most I could never express. I’m such a weak"
  • Man's Job - Montgomery Gentry
    "It tore me up to sign them papers that set you free then seeing your boy toy strap my babies in them car seats made me want to knock the dust off that peacemaker and go out with a bang.....but I didn't I"
  • It's Our Job - Sondre Lerche
    "I was floating on a stream Words came easy as the seemed And as conversations go I let this one go off enough Tonight I'll just sit here on my back When you're applauding your fine mind Darker corners"
  • It's My Job - Jimmy Buffett
    "In the middle of late last night I was sittin' on a curb I didn't know what about but I was feeling quite disturbed A street sweeper came whistlin' by He was bouncin' every step It seemed strange how good"
  • Weird science - Oingo Boingo
    "(Weird science) Plastic tubes and pots and pans Bits and pieces and Magic from the hand We're makin' (Weird science) Things I've never seen before Behind bolted doors Talent and imagination (Weird science)"
  • Weird Chick - Blues Traveler
    "Check her checking out the local eastside dojos Looking for somebody to call her own Watch her shake that thing between the solos For some drinks, some attention and possibly a home Not the big brass"
  • Everybody's Weird - dEUS
    "So everybody came, but you're here to have some fun And everyone's the same, well that's faster said than done. And you're such a lovely guy, but it doesn't take so much to get all there is out, all the"
  • Weird World - Backstreet Boys
    "Hey hey hey The sun is over the city but it's an orange day There is reason for lookin' up but I'm feelin' down You see, I've got to catch a plane but won't buy a ticket 'Cause its' hard to just stop when"

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