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It's heard to believe

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It's heard to believe

  • I Believe - Believe
    "Believe Power of God I Believe I must be dreaming, but my eyes are still opened wide. Feels like I'm floating, it's too wonderful to describe. I was living darkness until Jesus came by and rescued me. His"
  • Heard - Kanye West
    "*Intro* (Kanye West) And I heard 'em say nothin's ever promised tomorrow, today From the Chi, Like Tim, it's a Hardaway till this is in the name of love, like robert say Before you ask me to go get a job"
  • Heard Enough - The Rembrandts
    "It's all too much, for you You've spent the whole day cryin' So out of touch, it's true Lookin' for the little king inside of you I've read that book before A million times or more I've heard enough And"
  • I've Heard - Dag Nasty
    "I heard this I heard that what do I believe? it's hard to give it's hard to get and once you've lost it it's always gone I know I shouldn't accept one person's word as truth without at least giving you"
  • Believe - Third Day
    "Never mind all the things you heard about me You're never gonna understand it Every time that I've given you the truth It's never made a bit of difference Disappointment takes you Then the doubt, it breaks"
  • Heard Somebody Say - Devendra Banhart
    "I heard somebody say That the war ended today But everybody knows it's goin' still Our motherlands and motherseas Here's what we believe It's simple We don't want to kill I heard somebody say That the"
  • It's Only Make Believe - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman I heard the news today some mother drowned her baby boys and then went on TV and cried real tears but it was just a ploy. People wonder what went wrong. The answer's in this song. You"
  • I Heard - Young Fathers
    "Science is eerie when you're still around Killing your body cos they found you out Calling the shots and I'm falling down Look at the dust explode on the ground I'm there, I'm there, I'm there, I'm there, I'm"
  • Musta Heard - Charlie Wilson
    "It's so many fly younger than in here That it ought to be a misdemeanor And if you're standing outside of the club Homie I would really wouldn't wanna be ya And girl I like your self-esteem Ain't gotta"
  • Ya Heard - The Game
    "You see that cherry red Phantom on them big ass wheels, You see I be playing with them cars, I'm like a big ass kid, Crazy with that cap gun, so if we play cops and robbers, I'll show you how to pop revolvers, Fitted"
  • It's Better To Believe - Clifford T. Ward
    "I've got a very simple philosophy It seldom stands me in good stead But even though there are some who agree It is the right way let is spread: It's better to believe and be wrong Than to suspect and"
  • Hard to believe - Dokken
    "In the middle of the night you know I heard the voices call said they'd try to ease me through my pain then I started to question am I sane or confused don't think that I will ever know It's hard to believe"
  • Here's To Believe - Aslyn
    "I can tell by the way you're looking You need something from me And I could bet it's affirmation that you're seeking 'Cuz my million thank you's sound like silence in response To all you give When you"
  • Vagitarian-Never Heard Of It - Never Heard Of It
    "i like her and she likes her and i think that she likes her too i contemplate that we can date but i never have a clue until one day when i was waking up with her she said this is weird cuz i'm a lesbian and"
  • It's Lonely At The Top (Or So I've Heard) - Burden Of A Day
    "The chips are down And we are drowning in the flood It's such a cruel mistress A bitter taste tonight Amidst the rising tide of good tries The goodbyes make the ride home On the wrong road Seem Oh so trite The"
  • Fuck What Ya Heard - MC Ren
    "Always carryin' a Mack 10, know what I'm sayin'? Ren is a nigga that you don't wanna fuck wit' Always carryin' a Mack 10 know what I'm sayin'? Ren is a nigga that you don't wanna fuck wit' In '93 I'm"
  • Heard It All Before - Sunshine Anderson
    "Baby let me explain to you I'm sayin what you sayin It's not even like that It wasn't like that but I saw you Baby I don't love her You don't love me you know what I don't even want to talk to you she"
  • I Heard It's The Softest Thing Ever - A Day To Remember
    "Tonight I'm sending a message This is the end of an era the end of second chances In the face of defeat I'm winning Yet, you still have so much left to say They're coming straight for me Just let me"
  • Fuck What You Heard - Bane
    "So for the first four months it was bad And certainly best for you that I didn't Carry a gun or know where you lay your head at night And it was not her as everyone had thought But you, how easily you"
  • It's Not Enough To Believe - Pennywise
    "One day the sky went black it came without a warning No time to turn your back it's right Outside your door We all just close our Eyes while the world is burning While all the hypocrites Are always wanting"

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