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It's more than memory

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It's more than memory

  • Memory - Randy Rogers Band
    "The day she left me behind i couldn't get her off my mind thinking about all the times we had but i'm a new man now just don't ask me how i know it's hard to belive when that sun goes down you can find"
  • Real Thing (More Than A Memory) - Bobby Bare
    "(It's gonna take a lot more than a memory for I had the real thing too long) I keep telling myself I'll be all right with the mem'ry that you left behind But it will take a lot more than a memory to keep"
  • More Than A Memory - Brenda Lee
    "He just walks into my mind and makes himself at home Just like nothing ever happened at all And it doesn't take him long to turn the pain back on And bring my hidden teardrops out to tall He's more than"
  • Nothing More Than A Memory - Paul Carrack
    "Outside in the pouring rain I walked the lonely streets and searched in vain Every corner of every street And every doorway where we used to meet As I turned to walk away I could swear I saw"
  • Memory - Glenn Kaiser
    "Maybe i'm in love with a memory What once was true and real to me Waves shapin' sand Time like the sea Maybe i'm in love with a memory I used to wait for the morning dove The lonesome cry at the break"
  • Memory - Michael Ball
    "(andrew lloyd webber/thomas eliot/trevor nunn) Midnight Not a sound from the pavement Has the moon lost her memory? She is smiling alone In the lamplight Withered leaves collected at my feet And the"
  • Memory - Signs Of Betrayal
    "So much oppression that's built upon greed you fail to see What is more important than power and fame and all you claim What are you planning to take with you when you end this game You might find the"
  • Memory - Mercy Drive
    "I need to find a way to say the things I need to say But it's so hard to find the perfect words and perfect time Through the times I'm just not sure If I can take much more And my path has shift and turned I"
  • Distant Memory - Harem Scarem
    "As I walk into the dawn of another day As I turn to face the light, shadows run away After everything we've shared, how can we both turn and walk away Through every single day, I want you to know, yeah"
  • Memory Lane - Lemur Voice
    "A door closes, the locks are sealed, the voices remain No breath taken, reliving stabs of the past Resignation in fear Just sigh and inhale, the air will harden Trapped in your fake defence, you swallow There's"
  • More Than We Deserve - Roy Drusky
    "I named my little girl after you (I named my little boy after you) Now we can hold on to a memory through him and her I call her name and think of you (I hear his voice and you're there too) It's just"
  • More Than A Law - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals & guitars RODDY FRAME. bass & keyboard programming JEFF BOVA. drums JIMMY BRALOWER. background vocals SCOTT PARKER. produced by RODDY FRAME. engineered by JOSH ABBEY."
  • I Love You More In Memory - Charley Pride
    "Just outside my window there's a sound that I can't stand The cold night rain is falling and the crying lonesome wind It's telling me you're gone and he's with you now tonight But I still love you more"
  • It's More - Blue System
    "How many times you said : oh it's the end How many times you said : you're my best friend Here I'm standing now - alone again Where is this paradise - you pretend Oh, it's not over, I can't understand Baby,"
  • More than feeling - Jan Wayne
    "More than a feeling,More than my heart could reason,More than a feeling,Out of the blue it was such a surprise,More than a feeling,Life found a brand new meaning,More than a feeling,Out of the blue it"
  • More Than Ordinary - Ruth Ann
    "I saw the storm to come, before I felt the rain But we've been through it all and the end's always the same Lightning and thunder could never break you and I apart There's no mountain high enough to stop"
  • More Than Rain - Tom Waits
    "It's more than rain that falls on our parade tonight it's more than thunder it's more than thunder And its more than a bad dream, now that i'm sober it's more than a swindle this crooked card game Nothing"
  • More Than Love - Sweetbox
    "Verse 1: I know your dreams I know your cries Each breath I've memorized And I would do anything To help you win your fight But it's not enough to make you smile It's never enough But what more can I"
  • More Than Conquerors - Dogwood
    "We have a certain calling To rise above the rest Even when our human nature says We're not the best And when trials and tribulations Can put you to the test God is for us, none's against us Don't be stressed Have"
  • More Than Us - Travis
    "More than us And we are them But they don't know What's in their hands It's more than you And it's more than I But it's more And everybody calls it love But I'm not really sure if it's love At all No,"

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