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It's nothing you cand do


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It's nothing you cand do

  • It's Nothing - Ghost Of The Robot
    "Come on quickly catch me You really are the best thing That has happened to me since 1983 Yiu buy into the views Of the hollywood fued Let's kick our feet up Watch the world fall You say its nothing Uninvited"
  • It's Nothing - Kool G Rap
    "Giancana back at y'all niggaz This shit is bigger than killin the President Ignor-Entertainment up in this motherfucker y'all It's nothing! Infrared beams laser the place Two straps, radiate at the"
  • It's nothing - Fat Joe
    "Yeah. Uhh. Joe crack the don! Ton' Sunshine. Terror, uhh Terror squad, its our time! Uhh, yea, hand it ova Uh, yo, uh-huh, what, yea, uh... woo Yea, mami jus like that bend down grab ya ankles, do it"
  • It's Nothing - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Da Brat & R.O.C.) So So Def [1 - JD] For me to flip my dough, ice out the dashboard All you Range Roves, it's nothing So put jams in the tens and pent Leave a millon dollar footprints, shit,"
  • Nothing - unloco
    "I've got nothing left For you to take away I know you blame me For every time you walked away So what You hate me and everything I seem to do So look back Don't turn away It was my face that you were"
  • Nothing - Chicane
    "Of every moment I can't stop movin' on now I leavin' town so, the reason I won't give you I have no memory of everything we've done now If you don't carry me then I might fall Refrain: In your sweet"
  • Nothing - Kate Ryan
    "You are nothing without me Damn you I'm falling in a trap You're cool don't know where you at Damn you I know it's all a play You never used to act this way I'm slamming doors Trying to break the"
  • Nothing - Brandy
    "Nobody knows the pain I feel Nobody knows but it's for real I can feel it, I do Nobody knows that I miss you Nobody knows but it's the truth I can feel it, I do You cannot pretend that I don't even matter You"
  • Nothing - Anthrax
    "It's difficult for me to get a grip on what you mean When you stick your fingers in your ear and create another scene You always step into the traps set perfect in your path Busy going crazy over whose"
  • Nothing - Melody Fall
    "There's no code too incomprensive things There's no role to play there's no meaning You just won't grow up as the want you to be I see stars but I cant see the sky I see lives I see them passing by It's"
  • Nothing - Des'ree
    "Hold me don't let go, cos I'm revelling in insecurity It's so unlike me, yes I know. But what am I to do with how I feel. I just keep on wondering, pondering what to do. I beat up on myself and everybody"
  • Nothing - Red Cell
    "All I see - is lonely faces All I get - is empty senses Trying to find a place to go a place to hide where they can grow I always hope I'll find my place but what i found... it's nothing for me It's nothing"
  • Nothing - Psychotic Waltz
    "not so long ago there was a time the naive animal was a wiser thing and these devils that we accept as reality did not exist here before nor do I think they were meant to be they have enshrouded themselves with"
  • Nothing - Chorus Line Soundtrack
    "Chorus Line Soundtrack Miscellaneous Nothing DIANA I'm so excited because I'm gonna go to the High School of Performing Arts, I mean I was dying to be a serious actress. Anyway, it's our first day acting"
  • Nothing - Pedro The Lion
    "if only the rules were built upon philosophy that i embraced i'd hug your neck and kiss your face but its very obvious that your ideals are not for me you'll tell me what to do but you will see that i"
  • Nothing - Chorus line
    "I'm so excited because I'm gonna go to the High School of Performing Arts! I mean, I was dying to be a serious actress. Anyway, it's the first day acting class- and we're in the auditorium and the teacher, Mr."
  • Nothing - Mason Jennings
    "Make yourself at home, 'cause i'm going outAcross the street to get us some water'cause this water's brown, and i'm so embarrassedTo have you here but i want you aroundUsually i'd sing, or play you my"
  • Nothing - Hall Kristen
    "one day i marvel at its beauty and next i marvel at its pain the world is such a big idea, such a big idea and pain gets locked inside a child and there's a child in us all and that is such a big idea,"
  • Nothing You Can Do - Average White Band
    "It's real, you know you're with me all the time No matter where you are No one can steal your love You gotta realize they won't get far I can't give you up No, not without a fight Don't wanna let"
  • Nothing To Do - Najwa Nimri
    "And now, and now Shut up for an instance And how, and how Stop this stupid violence And now , and now Shup up for an instance You think the way we behave It's anti esthetic And if you think the way"

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