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It's time to Kill,The Sixpounder

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It's time to Kill,The Sixpounder

  • Sixpounder - Children Of Bodom
    "Can you say what you don't know? In darkness of the odds The wrecking voice is getting nearer Awaiting the first sixpounder Well, let me show you battle That's from the path of hate What it takes to bring"
  • Time To Kill (utwór z filmu "Gotowi na wszystko: Exterminator") - The Sixpounder
    "It's time to Kill I cannot … … I will carry on I am middle throne I can … every one .. … It's time to Kill Kill, Kill, Kill It's time to Kill Kill, Kill, Kill you are going down! I make you… You make"
  • To The Kill - Violent Femmes
    "Ain't had no fun all the time jacking around ain't had no fun all the time messin mind I kick it around but if it's alright with you if it's alright yes I will aw c'mon babe go ahead to the kill I ain't"
  • It's Time - Linda Eder
    "It's time to hold my hand and take a chance It's time to pay the band and start the dance we hear the melody we know the song it's time, I think we're on the brink of waiting far too long Why"
  • It's Time - Elvis Costello
    "The party's over Your time is up You've had your last pointless teardrop Washed down in that broken coffee cup This magic moment concludes when that cigarette ends Did you get what you wanted? Well I suppose"
  • It's Time - Patti LaBelle
    "It's time to tell him how you feel Baby stop playin around, gonna miss out on what's real It's time to show him you're for real If you won't someone else will yeah You're a woman now, and it's time for"
  • It's Time - Harry Connick Jr.
    "It's time to admit you love me The flush of your cheek betrays I hear a sigh in your voice Your every word conveys It's time to admit you love me I feel the weight of your gaze The smile that's mine alone Your"
  • It's Time - Pat Green
    "Well I think it's about time baby Have things ever been this good I think it's gonna get a lot better Don't you think we should Well just for grins I bought you these flowers Got a table at the best place"
  • It's Time - Boyzone
    "Here at home The thoughts racing through my crazy mind Trying to figure out If I'm loving you this one more time And when I got the mail It made me close the door just right behind On a trail of clothes Left"
  • It's Time - Madball
    "The time has come for all to hear Madball's back so just beware The time has come to Set it all straight Speaking the truth because I got a lot of hate To all who got beef Get ready to fight The battle"
  • It's Time - Ferry Corsten
    "A week or a day since you took your touch away A second that was mine is now in the past I've been tryin to hide all that you left behind I'm protected by hope that one day you'll be back Spendin my"
  • It's Time - Agnostic Front
    "Time has come now, can do anything Gonna show you how I really am Time has come now, can say anything gonna show you what Im gonna plan. In the end when its all said and done Ill be around, probably the"
  • It's Time - Kurupt
    "(feat. Deadly Venoms) DV.... DV.. Yo we trying to make the cash ya'll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Fuck this who wanna bring the ruckus Yo"
  • It's Time - Virgin Snatch
    "The time is coming It came to pass one fateful day Still remaining I still see your skills I have to dry my tears The time was running Why did you give no hint that day? Did you loose the path? Or did"
  • It's time - ICP
    "Listen up I wanna tell you, tell you something Listen up I wanna tell you, listen, listen up I want you to know were serious Listen Listen up Listen From us, to you For a little grip now, we been rocking"
  • It's Time - Smilez & Southstar
    "(Chrousx2) baby what the deal time to keep it real its 12 o clock, this ones hot ready to sweat till the sunlight comes up SMILEZ: yo yo catch me in the club deep in the cut pollied it up cruisin near"
  • It's time - UB40
    "It's all true, girl I really and truely love you even true the times I make you feel blue, you, you captured my heart and my mind oh my love the way you bump nad grind you, you light up my life every day"
  • The time to kill is now - Cannibal Corpse
    "We see them coming a mile awayGathered to kill on the desolate plainNo fear in our mindsPure hate in our heartsMiscalculation of our strength their baneTake us lightly and we'll make you payPride left"
  • Time it's time - Talk Talk
    "Nobody knows how long Rustling leaves unrhyme Lullaby breeze unsung Babel of dreams unwinds in memory As bad as bad becomes It's not a part of you And love is only sleeping Wrapped in neglect Time it's"
  • Time To Kill - Overkill
    "Violent indecision, surge of mass religion Let me out of prison I'm just killing time Every time I turn around I start to hear a familiar sound Counting down as time stands still Yes I think it's time"

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