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It Will Find You

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It Will Find You

  • It Will Find You - Maps
    "Take what you choose to me And I'll choose ??? ??? What you use to me Will find you Take what you choose to me And I'll choose ??? ??? What you use to me Will find you Take what you choose to me And"
  • Where Will You Find It - All About Eve
    "Do you mind if, I remind you Love is blind, still, hope you find it You know it doesn't grow on trees Where will you find it ? Will you, will you, will you ? Where will you find it now ? Hidden"
  • Where will you find it - IGI
    "Do You Mind If, I Remind YouLove Is Blind, Still, Hope You Find ItYou Know It Doesn't Grow On TreesWhere Will You Find It ?Will You, Will You, Will You ?Where Will You Find It Now ?Hidden Treasure, Pain"
  • Find It - Emiliana Torrini
    "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Come rescue lunatic skies All red destruction Sun rising more directly on my head I've got to find the direction to follow Something that's mine, not something I borrowed Each"
  • Find The Will - Kim Mitchell
    "I wanna know, I can't wait Gimme the word, please don't hesitate You say stop, if you say go That's alright by me, even if you say no So save me So save me Time is gone and I gotta know If you"
  • Love Will Find You - Jaci Velasquez
    "Love Will Find You English version of Llegar a Ti" Oh-oh, oh-oh. A blue moon Is the only light that falls upon your room -- Your cold room. Too soon There'll be another empty morning in your life, But"
  • You Will Never Find - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. In Essence) Yeah - keep it moving, get it bouncing Funk Flex - you know how the fuck I get down Shout to The Tunnel nigga You know I mean - you know how I do each and every Sunday Shout to Franchise"
  • Will You Find Me? - American Music Club
    "If you ask the man in the tollbooth Well, I'm sure he'd tell you That on the highways there's a million ways If you wanna disappear But should you take a left or a right Well, I'm sure I don't care All"
  • I Will Find You - Clannad
    "Hope is your survival A captive path I lead No matter where you go I will find you If it takes a long long time No matter where you go I will find you If it takes a thousand years (Mohican) Nachgochema"
  • Seek & You Will Find - Gino Vannelli
    "You been laying it on the line Too much fat to burn You been stuck on a course While the world around you turns You been out in the rain But babe, oh the sun still shines Well you might walk through a"
  • I will find you - Marc Anthony
    "I hurt my reputationAnd I know the reasons whyIn every situationSomeone said good-byeStill the road is paved with problemsI see the light againI know the world that I hungerIs just beyond the bendI believe"
  • I Will Find You - Anthony Marc
    "Anthony Marc Miscellaneous I Will Find You I've hurt my reputation and I know the reasons why in every situation someone said goodbye still the road is paved away from earth I'll see the light again I"
  • LOVE WILL FIND YOU - Heather Nova
    "( On ATB / Two worlds LP ) Ooh, listen Let it go Hmm let it go Everything I believe it's all inside you All the answers Stripped it down And see the light cut Through the cry I believe it takes a moment Just"
  • Love Will Find You - ATB
    "I believe it's all inside you All the answers Strip it down and see the light come Through the crowd I believe it takes a moment just to know it listen to the wind Let go of the fear Let go of everything Let"
  • We Will Find You - Bill Nye
    "Buddy ate my bran Took this pop can Know it from his hair 'Cause I took it to the lab today You left spit on the ground It's what I found Fibers and fluids and clues all around Singin' We will we will"
  • Seek and you will find - Gino Vanelli
    "You been laying it on the lineToo much fat to burnYou been stuck on a courseWhile the world around you turnsYou been out in the rainBut babe, oh the sun still shinesWell you might walk through a cloudSeek"
  • Somebody Will Find You Someday - Sunrise Avenue
    "It is all right To run to the fields and look for anything All the daffodils are pretty anyway It is ok To envy the birds flying heart to heart singing All the songs about their happy nesting Close your"
  • Someday (I Will Find You) - Kelly Clarkson
    "ooh ooh yeahhh hit it boy don't think for a second that I forgot about you cause i didn't. but after I woke up and you were gone and I didn't understand why. Was it something I said? Was it something I"
  • You Will Find Your Way - Abby Dobson
    "You know youre past A mid-way mark Yeah its too late To turn back Tomorrow will be Clean of this day Dont worry so much You will find your way And you wish it would rain Cos youre thirsty again"
  • Find You - Almadrava
    "Ive been looking for you nearly everywhere, I couldnt find you. So here I am driving through the rain and I dont know where to go. Im sorry, I was so wrong. I know it since you are gone. Please forget"

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