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It i fall

  • Fall - Over It
    "Were we just broken-hearted when we spent, the night under the stars? Seemingly, your eyes focus on me and I wish that I could be... between all these lines the print is way to fine to read could we"
  • Fall - Brandy
    "Fall, fall, fall fall, fall, fall Fa-fa-fall I wanna lose myself with love Let you have me completely If I give you all my trust Can I just, let me go, let me not, be afraid To let you find my way Cuze"
  • Fall, Fall, Fall - Razorlight
    "Midnights calling Are you close behind? Midnights calling Are you close behind? Trees without leaves and notes that dont ring Wine left to rot and a voice that cant sing And hours of making love in silence And"
  • Fall - Berlin
    "Where do we go from here? The sun is shining Look into a night time sky A star is calling As seasons change Why are you so afraid? In darkness you'll se a new light Fall -- fall in love Fall -- fall in"
  • Fall - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "Fall to my bended knees Shoving up till I freeze Falling on down to you Down down down So choked up in the dust Hand held holy lust Dragging me to her cross Fall fall fall So I dragged you down C'mon drag"
  • Fall - Kimberley Locke
    "Oh look there you go again Putting on that smile again Even though I know you've had a bad day Doing thisand doing that Always putting yourself last A whole lot of give and not enough take But you can"
  • Fall - Butterfingers
    "What are you gonna to do, now that its gone? There's nobody left to call you anymore Its all coming down on you, its all raining down, did you have anymore to say? You've lost all there is to lose so what"
  • Fall - Kriss Sheridan
    "Tell me, how could you deceive? How could I have been so naive? Now I'm weak and disappointed My heart is heavily jointed Disillusion takes its round Credulity has gone Working off the debts From dusk"
  • Fall - Lunik
    "Why do I feel so alone when you're sitting here with me Why do I think that you don't need me anymore We're both feeling so alone I thought nothing would ever be between us but I was wrong Now hold your"
  • Fall - Michelle Branch
    "You are the question I need it answered You'd never know how scared I was Falling in love You would talk softly You are a riddle And I felt so innocent Standing in your eyes So hear me now I'll scream"
  • Fall - Sofie
    "You are the question I need it answered You'd never know how scared I was Falling in love You would talk softly You are a riddle And I felt so innocent Standing in your eyes So hear me now I'll scream"
  • Fall - John Elefante
    "Moving through time on a carousel dream Beneath me the ground won't stop spinning All is fair in my pursuit of the brass ring I'm running a race no one's winning And I search through the forest for a"
  • Fall - Something Corporate
    "i close my eyes thought i was lost but i was stranded i go outside to my surprise the sky had landed i thought it made more sense if i could only keep you guessing i was a fool to think that i should"
  • Fall - Justin Bieber
    "Well let me tell you a story About a girl and a boy He fell in love with his best friend When she's around, he feels nothing but joy But she was already broken, and it made her blind But she could never"
  • Fall - Suzy Bogguss
    "Said I wouldn't but here I am about to Follow my heart off these cliffs again Leave good sense and caution On the ledge behind me I just want to feel that rushing wind Stop all this double guessing After"
  • Fall - Recess Monkeyz
    "To tear apart, And be judgemental, Is something I, could never be So, I'll take advantage of this Because sometimes you'll never see You'll fall You'll fall And should it all fall down Ripping pieces"
  • Fall - John Anderson
    "The days are gettin' colder the nights keep gettin' longer The weather and the signs point to it all Anyone can plainly see the writing on the wall And me I'm gettin' ready for the fall I can feel the"
  • Fall - Ballas Hough Band
    "You've been talkin' in your sleep Tellin' me all kinds of things Words you should never repeat Keep callin' Flyin' right out of the door, To the point where I gotta hear more I wanna settle the score, I'm"
  • Fall - Lisa Hannigan
    "Hold you horses, hold your tongue Hang the rich and spare the young Who drain the spirits from the jars Up the fences, steal the cars From the fumes and from the north And burn for us right through the"
  • Fall - George
    "So can I tell you a little bit about myself My armour's worn too thin Don't want to think I gotta stop for a while So can she tell him a little bit about herself Her patience's wearing out but she"

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