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It is all around the world

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It is all around the world

  • All Around The World - Lionel Richie
    "All around the world Let's go all around the world All around the world Take me all around the world Give me joy, give me love Take it all around the world So much love, love is real So much life, life"
  • All Around The World - Jump Little Children
    "I am walking Through the landscape of my dreams Where night is always Falling on empty streets And my trees shake and whisper age And it sounds just like your voice Reminding me. All around the world"
  • All Around The World - CoCo Lee
    "I wish I had much more time to show I love you baby But things have been so hectic ever since I'm in this game I'm thinking of you even though you are so far away Sometimes I really wish I could stay But"
  • All Around The World - Mindless Behavior
    "Come through the gate in this place; Looking for one. Where is that one, girl? Cause everywhere that I go, it's like I see you around. Am I chasing you, or are you chasing me? I looked everywhere; Don't"
  • All Around The World - Boyz II Men
    "London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany and Rome Different places, different faces still it feels like home China, Holland, Belgium, Rio, Africa, Japan That's the way we live and we do the best we can Here"
  • All Around The World - Suburban Legends
    "(Chorus:) All around the world and all I wanna be is missing you But give me one more chance and I swear I will be kissing you Been there, done this and that I'm sick of it The one you love you dream about"
  • All Around The World - Terror Squad
    "[ INTRO: Fat Joe ] Yeah yeah Terror Squad what-what Cuban Link what-what '99, baby [ VERSE 1: Cuban Link ] Yo ladi-dadi, mami, I love to party Plus I always cause trouble when I guzzle Bacardi Got the"
  • Girls All Around The World - Lloyd
    "All around the world, girls, all around the world This goes out to girls all around the world (I just want to be your man girl So uh, gotta make you understand girl) It's the way you flip your hair And"
  • People All Around The World - Dina Carroll
    "People all around the world You've just got to get yourselves together I see a man and he's standing there With a gun right in his hand (Don't shoot him, he's your brother) He thinks it's right To take"
  • Around The World - Aqua Teens
    "I've been around the World - hey hey I've been around the World - hey hey In the kitchen where I'm cooking what is good for me Spices from the Globe Little by little is the finest meal It's half"
  • Around The World - Aqua
    "I've been around the world - hey, hey I've been around the world - hey, hey In the kitchen where I' m cooking what is good for me Spices from the globe Little by little it' s the finest meal It's appetite"
  • Around The World - Lisa Germano
    "How can I say? I lost my head It was in the waste basket When I found it I'd give anything To change the words the words the words that come out of it We all do it We make mistakes and make some more and"
  • Around the world - ATC
    "The kisses of the sunwere sweeti didn't blinki let it in my eyeslike an exotic dreamthe radio playing songsthat i haev never heardi don't know what to sayoh, not another wordrefrain:just-lalalalalait goes"
  • Around The World - Chapman Gary
    "Chapman Gary Everyday Man Around The World by Gary Chapman, Jerry McPherson There's a girl in Birmingham with her heart about to break How could he fall for another There's a girl in Tokyo, she has married"
  • Around the world - ATB
    "The kisses of the sun Were sweet I didnt play I let it in my eyes Like an exotic drink The radio playing songs That I have never heard I dont know what to say Oh na na na the world just Refren: La la la"
  • Around The World - NIKKA COSTA
    "Everyone around the world Will find themselves about to fall In my case I've gotten down, gotten up Laid back down, filled my cup and had to crawl But it's clear that it's my time to be here And I'm gonna"
  • Around the world - Bad Boys Blue
    "When I was in your arms last night.I felt this aching pain inside.Oh, baby, I knew we must part.You gave me all the things I missed.Oh, I just loved the way you kissed.I felt this song in my heart.Around"
  • Love Is All Around - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it's you, girl, and you should know it with each glance and every little movement you"
  • All Around The World - The Jam
    "Oi! All over the country (We want a new direction) I said all over this land (We need a reaction) Well there should be a youth explosion (Inflate creation) But something we can command What's the point"
  • Love Is All Around - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Love is all around Love is all around Love is all around Love is all around Everywhere you look Love is all around See it in the eyes of a mother and her child See it in the eyes of a friend Love"

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