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It maybe winter

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It maybe winter

  • Winter - Eastmountainsouth
    "was it really years ago did you need me well, I'll never know I'm sorry for clinging I'm sorry for wanting more my heart was there for you pounding down your door maybe it was timing maybe I was too much running"
  • Maybe Tomorrow - Last Winter
    "Maybe tomorrow will bring brighter days Somehow will fortune find my way Maybe tomorrow I'll forget today I know exactly what you would say So put away These weapons of our words And arm yourself To start"
  • Maybe - k.d. lang
    "Maybe I am crazy Maybe I'm confused Maybe I've misconstrued Maybe I.... Love you Maybe I an dreaming Maybe I am doomed Maybe I'm desitute Maybe I... Love you *Oh... Maybe I'll ask or No... Maybe I won't Oh... It"
  • Maybe - Up Dharma Down
    "Maybe I should sleep it off Maybe I should let loose When I see for myself that I can't take it anymore I just runaway Maybe, maybe, maybe Maybe, maybe, maybe And when I've come so far From where I used"
  • Maybe - Janis Joplin
    "Maybe Oh if I could pray and I try, dear, You might come back home, home to me. Maybe Whoa, if I could ever hold your little hand Oh you might understand. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah. Maybe,"
  • Maybe - Natalia 'Natu' Przybysz
    "Maybe Oh if I could pray and I try, dear, You might come back home, home to me. Maybe Whoa, if I could ever hold your little hand Oh you might understand. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah. Maybe, maybe,"
  • Maybe - The Flying Tigers
    "Well I drop my head again I try not to sink in This world I made from you For you And I dream you're standing here And everything's so clear Yeah we're all the same Then I wake up screaming You wore"
  • Maybe - Atticus Fault
    "Hold me, touch me, let me know I'm breathing, I'm bleeding, I'm not alone Finger-painting down your cheek You whisper my love songs in your sleep She knows what she needs I need what she knows Maybe one"
  • Maybe - No Angels
    "Maybe its the way you used to love me Maybe its the way I feel you now Im feeling like the sky is fallin on me And my life is tumbeling down Maybe Im lost in the moment I dont wanna be found Feel like"
  • Maybe - Robert Kramer
    "Maybe this is what it is Maybe there's no more Just a ceiling with holes in the roof And maybe no floor Maybe sometimes theres only night Sometimes only day All your problems are out of sight But"
  • Maybe - Yukka
    "You want it So grab it Pull it of the tree Don't listen to my words again You need it So take it Just put it in your mouth And be done with it Strange fruit grows on many trees Why should I be the one"
  • Maybe - Alan Sorrenti
    "Alan Sorrenti Miscellaneous Maybe I love you, maybe I don't Maybe I'll need you, and maybe, baby, I won't I guess I don't take the time to let you know what's on my mind Maybe I've been blind Maybe I'm"
  • Maybe - Thea Gilmore
    "Sometimes it felt that I was swimming against the flow If I could swim at all And often I needed something to lean upon But it never seemed to be there And maybe itll be a great year Yeah, maybe itll be"
  • Maybe - Enrique Iglesias
    "If I ?? I go back to the moment I kissed Do you goodbye no matter how hard I tried I can't live without you in my life Maybe you say you still want me Maybe you say that you don't Maybe we say it was"
  • Maybe - Jasmine Guy
    "People say i'm a true personWhat does that mean ?I wish i had someoneWho could take me from this dark spaceAnd make it that everything was okayI've had enough of angerI've had enough of painI've had enough"
  • Maybe - Jay Sean
    "BEEP BEEP oh look now there goes my phone and once again am just hoping its a text from you (mmmm) It aint right read your messages twice thrice four times a night its true (Everyday i patiently wait)"
  • Maybe - Brandon Beal
    "Everyday I thought about it Holding on, I was crazy about you All I knew is the way you had me blown away Every time I saw you You and me at the bus stop waiting I would be procrastinating Suddenly, I"
  • Maybe - Will Smith
    "(Tra-Knox) Alright fellas let's do it (Will) Yo ma we got this thing right It's like makin' me think like It's like fillin' my heart up Not makin' me hazy Just fillin' my mind up with all of these"
  • Maybe - Pushmonkey
    "Maybe you could stay Maybe I could wander Maybe you could stray and Maybe I could pull you under Maybe you could sting Maybe I could play Maybe you could mitre and Maybe I could break your thunder Come"
  • Maybe - Augustana
    "You're running around in circles Falling over lies Tell me all your reasons Tell me all your lies because Maybe maybe you'll look up someday To the bright blue sky and you'll never turn away He is waiting"

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