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It s Over When It s Over


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It s Over When It s Over

  • It`s Not Over - Marco
    "Baby, can't you see me? I'm waiting here in the crowd What you do me cose I know I opened up your heart? So, raise your mind, raise your soul Release your feeling tonight This will come again again on"
  • IT AIN`T OVER`TIL IT`S OVER - Lenny Kravitz
    "Playing games with love So many tears i've cried So much pain inside But baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried To keep our love alive But baby it ain't over 'till it's over How many"
  • 80's Movie Antihero - Over It
    "well i woke up this morning as if it had been the first time in weeks that i had seen you face, so let lunch be on me we could go downtown, maybe even hand in hand maybe its just all inside my head, because... i've"
  • Anneliese Van Der Pol (Chelsea)'s Over It - That's So Raven
    "How could you know That behind my eyes a sad girl cried And how could you know That I hurt so much inside And how could you know That I'm not the average girl I'm carrying the weight of the world Yeah So"
  • Don t Tell Me That It s Over - Amy Macdonald
    "Tell me why this world is a mess I thought you always tried your best Tell me what Im ought to do Maybe you should do it too Tell me why theyre sleeping alone No house, nowhere to call a home Tell me what"
  • It\'s All Over (but The Crying) - Kitty Wells
    "[ Kitty Wells ] You said you loved me and I gave my heart to you And foolish me I dream of things to come Like wedding ring a home and some children too Then she set out to win you and won It's all over"
  • It`s all good - Busta Rhymes
    "Let me talk to you Let me talk to you baby I've got some shit to share we your freaky ass, ha I like the way you freak it baby, I love your style The way you stick your tongue in my mouth and act wild"
  • It`s your world - Common
    "(feat. 'POPS') Night Blows, Stoves don't work, Hoes at work A warrior, so I wear 'em on my shirt Wish I was free as Che was, I spend a day buzzed Tripping on heights, wishing for Nikes in different"
  • It's Over - S Club
    "You never told me from the first time I had to beg you not to leave You never seemed to care the first time, Now it's the last time you are walking out on me. You've done enough for me to hate you Expecting"
  • S - NOFX
    "I went to the airport, but I missed my flight I had to get out of this town tonight Then a lady in black caught my attention I couldn't figure out what was her intention She told me about a flight that"
  • S - Jaci Velasquez
    "Rudy perz Cuando res cuando lloras Cuando callas o al hablar Cada gesto me provoca Amarte ms Eres mi punto de partida Mi principio y mi final Eres el centro de mi vida Mi guerra y mi paz Sólo t Conoces"
  • Over It - The Dandy Warhols
    "All right, let's see if we can do this in one toke - take I find out too late when I, I am over it And each time, dearly escape when I'm (enough said) Divine, fine I am over it I am over it I am over it I"
  • Over it - Katharine McPhee
    "Im over your liesAnd Im over your games.Im over you asking me when you know Im not okYou call me at night,And I pick up the phoneAnd though youve been telling me, I know youre not aloneAnd thats why your"
  • Over it - Kathrine McPhee
    "Im over your lies And Im over your games Im over you asking me When you know Im not okay You call me at night And I pick up the phone And though you be tellin me I know youre not alone Oh and thats why"
  • Over It - Queensberry
    "I'm over your lies And I'm over your games I'm over you asking me When you know I'm not okay You call me at night And I pick up the phone And though you be tellin' me I know you're not alone Oh"
  • Over it - Cassie
    "over all the time wasted, over all the tears over all the thoughts of even loving you over all the hopes of thinkin' your gonna even change and i know you're gonna stay the same cause everytime i put my"
  • It' over - Girlicious
    "She the girl you always wanted I guess I'm nothing to your eye I'm moving on because I don't love you anymore it's over You didn't tell me what I wanted to hear you never thought about it was alwyas her"
  • Over It - Rufio
    "I can't believe that your wasting your time Thought you could find your way back You heard my story but heard it all wrong Nothing... Well it's just so little That I can see through you We know it will"
  • Over It - Joe Purdy
    "You make me so mad, I should not have let you under my skin You are just like all the rest, I guess. I thought you were my friend. Last night when you left, you forgot to say goodbye I guess you just"
  • Get over it - Lil' Mo
    "First of all my numbers aint listed so how you get my digits You call my crib, my cell, my job, and even left a message You out of line shorty, you bout? to piss me off You don?t even know me that way"

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