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It will ends sokn

  • Ends - Everlast
    "Ends, some people will rob their mother For the ends, rats snitch on one another For the ends, sometimes kids get murdered For the ends, so before we go any further I want my ends I knew this cat named"
  • Ends - House Of Pain
    "CHORUS: Ends Some people will rob their mother for the ends Rats snitch on one another for the ends Sometimes kids get murdered for the ends So before we go any further I want my ends I knew this cat"
  • It ends tonight - All Amercan Rejects
    "All Amercan Rejects Miscellaneous It ends tonight Youre suddle days... They strangle me... I can't explain myself at all.. And All the wants, and all the needs all I don't want to need at all.. The walls"
  • When It Ends - Street Dogs
    "I met a girl at the bar during last call I should have known that it wouldn't go real far She sucked me in by the way she stared at me Now she's gone and it stings Now I see In the beginning it seemed"
  • Before it ends - A Day Away
    "We're taking everythingOne step at a timeHolding on to you and IAnd now we're holding handsAnd walking in the sandAnd hoping that this will not end tonightTake a picture, stories toldHold my hand and don't"
  • Today (It Ends) - Facing New York
    "Time for that daily look into the mirror making sure my teeth are still on straight and i guess my smile is working properly heaven knows things haven't been too great hair isn't falling out that's"
  • Transmission Ends - Chris De Burgh
    "Looking out on a windy sky, Watching seabirds as they fly, On a summer day, on a summer day; And now the sun is here to stay, The winter seems so far away, In the summertime, in the summertime; Sitting"
  • Seven Ends - Engel
    "Open Up, Tell The Truth Give Me 5 So We Can Seal That Deal Show Me Teeth, Say Those Words (And) Enjoy Your High That Comes With That Sin Send A Rope So I Can Choose, Send A Rope So I Can Do The Biggest"
  • Forever Ends - Cans
    "I see you comin', lookin' shiny and new Just like a bullet in a brand new gun You are the pony on a merry-go-round All painted up and you're so ready to run I feel the lightning hanging over the hill And"
  • Loose Ends - Imogen Heap
    "Doing everything by halves Got a real flare with excuses Meeting someone at the bar Where loose ends still have uses It's complicated (This time I think it could be) Triangulated (It could be just what"
  • Book Ends - Joe Walsh
    "I've got a driver, you've got a car Maybe we could go out for a ride Pass by the schoolyard, take a look around Stop and get uptight If you're going to cry I can remember all the good times Put 'em in"
  • The Way It Ends - Prototype
    "Just a thought To add suspense To all the games Of discontent Fear is real But not self-taught You let others Be the cause There we go racing towards the sun Ignoring all the noise Striving for the grace"
  • If it ends tomorrow - Rotting Christ
    "If it ends tomorrow / if it begins It gives me no sorrow / no tears will fall to my lips I don't know the feeling /I haven't felt this before It is scaring/ more than I thought more On my last day /I felt"
  • Before It All Ends - Kent
    "Modern thoughts about each other Can't make you shine out any brighter Antique promises uncovered When we stop breathing for each other We're drained of our will Chorus: Are you happy now? Are"
  • Everything Stars Were It Ends - Lovedrug
    "If you are the cloud, then i am the snow If you are the rain, then i will not grow All of the asperity you have sewn If you are the voice inside of my head That's fine with me I'll turn down the bed You"
  • It Ends With A Fall - Okkervil River
    "Wish I could remember why it mattered to me. It doesnt matter to me. It doesnt matter to me anymore. Now that youre feeling fine, Ill admit that - though I know its coming down, and see it shattering me"
  • It Ends - Faber Drive
    "so clear silver moon wind moves through my room memories of Saturday (memories of Saturday) slight turn of her head, eyes down when she said, shes goin away, goin away i need to know this am i the fool,"
  • Both Ends Burning - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) Well I bought me a horse with a broken leg They said that she never could win Only fit for a bullet, they said She'll be coming out of a tin So I took her home, I fed her on hay I"
  • Both Ends Burning - Fatal Flowers
    "please don't ever let me down 'cause you know I'm not so sure do I have the speed to carry on burn you out of my mind, I know you're a flame that never fades jungle reds a deadly shade both ends burning,"
  • Both Ends Burning - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry) Please don't ever let me down 'Cause you know I'm not so sure Do I have the speed to carry on Burn you out of my mind, I know You're a flame that never fades Jungle red's a deadly shade Both ends"

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