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It,s good to be

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It,s good to be

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It,s good to be
  • Jens Lekman Be Good
    "Plant a tree for all the dead people Who's been hurt in love and war When that tree comes in to leave Its all forgive and forgiven, forgiven The forest is getting smaller and smaller Be good Do all the"
  • Lady Pank Be good
    "Didn't want to make trouble I just wandet to try and see If I could burst your bubble 'Cause you looked so nice to me When I touched you you shivered But I thought things would be OK Thought I'd drown"
  • Jonas Brothers Be be good
    "I'll pick you up at seven we can drive around and see a movieEvery scene will have a meaning but you'll be the one that moves meI've been hurt before so baby promise that your gonna be trueI'm gonna be"
  • The Animators Good To Be Here
    "I woke up to an unfamiliar ceiling "Look who's back," I saw the doctors smile Careful, we almost thought we'd lost you for a while. "Cecilia" was the last thing I remember on the radio of the overturned"
  • Natalie Cole Good To Be Back
    "Written by Pam Reswick/Steve Werfel Background Vocals: Natalie Cole Let me look at you, just look at you You're a sight for sore eyes, yes you are If you knew how many nights I spent holding you so"
  • Nat King Cole Good to be back
    "Let me look at you, just look at you You're a sight for sore eyes, yes you are If you knew how many nights I spent holding you so tight Then I'd wake up and we're still apart Now you're really near and"
  • Ashley Tisdale Be Good To Me
    "Everyday is getting worse Do the same things and it hurts I don't know if I should cry All I know is that I'm tryin' I wanna believe in you I wanna believe in you But you make it so hard to do What's the"
  • Tisdale Ashley Be good to me
    "Every day its getting worse Do the same things and it hurts I dont know if I should cry All I know if that Im trying I wanna believe in you I wanna believe in you (but you make it so hard to do)"
  • Lordi Good To Be Bad
    "Digtails The cutest smiles But it's all delusion Kneesocks The sweetest eyes It's just a grand illusion When they're bad They just get better Like saints full of sin And again the constrictor queens Will"
  • Vivian Green Be Good To You
    "I'll never hurt you - Oh! And you will never shed a tear for me I know you're tired of Being in and out of love with nothing to show, And nowhere to go, but Back to the same one only with a different"
  • Fun Factory Be Good To Me
    "I'm feeling fine now I'm in love with you You're so good to me baby I am falling for you, oh baby I'm doing right I'll never be blue Cause I know know know Be good to me babe Be good to me I'm"
  • Journey Be Good To Yourself
    "(Perry/Cain) Runnin' out of self-control Gettin' close to an overload Up against a no win situation Shoulder to shoulder, push and shove I'm hangin' up my boxin' gloves I'm ready for a long vacation "
  • Minnie Driver How To Be Good
    "I could write the book of you And illustrate the pages Ya shouldn't read it I'm the one that you put down It was written in a hurry Slipped through your fingers I do everything I should I still gotta"
  • New Found Glory Too Good To Be
    "I wonder, what life would be like If my shoulder Could bare the weight of all this adding up I feel, the breaking point It's close enough, it's feeling real again You have my heart in your hands You have"
  • Steriogram Be Good To Me
    "And i stand at the foot of the hill That i saw as a boy in a bon jovi world Now i'm blessed but i'm wanting for more So be good to me, so be good to me All the things i thought about you gave each day Can"
  • Snakepit Good To Be Alive
    "(Slash/Gilby Clarke/Eric Dover) You told me you're an orphan the same old standard line Then when we moved in together All you did was moan and cry Talkin' like you'd make it On life's big movie screen I"
  • Poison Bad To Be Good
    "There's an alley cat slowly walkin' down a dirty street Watching a cop on the take marching to his city beat You got five fingers Johnny stealing everything in sight You gotta be bad to be good in the"
  • Rooster Good To Be Here
    "Good To Be Here You're waiting for the night to come Your eyes start shining as the sun begins to fall The feeling something's going on An unseen gravity starts pulling you along (Bridge) Someone's"
  • Michelle Williams It's good to be here
    "What's up yoWe gon' do the Chicago styleYo Michelle, you ready?We gon' testify a little bitGet the micGet the micGet the micOoh whoaJust another day is runnin'And I'm glad about itI got my health and my"
  • Scooter Hello! Good To Be Back
    "I`m back, cating a soljah flex bop down with my avirex as I wreck, check, recollect in full effect along with a phat chain round my neck a stink mentality, I couldn`t care less now let me know if"

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