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Its like in the

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Its like in the

  • Its - Sepultura
    "["Itsari" means "roots" in the Xavante language.The chant included in this]"
  • Its In Me - Young Turk
    "1-When I start to spray Clear the way ducking shots Cause once my gun cock I then aim and pop Im a donkey nigga, look here a untamed guirrella Wilder than willa TC representer Known for spending big spitting"
  • Its Over - White Lion
    "Theres a little note beside this empty bed I hear the back door slam Rn baby youre on your way You know I cried a thousand times before you left You say that this is it But baby cant you wait You take"
  • its love - A-Teens
    "A Teens Miscellaneous its love oh yea oh no baby what i feel for you is weird like ive never felt this way before(tell me the same) but even though this seems like a dream i know you are so true i really"
  • Drop It Like Its Hot - Seven Places
    "Snooooooooooop Snooooooooooop Chorus: When the pimp's in the crib ma Drop it like it's hot (x3) When the pigs try to get at ya Park it like it's hot (x3) And if a nigga get a attitude Pop it like it's"
  • Drop it like its hot - Snoop Dogg
    "Intro] Snooooooooooop.. Snooooooooooop.. When the pimp's in the crib ma Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot When the pigs try to get at ya Park it like it's hot Park it"
  • Its Only Lovets - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "MIRAGE Tommy James and the Shondells I see you standing in the alleys and the hallways Wait a second, you're gone now I run to touch you but you vanish through the doorway And oh how Hard it is to live"
  • Everything In Its Own Time - Indigo Girls
    "Remember everything I told you, keep it in your heart like a stone And when the winds have blown the winds have blown things round and back again what was once your pain will be your home All around the"
  • When Its Springtime In Alaska - Johnny Horton
    "Wispering Pines Johnny Horton Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits woooo woooo woooo The snowflakes fall as winter comes and time just seems to fly Is it the lonely missing me that make me want to cry. My"
  • Its Over Now - Bad Examples
    "Id like to remember you the way you look this very moment But now were past it and Im memorizing that you were in it Someone has to make the move to say good-bye so say good-bye Its over now, its over"
  • Its Only Words - Bo Bice
    "I don't know how much I can take Before I reach the point of breaking down again. Just like a candle to the wind It only burns a short while Then it's out again. But you say it's only words. You"
  • Its A Craze - Phobia
    "iight lets go stubob yous a hoe muvafuka speakin all drama but dont blow muhfukaz only dem dicks, wedged between ya lip and tonsils repercussions from the vandals, i eat the beef 'cause it is maditory"
  • Its Over Now - 112
    "What is this numbers in your pocket? I remember when you used to throw those things away why do u want to keep in touch now who gave you a reason to act so shady baby you know you can call me anytime anything"
  • Its Goin Down - Yung Joc
    "Lil Boi) This a nitty beat (boing) (Nitti) Here we go again Bad boy south Ghettoville U.S.A. (uh Oh Block entertainment You know I go by the name Nitti right (uh huh) i gotta introduce ya'll to another"
  • Its Goin' Down - Linkin Park
    "(Woman) (Intro) I knew I was being threatened Do you think it was worth holding out? I mean I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guys Ugly stories (X-ecutioners) Watch them flee...watch them"
  • Now Its On - Werd N Deeko
    "Uh it's Werd Scottish Hip hop now it's on Wicked wicked now it's on The UK rap game am not init But when am back home flow every minute Are you OK cause I'm sick with the lyric So don't play cause"
  • Its All Over - Headstones
    "It's All Over Over the moon, and over the top and over the people, yeah, who told you to stop It's all over, It's all over, Just like I told you, It's all over Over the sky, and into the future You do"
  • Its Raining Men - Various
    "We are here for you just to tell you the truth Yeah, we know it's not new But we're here from the start And that'll break you apart - uuuhhh... You've got light a candle to be with me 'cause you know I"
  • Its Too Late - Bobby Goldsboro
    "Little Things Artist: Bobby Goldsboro (peak Billboard position # 13 in 1965) Words and Music by Bobby Goldsboro Little things that you do make me glad I'm in love with you Little things that you say"
  • (Its Just) Desire - Nelson
    "It might be the way you move that keeps me up at night Or the outline of your silhouette when you step into the light Is it in the things you say or the message in your eyes The urgency you feel from"

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