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Its mei live

  • Mei Mei - Wild Strawberries
    "Mama I don't want to run away You know that I could never stay If this letter never reaches home I wave goodbye to you and mei mei You know the placards and the common way You wore the hat that never fades You"
  • Mei Mei - Michael Wong ( Guang Liang )
    "ni xiao shuo feng hao da mei shuo liang ju hua lei jiu xiang yu luo xia hao hao ku yi ku you mei you dai zou yan li na ke sha kan zhe ni zai zheng zha huan shi ai zhe ta shuo shi yao hua du duo yu a aiqing"
  • Its Love - Lari White
    "(lari white/chuck cannon) There's a full moon slippin' up over the hill There's a heart gettin' ready to fall There's an old song playing on the radio And there's a crazy feeling got a way of stealing Over"
  • Its Not Enough - Youth Brigade
    "i believe that we have dreams of another world where we truly live in peace if its naive then call me a fool but in t his crazy place dreams are really all we have its not enough to say that you are helpless"
  • Its Over Now - Cause And Effect
    "Cause And Effect Miscellaneous Its Over Now it's over now ------------- i guess it's over now. i think we've seen the end. when our common dream. faltered in the between. though i've tried so hard to"
  • Its Only Lovets - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "MIRAGE Tommy James and the Shondells I see you standing in the alleys and the hallways Wait a second, you're gone now I run to touch you but you vanish through the doorway And oh how Hard it is to live"
  • Its Just Me - Jon Bon Jovi
    "You know your favorite old pair of shoes The ones with the hole in the toe you won't lose Your favorite record that's all scratched and used But still you love to play when your feeling blue That"
  • Its All Yours - MC Lyte
    "Our love is old-school like Mary Jane's Boston baked beans and candy canes Exchange a look on the number two train Run catch kiss sunshine or rain Jackson 5, good times the Jefferson's Yeah Baby, you know"
  • Its Only Life - Wilson Phillips
    "IT'S ONLY LIFE (Wilson Phillips, Bob Marlette) Hey, do you know what's going on Do you? Come on, play it! Are you awake Have you anything to say Are you aware of what surrounds you And all the times you"
  • Miserere mei - Gianni Morandi
    "Madre dellamore, madre del dolore. Suda sangue questo corpo Miserere mei Voglio lacrimare fino a consumare, a bruciare gli occhi miei. Miserere mei. Lasciami soffrire prima di morire, senza fretta spegni"
  • Mei Herrlich - EAV
    "Eine elegante Dame bersah am Trottoir die Bananenschale und schon liegt sie da. Es fliegt das Prada-Tascherl, der Hut, das Portmonait. I sag: Hoppala, gn Frau, tut ihnen des net weh? Gell, ein bisserl"
  • Mei Herrlich - Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung
    "Eine elegante Dame bersah am Trottoir die Bananenschale und schon liegt sie da. Es fliegt das Prada-Tascherl, der Hut, das Portmonait. I sag: Hoppala, gn Frau, tut ihnen des net weh? Gell, ein bisserl"
  • Mei heimat - DJ
    "Koa Land is wies andere, - aber berall isschn ! Die Menschen denken nie ganz gleich, aber jeden kannst Du verstehn. MEI HEIMAT .... IS DIE GANZE WELT FR MI !! I schau den Leuten in die Augen und net auf"
  • Mei Sch - Nicki
    "Manchmal denk i i htt gern die Kraft von einer Fee die einfach ois schafft. Und jeder Traum dat Wirklichkeit wern - des mcht i moi erlebn. Oamoi die Kraft des wnsch i mir stad i wisset scho was i ndern"
  • Mei Gitar - Georg Danzer
    "du und i mia san unzertrennlich, seit i mi erinnern kan du und i mia haum flut und ebbe miteinand' im boot durchfahr'n du und i mia haum jeden ton im leben g'schbhd waun's a ned immer afoch g'wes'n is"
  • Miserere Mei - Myriads
    "(Music: Myriads, Lyrics: Alexander Twiss and Mona Undheim Skottene) Like the falling star on the firmament I view the vast horizon Planets drift by in the nebula Grand movements paralyze me My reflection"
  • Wan Mei - Jolin Tsai
    "时尚重生用完美定义女人 耀眼的灵魂在谁的躯体里封存 光彩缤纷惊艳了所有眼神 懂爱的人才能够得到一个吻 释放我的爱我要你过来 ladies and gentlemen,welcome! 谁是倾城的女神 让男人用爱情崇拜 现在未来 完美是种本能 我用来揭开无限的精采 现在未来 幸运发生太傻的人才等 此时此分我要你 为我狂奔 幻境成真谁是拥有我的人 懂爱的人才能够打开我心门 释放我的爱我要你过来 ladies"
  • Ja Mei - Relax
    "Ruck no a Stckerl a ganz kloins Stckerl nher her zu mir. Gib mer dei Hand zeig allen du g'hrst zu mir. Gib mer a Busserl a ganz kloins Busserl damit i net so frier. Des is verrckt was i da in mir spr. I"
  • Its not just me - Rascal Flatts
    "Tell me you've had trouble sleepingthat you toss and turn from side to sidethat its my face you've been seeing in your dreams at nighttell me that you wake up cryingand you're not sure exactly whytell"
  • World of its own - Tingsek
    "Ohh how I love to be around this particular place I found. No stress at all would waste our time. Nobody's letting anybody down. It's a world of its own in here. We get to do what we decide to. Ohh"

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