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Its now or nevrt

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Its now or nevrt

  • Its Over Now - Bad Examples
    "Id like to remember you the way you look this very moment But now were past it and Im memorizing that you were in it Someone has to make the move to say good-bye so say good-bye Its over now, its over"
  • Now Its On - Werd N Deeko
    "Uh it's Werd Scottish Hip hop now it's on Wicked wicked now it's on The UK rap game am not init But when am back home flow every minute Are you OK cause I'm sick with the lyric So don't play cause"
  • Now Or Never - Dope
    "What'd ya go and do that for? I see the way you're looking at me And i don't know why I don't know and I'm not sure Have you lost your way Did you lose your mind Are you out of time You say Good-bye Like"
  • Now or never - Mark Medlock
    "Uhhhhhhhh yeah yeah yeah ohhhhh yeah Please tell me one more time that I'm not dreamin' I paint clouds with sunshine oh thats my feeling could it be forever? its a night I will remember together we are"
  • Now Or Never - Thirsty Merc
    "Hey girl You're runnin away from me I can't give you any more than honesty I must read like an old love letter Little girl Its now or never We've had some time to learn the rules I'm so bad at"
  • Now or never - Tom Novy
    "Are you nervous, do you care, theres a lot of people out there, all you need is something new, how together ,you know what to do theres a party going on tonight, godda get some cause it feels so right,"
  • Now Or Never - Mumm-Ra
    "If i failed to deliver if the world left you bitter if waitin and prayin hasnt led to you payin of course i will care if the world stripped you bare but your killing your liver with toxins that help you"
  • Now Or Never - RxBandits
    "i can't wait forever, maybe i can't wait all night. last time that she kissed me before her boyfriend blacked my eye. she left in the morning, i got no goodbye, but there's no use for crying its"
  • Now or never - Lil Eddie
    "I like ya cause youre marchin to the beat of your own drum Got a glow to you like no other chick, cant really know it hardly Now we aint come here together but if you leave Ill be fed up My chance is right"
  • Now or Never - Dj Shah feat. Aruna
    "Here I am Starting over Once again I lost my place The edges frayed The story ended And its still so hard to face I wanna cry on your shoulder But I'll smile and try to find my way Seasons come and go Nothing"
  • Now Or Never - Big L
    "Its time to make power moves and get the chedda. And buy the real nice things that makes life betta. No foolish acts, moves must be clever. Im down for whatever, I gotta blow son, is now or never. I"
  • Now or never - High School Musical 3
    "16...16...16 minutes left better get it done 16...16...16 more minutes get ready GAME ON! 16...16...16 minutes left running out of time 16...16...16 more minutes seconds on the line 16...16...16 minutes"
  • Now Or Never - High School Musical Cast
    "16...16...16 minutes left better get it done 16...16...16 more minutes get ready GAME ON! 16...16...16 minutes left running out of time 16...16...16 more minutes seconds on the line 16...16...16 minutes"
  • Its Over Now - 112
    "What is this numbers in your pocket? I remember when you used to throw those things away why do u want to keep in touch now who gave you a reason to act so shady baby you know you can call me anytime anything"
  • Its Over Now - Cause And Effect
    "Cause And Effect Miscellaneous Its Over Now it's over now ------------- i guess it's over now. i think we've seen the end. when our common dream. faltered in the between. though i've tried so hard to"
  • Now Its Dark - Anthrax
    "Anthrax Miscellaneous Now Its Dark In dreams I can rule your life, with me nothing's ever right. Sing for me up on a stage, keep your mind trapped in a cage. I'm your man I'm what you need, dance with"
  • Its Happening Now - Charlie Daniels
    "All of my life I've been hearing That Jesus is coming back someday For two thousand years the world's been waiting He just told us to watch and pray We don't know the minute nor the hour But the signs"
  • Its A Fire - Portishead
    "Its a fire These dreams they pass me by This salvation I desire Keeps getting me down Cos we need to Recognise mistakes For time and again So let it be known for what we believe in I can see no reason"
  • (Its Just) Desire - Nelson
    "It might be the way you move that keeps me up at night Or the outline of your silhouette when you step into the light Is it in the things you say or the message in your eyes The urgency you feel from"
  • Its Too Late - Culture Beat
    "Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time There's something wrong here There can be no denying One of us is changing Or maybe we've just stopped trying And it's too late baby, now it's too late Though"

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