Its so quiet here and i feel so cold -

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Its so quiet here and i feel so cold

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Its so quiet here and i feel so cold

  • So Cold - Denace
    "People got issues man You gotta do something about that You talking about me like you fucking know me man Its gunny man I go to sleep and I laugh at it Don't even bother me no more Yeah like, listen Its"
  • So Cold - Spheric Universe Experience
    "The cold breath in this winter night Head in sky you see our satellite You'd like to be a bird for a flight And you want to share your thoughts with the light Without force, courage and ideas Across"
  • So Cold - Garret
    "So cold here cause if I could I know I would Change the way I used to be Wheres my choice I want to chose? Let me out from this cold room It all returns when I wake up Brace the walls the doors are shut Didnt"
  • Its Oh So Quiet - Lisa Ekdahl
    "It's, oh, so quiet Shhhh, Shhhh It's, oh, so still Shhhh, Shhhh You're all alone Shhhh, Shhhh And so peaceful until... You fall in love Zing boom The sky up above Zing boom Is caving in You've never been"
  • Quiet - Rachael Yamagata
    "Baby says I can't come with him And I had read all of this in his eyes Long before he even said so Why go, I asked You know and I know why And it'll be just as quiet when I leave As it was when I first"
  • So So Cold - Hot Hot Heat
    "Into the rain we'll run out under the storm with lightning on its way into a tree we'll carve our names and there we'll stay forever this town was meant for leaving so go while they were sleeping watching"
  • So Quiet Here - Clark Anne
    "So quiet here So hushed and stilled So silent here Such longing calmed and tempered here So quiet here Swirling shades of evening circling the light Last escaping traces of the day streak the sky - paint"
  • So Cold - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Chours: So cold, So cold, Bringing back all the memories of winter, Remembering when we were little, Playin in the snow and fighting all day yea yea,(Chours ends) I remember making snow man on the snowy"
  • So cold - Paula DeAnda
    "Love can be so cold Love can be so cold I think it's time that I told you the truth, yeah 'Cause it's on my mind So let me do what I gotta do, yeah 'Cause it's someone else So I can't see you no more I"
  • So Cold - The Answer
    "V1) Here's what its all about You can take it or leave it will I spell it out I can make you believe me I'm leaving now that we are older, it can never be the same Ch) I've lost my meaning and you"
  • So Cold - Chris Brown
    "Damn, I want my baby back It's so cold without her, cold without her She's gone now I'm alone, no one to hold on 'Cause she was the only one and I know I was dead wrong But if you, if you see her soon Ask"
  • So cold - Taio Cruz
    "Here you are again, sitting at ourplace with himI can't believe that you would beso cold,I know that you wanna be,withsomebody new and that's cool with me,But this right here is just so coldDidn't I give"
  • Tonight's So Cold - Gina T
    "First time I saw you standing there I felt a magic in the air I tried so hard to run away You simply ordered me to stay "Tonight I need your love" And now I need you more and more Take a look in my eyes You'll"
  • Quiet Her - Sweet Matthew
    "Without a single breath of noiselessness she can't speak (But we'll) keep raging through the (cold rushes) So I will quiet her Tell her the words that she needs to hear I will quiet her Tell her the words"
  • Its So Easy - Guns N' Roses
    "I see your sister in her Sunday dress She's out to please She pouts her best She's out to take No need to try She's ready to make It's so easy, easy When everybody's tryin' to please me baby It's so easy,"
  • Quiet storm - Lil Kim
    "Prodigy-"what the fuck else could happen you know, i dont think so once more son, word to motha yo. ive seen it all, been through it all, lettin yall niggas know right now, word to motha yo, for real for"
  • Feel So Good - Jamiroquai
    "Feels good Im stranded on a spaceship hideaway And something makes me think Im here to stay Im so happy where I am Feels good Ive journeyed to the other atmospheres And every breath I take just makes"
  • Feel So Good - Looptroop
    "Promoe: I spit it on tours/ Stick to the causePromoters, take me to courtFuck you thought, Vsters up in this taking no shortsYou know the voices Yours truly of courseBig to'em pull it up pull it back to"
  • Feel So Good - Kyprios
    "Baby knows that I do not play She want something but she wont say And I'm a give it to her anyways And it feels so good... Feelin like a pessimist Im always down Theory of a pacifist passed around Revolution"
  • Quiet - KT Tunstall
    "Now I'm standing on the edge And the area's oh so clear The view is so outstanding And it's sounding in my ears Come thundering Now the weather's come and gone I feel flippancy and fear Wrapped my mind"

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