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Itt autumn

  • Autumn - Barbra Streisand
    "Autumn, it feels like Autumn Although the breeze is still I feel the chill of Autumn Oh, yes, it's Autumn It's always Autumn However green the hill To me it still is Autumn I can feel the frost now That"
  • Autumn - Kalle Baah
    "This ya thing I wanna say Wouldn't throw my love away I'm coming with the tide So I never gonna ride off on a side This is my chariot My lonely days are gone This is my chariot I never gonna blow it once"
  • Autumn - Paolo Nutini
    "Autumn leaves under frozen souls, Hungry hands turning soft and old, My hero crying as we stood out there in the cold, Like these autumn leaves I don't have nothing to hold. Handsome smiles wearing handsome"
  • Autumn - Wyrd
    "Summer bleeds its last shades of green To the darkened pool of dead emotions Pond of decayed dreams and withered love Why should I carry on, when all hope is gone? Come the autumn, come the rain Wash"
  • Autumn - Waltari
    "Towards an autumn Towards, darkness (Better) fight the power! Like a New Years Eve A new day has just begun Keep yourself sharp, sharp as a knife! Towards the sunset Towards the distance (Better) fight"
  • Autumn - Bella Morte
    "Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie Autumn Voice as quiet as the rain He whispers in the wind Caressing softly weary words, his kiss And Autumn comes with amber eyes Pale as the night To enfold the storm To"
  • Autumn - Darkseed
    "My heart is crushed It's lying there and growing cold Summer's sunset falls Sunlight flees away and dews of night arise Rainy autumn moves my heart Flowers welking welk my joy Clouds come rolling over"
  • Autumn - Unholy
    "When essence cast's shadow to see the ground, Colours mix in hallucinations I see a tree on a hill It asks "Are you ready to become physically hardened?" The answer includes a question I experience things"
  • Autumn - 13 Winters
    "An emptiness seems to fade as I walk in the fog. I hunger for the darkness, my only will in life. Wind blows leaves on the ground, Autumn surrounds me with it's beauty. I gather myself where I'm not found, to"
  • Autumn - Ken Hensley
    "Oh, how the days fly by Never stopping for a minute While he cries, no, no, no But no tears fill his eyes And no sighs or goodbyes To the world that is Treating him badly Now his autumn years To cloud"
  • Autumn - Demether
    "If you try to follow her footsteps, You will find that she doesn't leave a single one... Shes so light, As the sound of Her sister Syrinxs flute... Tapping with the leaves and dancing, she flirts with"
  • Autumn - Level 42
    "I just can't believe it's true lovers never loved as we two do take me up one love sweet dream rising, falling tell me call my name Paradise is free it's concied by you love me and know i'll always be"
  • Autumn - Peter Hammill
    "So here we are, alone - our children have grown up and moved away. living their own lives, they say... it all seems very strange to me. I don't understand their ways: our children amaze me all the time and"
  • Autumn - Pico Vs. Island Trees
    "Wait til summer comes, I'll be wrapped up in her arms, And she holds me, And she holds me down. Got all this time, Feel no need to be alarmed, Can't rush me, Can't rush this now. But soon it's gonna crumble"
  • Autumn - Fool's Garden
    "(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) And when the land begins to call The sprites they dance The leaves they fall The change's begun and what remains Not even thoughts ?not even names We can remember can forget We"
  • Autumn - Madcap
    "Got few possessions in my life Got a guitar and a TV and I got friends who back me up If some OC guy wants to beat I must say the most valuable thing I got's the VCB I got their backs and I know They'll"
  • Autumn - Carla Bruni
    "There is a wind where the rose wasCold rain where sweet grass wasAnd clouds like sheepStream o'er the steepGrey skies where the lark wasNought gold where you hair wasNought warm where your hand wasBut"
  • Autumn - Anything Box
    "Nothing really matters, we all turn To dust, you know that? nothing is Forever, everything will end in Silence... Nothing has a reason until it?s Defined by us, and nothing is elusive As long as you have"
  • Autumn - Yearning
    "Desolate October grief Falls heavy like boulders of decay Upon crestfallen life which soon Is to be gone And as the days go by All living seems to die Quiet they stand upon the shore The shore of no hope Gone"
  • Autumn - Kill Your Idols
    "Verse 1 So we can't work it out, and I don't want to work it out. Fall is coming soon and I'm fine with being alone. Don't want to let you in, already seen where you've been, What's the point of giving"

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